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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Nursing and Midwifery48121
2Institute of Public Health8802852
3School of Nursing1739339
3Department of Pediatrics1736145
5College of Medicine and Health Sciences106644108
6School of Nursing and Midwifery4511314
7Department of Surgery1457661
7College of Medicine and Health Sciences7451846
9Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics5412251
10School of Public Health3381928
11Department of Psychology136325335
11Department of Otolaryngology1366374
13College of Medicine and Health Sciences532419
14College of Medicine and Health Sciences1319362
14School of Public Health1313126
14College of Health Sciences and Medicine2311625
17College of Medicine and Health Sciences4302245
17Department of Nursing53035
19College of Public Health and Medical Sciences1283946
19Department of Pediatrics22858
21Department of Epidemiology12725
22School of Life and Health Sciences126273387
22Department of Pediatrics1269361.0K
22Department of Pediatrics1261919
25Faculty of Health Sciences1229689
25Department of Otorhinolaryngology122129
25Department of Dermatology12211
25Department of Pediatrics12239
29School of Public Health121120127
29Department of Nursing421523
31Department of Pediatrics120116184
31Department of Pediatrics120138178
31College of Health and Medical Sciences42034100
34Department of Nursing217210
34Department of Nursing11764
34Department of Nursing317616
37School of Public Health2162946
37School of Public Health2161623
39College of Health Sciences11515
40Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing31427
40School of Public Health2142941
40Department of Psychology11413
43College of Medicine113167149
43Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing2131015
43School of Nursing2132551
43Department of Human Anatomy313711
43Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry11325
43Advanced Pediatrics Centre1132222
43Department of Pediatrics1136464
50Department of Pediatrics112585820
50Department of Anatomy31216
52Department of Pediatrics111119246
52Department of Public Health Sciences111362603
52Faculty of Medicine111602724
52Department of Pediatrics11189121
52College of Medicine and Health Sciences11148
57Faculty of Health Sciences11096215
57Division of Allergy and Immunology1103591
57Division of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Immune Deficiency1101641
57Division of Allergy and Immunology110911
57Department of Psychiatry21016
62School of Medicine19551679
62School of Medicine2966186
62Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy292370
62Department of Anatomy29820
62School of Pharmacy291240
62College of Medicine and Health Sciences196093
62Faculty of Medicine1974138
62School of Medicine19526722
62School of Public Health291844
71Department of Pediatrics181330
71Maharajgunj Medical Campus18137
71Department of Pediatrics1848
74School of Pharmacy2749151
74Department of Pediatrics1770156
74Department of Pediatrics171546
74Department of Surgery1724
74School of Nursing and Midwifery173763
74Department of Nursing1725
74Department of Pharmacy171222
74Department of Nursing1725
82College of Nursing16127214
82Department of Pediatrics16731
82Department of Pediatrics1680201
82Faculty of Medicine16190228
86School of Pharmacy15115260
86Department of Pediatrics and Child Health151740
86Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology151739
86Department of Medical Parasitology151127
86Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics151027
86School of Pharmacy153569
86Department of Epidemiology154374
86Hematology Research Center154382
86Institute of Public Health151435
86College of Medicine and Health Sciences151028
86College of Medicine and Health Sciences151842
97Department of Psychology14172348
97Department of Psychology14127295
97Faculty of Medicine14359648
97Department of Pediatrics144299
97Department of Psychology14325566
97Department of Internal Medicine14311
103Department of Molecular Microbiology131941
103Faculty of Medicine13297493
103College of Medicine132366
103College of Medicine13147313
103Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine133770
103Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing1349
103School of Pharmacy131533
103Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing23615
103Department of Psychiatry1326
103College of Medicine and Health Science131120
113College of Medicine and Health Sciences12918
113Department of Pediatrics124599
113Department of Pediatrics and Child Health12417
113Department of Pediatrics123395
113School of Public Health122448
118School of Pharmacy11187421
118Department of Radiology11324717
118Division of Hematology1190204
118Community Nursing Research Center111336
118School of Nursing and Midwifery1144113
118Department of General Surgery11511
118Department of Emergency Medicine11513
125College of Nursing1041102
125College of Applied Medical Sciences102192
125Department of Pediatrics1022
125Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology101664
125School of Public Health1015