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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Pharmacy4632333
2Department of Chemistry2569476
3Department of Chemistry2452719
4College of Pharmacy244204310
4Department of Chemistry144193149
6Department of Chemistry1388655
7Department of Chemistry1335350
8Department of Chemistry124154206
9Department of Chemistry1237283
9Department of Biology32319114
9Department of Biology3235497
9School of Pharmacy123271314
13Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Department3212042
13Ministry of Education1216155
13Department of Chemistry1216492
16Faculty of Biology1205387
16Department of Chemistry1207492
16Department of Pharmacy220423
19Faculty of Life Sciences21999311
19Department of Life Sciences119280387
19School of Chemistry and Biochemistry11984104
22Department of Chemistry118190263
22Department of Chemistry21835
22Department of Microbiology218210
22Department of Chemistry21851101
26Department of Pharmacy21682242
27Institute of Botany115478580
27Department of Applied Chemistry1156979
29Faculty of Allied Health Sciences514948
30College of Food and Agriculture2131779
30Department of Zoology11374116
30Department of Chemistry11396127
30Department of Medicinal Chemistry11347
30Department of Chemistry113104150
35Department of Chemistry212146276
36Department of Chemistry211351587
36Centre of Advanced Study in Botany111130186
36Faculty of Agriculture31199276
39Department of Chemistry1102662
39School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology11089158
39Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics1101231
42Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy19620
42School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering19269337
42Department of Chemistry191529
42Cell Biology Department291854
46Department of Chemistry18155232
46Faculty of Pharmacy18196283
46Botany and Microbiology Department182142
46Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences185071
46College of Pharmacy18565795
46Department of Chemistry18351472
46Department of Chemistry182341
46Department of Chemistry18592739
46Department of Biology18513676
46School of Pharmacy18175258
46Department of Pharmacology18411
46Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry18612
46Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis1825
46Department of Chemistry18113163
60Department of Biochemistry2776267
60Faculty of Pharmacy271374
60Department of Medicinal Chemistry271765
60Team of Organic chemistry and Physico-Chemical studies1711
60Department of Microbiology1744
60Department of Food Science and Technology1735
66Department of Chemistry16530712
66School of Chemistry16295439
66Faculty of Medicine1646145
66Department of Chemistry16617
66Department of Food Technology16429
71Department of Pharmacy25227
71Department of Genetics152354
71Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy1586132
71Department of Biochemistry15181423
71School of Mechanical Engineering15188262
71Faculty of Pharmacy15523
71Institute of Biotechnology152678
71Department of Biochemistry15319
71Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences15711
71Department of Chemistry151115
71Department of Chemistry1574155
71School of Dentistry1575121
71Department of Chemistry1590187
71Department of Zoology252065
71Department of Biotechnology15935
71Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology1539137
71Institute of Chemistry15749
71Department of Pharmacy1584177
71Department of Pharmacy1569140
71Department of Biochemistry1565151
91Institute of Biochemistry14149305
91Department of Chemistry1451112
91Materials Science Center (MSC)14621
91Department of Pharmacy14156352
91Department of Biochemistry1457150
91Faculty of Science and Engineering24432
91Institute of Pharmacy1429
91Department of Microbiology14824
91Chemistry Department2449150
91Division of Molecular Medicine14122301
91Materials Science Center (MSC)14620
91Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis3415
103Department of Radiation Oncology13156334
103Molecular Cell Physiology and Endocrinology13925
103Faculty of Agriculture1399205
103Department of Biology132957
103Faculty of Medicine13105189
103Department of Chemistry1386155
103Central Department of Chemistry1361122
103Department of Chemistry13150281
103Food Technology Division1355123
103Department of Biochemistry1399199
103Faculty of Medicine1359131
103Natural and Medical Sciences Research Center1353122
103School of Chemical Engineering1381156
103Department of Chemistry13926
103Faculty of Pharmacy131635
103Department of Chemistry1383156
103Faculty of Pharmacy1365123
103Department of Pharmacy131020
103Department of Diet and Nutritional Sciences13214
103Applied Organic Chemistry Department1375140
103Department of Chemistry13132207
103Department of Chemistry13102209
103College of Pharmacy1362139
103Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition131954
103Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry Research Center1346119
103Faculty of Pharmacy13111
103Department of Biotechnology13418
130Department of Environmental Biology12130283
