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Top Articles

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22The dynamics of health behavior sentiments on a large online social networkEPJ Data Science201381
23Understanding predictability and exploration in human mobilityEPJ Data Science201881
24Fake news propagates differently from real news even at early stages of spreadingEPJ Data Science202079
25High resolution population estimates from telecommunications dataEPJ Data Science201578
26A multilayer approach to multiplexity and link prediction in online geo-social networksEPJ Data Science201678
27Probing crowd density through smartphones in city-scale mass gatheringsEPJ Data Science201376
28Positive words carry less information than negative wordsEPJ Data Science201271
29Urban magnetism through the lens of geo-tagged photographyEPJ Data Science201568
30Hypernetwork science via high-order hypergraph walksEPJ Data Science202067
31Topological analysis of dataEPJ Data Science201759
32Centrality in modular networksEPJ Data Science201959
33A large-scale community structure analysis in FacebookEPJ Data Science201257
34The role of hidden influentials in the diffusion of online information cascadesEPJ Data Science201357
35Predicting human mobility through the assimilation of social media traces into mobility modelsEPJ Data Science201657
36Behaviours and attitudes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: insights from a cross-national Facebook surveyEPJ Data Science202155
37Energy consumption prediction using people dynamics derived from cellular network dataEPJ Data Science201654
38Academic performance and behavioral patternsEPJ Data Science201854
39The ripple of fear, sympathy and solidarity during the Boston bombingsEPJ Data Science201453
40Estimating local commuting patterns from geolocated Twitter dataEPJ Data Science201752
41Quantifying social contacts in a household setting of rural Kenya using wearable proximity sensorsEPJ Data Science201651
42Quantifying human mobility resilience to extreme events using geo-located social media dataEPJ Data Science201951
43Beating the news using social media: the case study of American IdolEPJ Data Science201248
44Prestige drives epistemic inequality in the diffusion of scientific ideasEPJ Data Science201848
45Exploiting citation networks for large-scale author name disambiguationEPJ Data Science201446
46Sentiment cascades in the 15M movementEPJ Data Science201546
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48Investigating causality in human behavior from smartphone sensor data: a quasi-experimental approachEPJ Data Science201545
49Sentiment analysis methods for understanding large-scale texts: a case for using continuum-scored words and word shift graphsEPJ Data Science201745
50Large-scale and high-resolution analysis of food purchases and health outcomesEPJ Data Science201945