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1Gastrointestinal symptoms and autism spectrum disorder: links and risks – a possible new overlap syndromePediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics2015126
2Patterns of admission and factors associated with neonatal mortality among neonates admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of University of Gondar Hospital, Northwest EthiopiaPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201782
3Understanding kangaroo care and its benefits to preterm infantsPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201573
4Functional constipation in children: challenges and solutionsPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201758
5Prevalence and predictors of anemia among children under 5 years of age in Arusha District, TanzaniaPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201854
6Septic arthritis in children: diagnosis and treatmentPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201750
7Perforation risk in pediatric appendicitis: assessment and managementPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201845
8<p>Causes and factors associated with neonatal mortality in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Jimma University Medical Center, Jimma, South West Ethiopia</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201943
9Dietary intervention in the management of phenylketonuria: current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201641
10Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis &ndash; current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201838
11Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome: past and current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201737
12Outcomes and benefits of pediatric cochlear implantation in children with additional disabilities: a review and report of family influences on outcomesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201536
13<p>Magnitude and Factors Associated with Preoperative Anxiety Among Pediatric Patients: Cross-Sectional Study</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202034
14<p>Risk Factors Of Stunting Among Children Under 5 Years Of Age In The Eastern And Western Provinces Of Rwanda: Analysis Of Rwanda Demographic And Health Survey 2014/2015</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201931
15<p>Systematic Review of <em>Kingella kingae</em> Musculoskeletal Infection in Children: Epidemiology, Impact and Management Strategies</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202031
16<p>Prevalence and associated factors of perinatal asphyxia among newborns in Dilla University referral hospital, Southern Ethiopia– 2017</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201929
17<p>Prune belly syndrome: current perspectives</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201929
18Anemia and undernutrition among children aged 6&ndash;23 months in two agroecological zones of rural EthiopiaPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201628
19Current perspectives on the optimal management of infantile hemangiomaPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201728
20Diarrheal status and associated factors in under five years old children in relation to implemented and unimplemented community-led total sanitation and hygiene in Yaya Gulele in 2017Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201827
21Safety and efficacy of aripiprazole for the treatment of pediatric Tourette syndrome and other chronic tic disordersPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201626
22Improving outcomes for patients with distal renal tubular acidosis: recent advances and challenges aheadPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201826
23Pediatric Kaposi sarcoma in context of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa: current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201826
24<p>Pediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: current perspectives on diagnosis and management</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201926
25Pediatric melanoma: incidence, treatment, and prognosisPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201725
26Determinants of preterm birth at Jimma University Medical Center, southwest EthiopiaPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201825
27<p>Proximate Determinants of Under-Five Mortality in Ethiopia: Using 2016 Nationwide Survey Data</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201925
28Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome: Diagnostic and management challengesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201624
29Managing acute abdominal pain in pediatric patients: current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201724
30<p>Prevalence and Factors Associated with Neonatal Mortality at Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northern Ethiopia. A Cross-Sectional Study</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202024
31<p>A qualitative study of children&rsquo;s quality of life in the context of living with cleft lip and palate</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201923
32Treating pediatric plaque psoriasis: challenges and solutionsPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201622
33<p>Triple A syndrome (Allgrove syndrome): improving outcomes with a multidisciplinary approach</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201922
34<p>Juvenile-Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Diagnosis and Management – A Developing Country Review</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202022
35Factors associated with acute respiratory infection in children under the age of 5 years: evidence from the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health SurveyPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201521
36Mental Health Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Children and Adolescents: What Do We Know so Far?Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202121
37Pediatric abdominal migraine: current perspectives on a lesser known entityPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201820
38Pediatric chronic fatigue syndrome: current perspectivesPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201719
39Undernutrition and associated factors among children aged 6&ndash;59 months living in slum areas of Gondar city, northwest Ethiopia: a cross-sectional studyPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201819
40<p>Refractory Kawasaki disease: diagnostic and management challenges</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201918
41<p>Mother’s Handwashing Practices and Health Outcomes of Under-Five Children in Northwest Ethiopia</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202018
42Antibiotic prescribing practice in the management of cough or diarrhea among children attending hospitals in Addis Ababa: a cross-sectional studyPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201717
43<p>Effectiveness of Action Observation Training on Upper Limb Motor Function in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202017
44<p>Risk Factors of Perinatal Asphyxia Among Newborns Delivered at Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Case–Control Study</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202017
45<p>An open-label, randomized prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of <em>Carica papaya</em> leaf extract for thrombocytopenia associated with dengue fever in pediatric subjects</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201916
46Systematic review of the effectiveness of the Wilbarger protocol with childrenPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics015
47Efficacy and safety of ustekinumab in adolescentsPediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201615
48<p>The effect of storytelling on anxiety and behavioral disorders in children undergoing surgery: a randomized controlled trial</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics201915
49<p>Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs: Current Perspectives</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202015
50<p>Determinants of Low Birth Weight Among Newborns Delivered in Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Case-Control Study</p>Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics202015