130Department of Zoology12268537
130School of Medicine (SoM)121136
130Department of Biology12848
130Faculty of Pharmacy122376
130Department of Studies in Microbiology1254130
130Department for Management of Science and Technology Development22100452
130Chemistry Department12216367
130Institute of Pharmacy2254213
130Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry121745
130Faculty of Pharmacy123083
130Department of Chemistry1271135
130Department of Chemistry1266113
130Department of Chemistry1269156
130Department of Chemistry1292195
130Department of Medicinal Chemistry123687
130Department of Chemistry1239117
130STEM Biotechnology Division1234
130School of Pharmacy12828
130Department of Chemistry123185
130School of Studies in Botany121644
130Department of Pharmacology1213
152Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology11332609
152Faculty of Pharmacy11144284
152Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry111635
152Department of Chemistry11185356
152Faculty of Pharmacy11165358
152Department of Pharmacology1160173
152Department of Organic Chemistry114088
152School of Life Sciences21203639
152Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics11268594
152Department of Nutrition11928
152Institute of Food Science and Technology212582
152Department of Pharmacy1160160
152Medical Faculty11622
152College of Medicine112695
152Department of Pharmacology11424
152Institute of Chemistry21317
152Institute of Microbiology11122267
152Faculty of Engineering11257433
152Department of Chemistry1158110
152Department of Chemical Engineering11220
152Department of Food Science and Technology1157127
152Department of Pharmacy111658
152Department of Food Science and Technology11121260
152Department of Chemistry11183311
152Department of Pharmacy2118109
152Department of Chemistry111840
152Faculty of Health Sciences1119
152Department of Biochemistry111246
152Department of Applied Chemistry113886
152Institute of Chemistry1143117
152Institute of Biotechnology112587
152Institute of Plant Virology114592
152Faculty of Pharmacy111242
152School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences2110106
152Department of Chemistry2124141
152Department of Biochemistry11528
152Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology1130109
152Department of Chemistry111756
152Department of Chemistry113360
152Department of Pharmacology11320
152Behavioural Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology Unit1116
152Department of Anatomy112043
152Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics1182155
152Department of Organic Chemistry1117
152Department of Pharmacology1117
152Department of Biochemistry111138
152Institute of Chemistry1169189
152Department of Biochemistry1158136
152Department of Pharmacology1127
152School of Pharmacy11411
152Department of Chemistry11232370
152Department of Biomedical Engineering11195452
152School of Medical Sciences114781.1K
152Department of Pharmacology11724
152School of Pharmacy11126371
152Department of Pharmacy1117
152Department of Pharmacology and Physiology1113
209School of Pharmacy101349
209Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry10952
209Faculty of Pharmacy10192489
209School of Pharmacy102471
209First Department of Pediatrics10146406
209Faculty of Medicine108041.7K
209Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1092304
209Discipline of Biochemistry101980
209Institute of Medical Sciences105791.2K
209Department of Microbiology1056167
209Department of Computer Science1015
209Department of Chemical Engineering10119
209Faculty of Medicine10423801
209Centre for Biotechnology1029115
209Department of Applied Chemistry10292467
209Faculty of Pharmacy10299655
209Faculty of Engineering106881.4K
209Institute of Chemistry10150326
209Department of Biochemistry1046167
209Department of Chemistry10178326
209Department of Pharmacology102467
209Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology10137290
209Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences1049
209Department of Chemistry1060131
209Department of Applied Botany10853
209Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division104788
209Department of Zoology10540
209Department of Applied Biology101136
209Amrita School of Biotechnology102683
209Department of Chemistry102468
209Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology1077231
209Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry10514
209School of Chemistry and Food2022116
209Institute of Oceanography101861
209Department of Biotechnology103199
209Photochemistry Department1053111
209Department of Pharmacology101033
209Department of Genetic Engineering1060194
209Faculty of Veterinary Medicine101668
209Department of Biotechnology10623
209Department of Pharmaceutical Biology1017
209Course of Nutrition1012
209Department of Food and Nutrition10433
209Department of Biochemistry101768
209Department of Zoology10107249
209Department of Biochemistry10841
209Faculty of Pharmacy10730
209School of Medicine1046157
209Department of Chemistry102450
209College of Pharmacy10724
209Department of Chemistry102457