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1Progress in electrolytes for rechargeable Li-based batteries and beyondGreen Energy and Environment2016400
2Synthesis and applications of MOF-derived porous nanostructuresGreen Energy and Environment2017301
3A comprehensive review on recent progress in aluminum–air batteriesGreen Energy and Environment2017280
4Application of deep eutectic solvents in biomass pretreatment and conversionGreen Energy and Environment2019278
5Progress in aqueous rechargeable batteriesGreen Energy and Environment2018255
6Overview of acidic deep eutectic solvents on synthesis, properties and applicationsGreen Energy and Environment2020234
7Recent progress in rechargeable alkali metal–air batteriesGreen Energy and Environment2016227
8Recent advances in multi-layer composite polymeric membranes for CO2 separation: A reviewGreen Energy and Environment2016215
9Recent development of ionic liquid membranesGreen Energy and Environment2016203
10Advanced chemical strategies for lithium–sulfur batteries: A reviewGreen Energy and Environment2018164
11Cellulose-based materials in wastewater treatment of petroleum industryGreen Energy and Environment2020159
12Applications of metal–organic frameworks for green energy and environment: New advances in adsorptive gas separation, storage and removalGreen Energy and Environment2018158
13A review on photo-thermal catalytic conversion of carbon dioxideGreen Energy and Environment2017153
14Catalytic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into chemicals and fuelsGreen Energy and Environment2023151
15Biomass derived porous nitrogen doped carbon for electrochemical devicesGreen Energy and Environment2017141
16High piezo/photocatalytic efficiency of Ag/Bi5O7I nanocomposite using mechanical and solar energy for N2 fixation and methyl orange degradationGreen Energy and Environment2023139
17Comparative assessment of maximum power point tracking procedures for photovoltaic systemsGreen Energy and Environment2017128
18A review on photoelectrochemical cathodic protection semiconductor thin films for metalsGreen Energy and Environment2017119
19Recent advancements in metal–organic frameworks for green applicationsGreen Energy and Environment2021111
20Electrolyte for lithium protection: From liquid to solidGreen Energy and Environment2019110
21Ionic liquids/deep eutectic solvents for CO2 capture: Reviewing and evaluatingGreen Energy and Environment2021108
22Flexible rechargeable Ni//Zn battery based on self-supported NiCo2O4 nanosheets with high power density and good cycling stabilityGreen Energy and Environment2018100
23Advanced electron microscopy characterization of nanomaterials for catalysisGreen Energy and Environment201797
24Lignin-based carbon fibers: Formation, modification and potential applicationsGreen Energy and Environment202297
25Recent progress on synthesis of ZIF-67-based materials and their application to heterogeneous catalysisGreen Energy and Environment202294
26Solar rooftop in India: Policies, challenges and outlookGreen Energy and Environment201692
27Applications of lignin-derived catalysts for green synthesisGreen Energy and Environment201991
28Two-dimensional material separation membranes for renewable energy purification, storage, and conversionGreen Energy and Environment202190
29Research progress in rare earths and their composites based electrode materials for supercapacitorsGreen Energy and Environment202089
30A mini-review on ZnIn2S4-Based photocatalysts for energy and environmental applicationGreen Energy and Environment202286
31A closed-loop process for recycling LiNi x Co y Mn (1−x−y) O 2 from mixed cathode materials of lithium-ion batteriesGreen Energy and Environment201784
32Ionic liquids: Functionalization and absorption of SO 2Green Energy and Environment201883
33Hexagonal boron nitride: A metal-free catalyst for deep oxidative desulfurization of fuel oilsGreen Energy and Environment202083
34Recent advancement and future challenges of photothermal catalysis for VOCs elimination: From catalyst design to applicationsGreen Energy and Environment202382
35Techno-economical evaluation of membrane based biogas upgrading system: A comparison between polymeric membrane and carbon membrane technologyGreen Energy and Environment201681
36Efficient hydrolysis of hemicellulose to furfural by novel superacid SO4H-functionalized ionic liquidsGreen Energy and Environment201980
37Recent advances in two-dimensional nanomaterials-based electrochemical sensors for environmental analysisGreen Energy and Environment201879
38Shell biorefinery: A comprehensive introductionGreen Energy and Environment201879
39Recent advances in non-precious metal electrocatalysts for pH-universal hydrogen evolution reactionGreen Energy and Environment202179
40Sustainable biochar as an electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cellsGreen Energy and Environment202177
41Developing new understanding of photoelectrochemical water splitting via in-situ techniques: A review on recent progressGreen Energy and Environment201776
42Catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis as an efficient route in cleavage of lignin and model compoundsGreen Energy and Environment201876
43Ultra-light and flexible pencil-trace anode for high performance potassium-ion and lithium-ion batteriesGreen Energy and Environment201775
44Electrocatalysts based on metal@carbon core@shell nanocomposites: An overviewGreen Energy and Environment201875
45PVA/PVP blend polymer matrix for hosting carriers in facilitated transport membranes: Synergistic enhancement of CO2 separation performanceGreen Energy and Environment202074
46Biomass-derived porous carbon highly efficient for removal of Pb(II) and Cd(II)Green Energy and Environment201973
47Direct conversion of furfural to levulinic acid/ester in dimethoxymethane: Understanding the mechanism for polymerizationGreen Energy and Environment201973
48Biosorption of chromium from electroplating and galvanizing industrial effluents under extreme conditions using Chlorella vulgarisGreen Energy and Environment201671
49Parameterization of COSMO-RS model for ionic liquidsGreen Energy and Environment201870
50A kinetic model for a single step biodiesel production from a high free fatty acid (FFA) biodiesel feedstock over a solid heteropolyacid catalystGreen Energy and Environment201970