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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Biotechnology Department28525
2School of Medicine3754056
3Department of Psychiatry660195486
4School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography1572425
4Department of Geography1574840
6Graduate School of Medicine1521.5K903
7Department of Astronomy1486554
8Centre for Ecosystem Management3471650
9National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health144200213
9Faculty of Medicine2449181.1K
9Department of Zoology1447744
12Department of Biology141243214
13Department of Animal and Environmental Biology33921
14Marine Biology Institute1323140
14School of Psychology132414426
14Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering1324453
17Department of Biomedical Engineering1312428
17Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences1311916
19Research and Advanced Engineering1293446
20Department of Physics1282610
21Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences124383414
22Department of Biology1232544
22Faculty of Life Sciences623317
22Department of Microbiology623212
25Department of Preschool Education1222730
26Department of Chemistry121184236
26Faculty of Agriculture1212526
28Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology1182732
28Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine1181311
30Institute of Integrative Biology117142223
30Department of Pediatrics517129609
32Department of Epidemiology116374548
32Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management2161987
32Western College of Veterinary Medicine216183346
35Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics215938
35Faculty of Health Sciences115301434
35Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry1153679
38Faculty of Medicine413396942
38Department of Mining and Materials Engineering113214273
40Institute for Astronomy1115152
40Faculty of Social Sciences41149312
40Institute for Astronomy1113934
43Department of Geography110186318
43Department of Health Sciences1103475
43Department of Life Sciences110280503
43Department of Environmental Biology and Health11023
43Department of Geography110106180
48Department of Pediatrics29174448
48Department of Civil Engineering291455
48School of Mechanical Engineering29103263
48Department of Agricultural Economics1922
48Faculty of Agriculture19931
48Ecosystem Management1983127
54School of Business and Finance18513
54Department of Music181748
54Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1857123
54Faculty of Business and Management Sciences181213
54Centre for Applied Psychology182878
54College of Natural and Applied Sciences1838
54Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering185497
61Division of Forestry and Natural Resources2747168
61Department of Political Science2740125
61Department of Philosophy272988
61Department of Psychology17179361
61Department of Modern Languages and Cultures1715
61Department of Public Health Sciences171427
61Faculty of Management and Business174884
61Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness271244
61Faculty of Geosciences and Environmental Engineering17157241
61Department of Pediatrics17100209
71Division of Pharmacology16129251
71Department of Biology16197406
71Faculty of Social Sciences1651152
71Department of Mechanical Engineering16688994
71Department of Environmental Engineering161951
71School of Electrical and Computer Engineering16309511
71Department of Sociology161425
71Department of Microbiology16410
71Department of Microbiology1612
71Sector of Industrial Management and Operations Research1616
81College of Science and Engineering15313555
81School of Nursing25133349
81Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology152476
81School of Public Health25239750
81Department of Psychology15247433
81College of Basic and Applied Sciences1568156
87Photochemistry Center145988
87Department of Surgery14360665
87Department of Applied Economics143480
87Faculty of Education1450117
87Department of Civil Engineering14149273
87Faculty of Social Sciences142069
87Department of Social Work1414
87Department of Medicine147381.3K
95Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management13279517
95Department of Pediatrics13417786
95School of Psychology13238473
95School of Life Sciences13275573
95Department of Psychology131018
95Faculty of Agriculture131232
95Faculty of Veterinary Medicine134384
95Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology133447
95Department of Mechanical Engineering13615
95School of Medicine13321746
95Faculty of Medicine13277535
95School of Production Engineering and Management1381164
107Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care12244506
107Department of Geology1273148
107Department of Mathematics1284167
107College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences1231121
107Environmental Studies Program12947
107Department of Physics121227
107Department of Medicine122797
107Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics12934
107Department of Medicine22529
107Department of Pharmacology122266
117Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering1179174
117Department of Biology11297631
117Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics1161107
117Department of Internal Medicine119671.7K
117Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine1175205
117School of Public Health119571.7K
117Department of Anthropology11146377
117Rollins School of Public Health119861.8K
117Department of Epidemiology11376759
117Department of Integrative Physiology11103259
117Department of Architecture11725
117Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition11122309
117School of Food and Agriculture1154157
117Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1146127
117Department of Biology1133101
117Institute of Public Health1137135
117Department of Psychology1161157
117Department of Epidemiology114390
117Department of Internal Medicine111549
117Department of Biology1113
137Department of Public Health Medicine102897
137School of Public Health10105268
137Department of Geography10313596
137School of Public Health10423979
137Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1040167
137Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology101768
137Faculty of Medicine10336735
137Institute of Nutrition Josué de Castro101545
137Faculty of Medicine108041.7K
137Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation103197
137Department of Psychology1033129
137Clinical Epidemiology Program10231511
137School of Nursing101559
137School of Public Health1046113
137School of Medicine104571.1K
137Department of Public Health Sciences10198493