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1On Global Electricity Usage of Communication Technology: Trends to 2030Challenges2015685
25-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) Production from Hexoses: Limits of Heterogeneous Catalysis in Hydrothermal Conditions and Potential of Concentrated Aqueous Organic Acids as Reactive Solvent SystemChallenges2012105
3Challenges and Opportunities in Transforming a City into a “Zero Waste City”Challenges2011100
4Green Prescriptions and Their Co-Benefits: Integrative Strategies for Public and Environmental HealthChallenges201988
5Challenges in Specialty Coffee Processing and Quality AssuranceChallenges201680
6The Value of Global Indigenous Knowledge in Planetary HealthChallenges201871
7The Canmore Declaration: Statement of Principles for Planetary HealthChallenges201870
8Resilience, Sustainability and Risk Management: A Focus on EnergyChallenges201266
9Moving Towards Sustainable and Resilient Smart Water GridsChallenges201463
10The Challenge of Behaviour Change and Health PromotionChallenges201759
11Nanotechnology as an Alternative to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19Challenges202059
12Planetary Health Ethics: Beyond First PrinciplesChallenges201957
13Indigenous Natural and First Law in Planetary HealthChallenges202057
14Walking Ecosystems in Microbiome-Inspired Green Infrastructure: An Ecological Perspective on Enhancing Personal and Planetary HealthChallenges201856
15Prebiotic Phosphorylation Reactions on the Early EarthChallenges201452
16An Evolutionary Optimizer of libsvm ModelsChallenges201452
17Assessing the Possibility of Biological Complexity on Other Worlds, with an Estimate of the Occurrence of Complex Life in the Milky Way GalaxyChallenges201448
18Soiling Losses: A Barrier for India’s Energy Security Dependency from Photovoltaic PowerChallenges202048
19In Vivo Cytogenotoxicity and Oxidative Stress Induced by Electronic Waste Leachate and Contaminated Well WaterChallenges201344
20Philanthrocapitalism: Promoting Global Health but Failing Planetary HealthChallenges201944
21Childhood Diarrhea Determinants in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross Sectional Study of Tiko-CameroonChallenges201543
22The Metacity: A Conceptual Framework for Integrating Ecology and Urban DesignChallenges201141
23Getting Smart? Climate Change and the Electric GridChallenges201341
24Novel Coronavirus: How Atmospheric Particulate Affects Our Environment and HealthChallenges202041
25Continuous-Flow Processes in Heterogeneously Catalyzed Transformations of Biomass Derivatives into Fuels and ChemicalsChallenges201240
26The Challenges and Realities of E-Learning during COVID-19: The Case of University Sport and Physical EducationChallenges202240
27Down to Earth: Planetary Health and Biophilosophy in the Symbiocene EpochChallenges201737
28Report on Digital Literacy in Academic Meetings during the 2020 COVID-19 LockdownChallenges202036
29Particle Handling Techniques in Microchemical ProcessesChallenges201235
30What are the Current Priorities and Challenges for (Urban) Soundscape Research?Challenges201835
31Linking Informal and Formal Electronics Recycling via an Interface OrganizationChallenges201334
32Happiness versus the Environment—A Case Study of Australian LifestylesChallenges201332
33Advances in Packaging Methods, Processes and SystemsChallenges201432
34Recurrent Cholera Outbreaks in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving beyond Epidemiology to Understand the Environmental Reservoirs and DriversChallenges201932
35Human Health Impact of Natural and Artificial Radioactivity Levels in the Sediments and Fish of Bonny Estuary, Niger Delta, NigeriaChallenges201531
36Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Cymbopogon citratus Leaf Extract and Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial PropertiesChallenges202231
37Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Consumers Time-Use PatternsChallenges201729
38Estimation of Groundwater Recharges in Odeda Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria using Empirical FormulaeChallenges201528
39Larger Than Life: Injecting Hope into the Planetary Health ParadigmChallenges201828
40Challenges in Improving Energy Efficiency in a University Campus Through the Application of Persuasive Technology and Smart SensorsChallenges201227
41Climate Strategic Soil ManagementChallenges201425
42Wildfire Likelihood’s Elements: A Literature ReviewChallenges201525
43Stormwater Quality Characteristics in (Dutch) Urban Areas and Performance of Settlement BasinsChallenges201424
44To Which Degree Does Sector Specific Standardization Make Life Cycle Assessments Comparable?—The Case of Global Warming Potential of SmartphonesChallenges201423
45Effects of Contingency versus Constraints on the Body-Mass Scaling of Metabolic RateChallenges201823
46Biogenicity and Syngeneity of Organic Matter in Ancient Sedimentary Rocks: Recent Advances in the Search for Evidence of Past LifeChallenges201422
47Practical Eco-Design and Eco-Innovation of Consumer Electronics—the Case of Mobile PhonesChallenges201622
48An Overview of Mobile Learning for Refugee Students: Juxtaposing Refugee Needs with Mobile Applications’ CharacteristicsChallenges202022
49Case Studies of Energy Storage with Fuel Cells and Batteries for Stationary and Mobile ApplicationsChallenges201721
50High-Rise Apartments and Urban Mental Health—Historical and Contemporary ViewsChallenges201921