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13-Substituted-3-hydroxy-2-oxindole, an Emerging New Scaffold for Drug Discovery with Potential Anti-Cancer and other Biological ActivitiesCurrent Bioactive Compounds2009453
2Podophyllotoxin: Current PerspectivesCurrent Bioactive Compounds2007152
3Phenanthroindolizidines and Phenanthroquinolizidines: Promising Alkaloids for Anti-Cancer TherapyCurrent Bioactive Compounds2009125
4Effect of Soil Nutrient on Production and Diversity of Volatile Terpenoids from PlantsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201284
5Muramyl Dipeptide and its Derivatives: Peptide Adjuvant in Immunological Disorders and Cancer TherapyCurrent Bioactive Compounds201182
6A Randomized, Double Blind, Controlled, Dose Dependent Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Proanthocyanidin Standardized Whole Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Powder on Infections of the Urinary TractCurrent Bioactive Compounds201181
72-Aminoimidazoles from Leucetta Sponges: Synthesis and Biology of an Important PharmacophoreCurrent Bioactive Compounds200980
8CRLX101 (formerly IT-101) – A Novel Nanopharmaceutical of Camptothecin in Clinical DevelopmentCurrent Bioactive Compounds201180
9Reverse Pharmacology and Systems Approaches for Drug Discovery and DevelopmentCurrent Bioactive Compounds200872
10Photodynamic Inactivation of BacteriaCurrent Bioactive Compounds200671
11Nutraceuticals: Beyond the Diet Before the DrugsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201468
12Agave (Agave spp.) and its Traditional Products as a Source of Bioactive CompoundsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201263
13Iron Chelators as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Parkinsons DiseaseCurrent Bioactive Compounds200861
14Scalarane SesterterpenoidsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201061
15Bioactive Chromone Derivatives – Structural DiversityCurrent Bioactive Compounds201058
16Spongiane DiterpenoidsCurrent Bioactive Compounds200750
17Heterocyclic Compounds as Anti-Inflammatory AgentsCurrent Bioactive Compounds200749
18Amorphous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Preclinical Studies: Preparation, Characterization, and FormulationCurrent Bioactive Compounds200847
19A Review on Synthesis, Anticancer and Antiviral Potentials of Pyrimidine DerivativesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201946
20Biologically Active Natural Products of the Genus CallicarpaCurrent Bioactive Compounds200844
21Schiff Bases and their Metal Complexes as Anti-Cancer Agents: A ReviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds201544
22Innovative Drug Delivery Systems for the Administration of Natural CompoundsCurrent Bioactive Compounds200741
23Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Seagrass PolyphenolsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201138
24Advances in Antioxidant Potential of Natural AlkaloidsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201738
25Novel Triazolothiadiazole and Triazolothiadiazine Derivatives Containing Pyridine Moiety: Design, Synthesis, Bactericidal and Fungicidal ActivitiesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201838
26Current Bioactive Azole-Containing Natural ProductsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201036
27Toxic Metals in Herbal Medicines. A ReviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds201434
28Thymol Chemistry: A Medicinal ToolboxCurrent Bioactive Compounds201933
29Effects of Eugenol on the Central Nervous System: Its Possible Application to Treatment of Alzheimers Disease, Depression, and Parkinsons DiseaseCurrent Bioactive Compounds200632
30A Recent Portrait of Bioactive TriazolesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201032
31Circulating and Vascular Bioactive Factors During Hypertension in PregnancyCurrent Bioactive Compounds201032
32Herbicidal Potential of Essential Oils from Three Mediterranean Trees on Different WeedCurrent Bioactive Compounds201231
33Facile Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Mannich Products as Potential Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antituberculosis Agents: Molecular Docking StudyCurrent Bioactive Compounds201630
34Optimizing Glycosylation Reaction Selectivities by Protecting Group ManipulationCurrent Bioactive Compounds200829
35Pharmacological and Biological Activities of Benzazepines: An OverviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds201528
36Lipases Enantioselectivity Alteration by Immobilization TechniquesCurrent Bioactive Compounds200827
37Recent Advances in Methodologies for the Discovery of Antimycobacterial DrugsCurrent Bioactive Compounds200726
38Epoxycarotenoids and Cancer. ReviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds201226
39Comparison of Artemisia annua Bioactivities between Traditional Medicine and Chemical ExtractsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201426
40Synthesis, Characterizations and Microbial Studies of Novel Mannich Products Using Multicomponent ReactionsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201826
41Piperine: A Comprehensive Review of Pre-Clinical and Clinical InvestigationsCurrent Bioactive Compounds201525
42Bioactivity and Functionality of Anthocyanins: A ReviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds201925
43Targeting Amoebiasis: Status and DevelopmentsCurrent Bioactive Compounds200724
44The Discovery and Application of Inhibitors of Glutathione S-Transferase as Therapeutic Agents -A ReviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds200823
45Bioautography Detection of Antimicrobial Compounds from the Essential Oil of Salvia PachystachysCurrent Bioactive Compounds201823
46The Evolution of Peptide Synthesis: From Early Days to Small Molecular MachinesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201423
47Revival of Natural Products: Utilization of Modern TechnologiesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201623
48Cratylia mollis Lectin: A Versatile Tool for Biomedical StudiesCurrent Bioactive Compounds201422
49Plasma-Activated Solutions for Bacteria and Biofilm InactivationCurrent Bioactive Compounds201622
50Natural Antiulcerogenic Agents: An OverviewCurrent Bioactive Compounds200821