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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychiatry215121
2Department of Food Science and Nutrition11375621
3College of Nursing110371
3College of Nursing11033815
3College of Nursing1103112
3College of Nursing110361
7Department of Psychology1995528
8Department of Psychiatry57876
9Department of Psychology265212253
9College of Medicine165638228
9Department of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics1657617
12Department of Psychiatry159550484
13Department of Psychiatry258311369
13Faculty of Medicine1587428
15School of Nursing2562512
16College of Medicine and Health Sciences55383124
17Department of Neuroscience251268359
18College of Medicine and Health Sciences1507844
18Department of Psychiatry15059
20School of Public Health2498641.0K
20Department of Counseling and School Psychology14946
22Department of Psychology145332351
22Department of Clinical Psychology1452016
24Department of Psychology24189135
25Department of Psychiatry140339312
25School of Medicine140574571
27Department of Nursing2391216
28Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology136414403
28Department of Psychology236171289
28Department of Psychiatry13677
31Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work235131143
32Department of Psychology132234295
32Department of Psychology132198209
34Department of Psychiatry131429449
34School of Psychology231266434
34Department of Psychiatry43141161
34College of Health and Medical Sciences4313474
34Department of Psychiatry1312525
39School of Pharmacy2303142
40Department of Psychiatry22946134
40Department of Psychology1291327
40Department of Human Nutrition12922
40School of Public Health12966
40Department of Psychiatry12924
45Department of Psychology228157302
45Department of Psychiatry12885
47School of Nursing and Public Health127120103
47Department of Psychology12716245
49Department of Psychology126120168
49School of Nursing1265747
51College of Medicine and Health Sciences3252349
52Department of Psychology224273449
52Department of Psychology and Counseling12411
52Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology124168
52Faculty of Education1244536
52Department of Psychology1241410
57Life Sciences Centre12372145
57School for Resource and Environmental Studies12378113
59Department of Neuroscience122228305
59Department of Mental Health Law and Policy2222461
59Faculty of Medicine122304271
59Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation12294133
59Department of Nursing1222320
64Department of Clinical Psychology120131201
64Department of Clinical and Health Psychology12079151
64School of Social Work120137136
64College of Medicine120807805
64Institute of Public Health22082114
64Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics2204673
64Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics220513
71Faculty of Health Sciences119301384
71School of Nursing119266325
71Department of Psychiatry1192333
71School of Health and Medical Sciences119155275
71School of Nursing and Midwifery2194865
71Department of Psychiatry11913
77Department of Psychiatry3175051.2K
77Department of Public Health and General Practice1172461
77Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology11733
80Institute of Psychology115175241
80Department of Psychiatry115110208
80Research Center for Neuroscience1152134
80Department of Psychiatry11547
80Department of Pharmacology1152437
80Psychiatry and Psychology Research Center1151833
80Department of Psychology1151943
87Institute of Psychology11456
87Clinical Psychology: Applied Developmental Emphasis11412
87Department of Psychology114182289
87Nursing Faculty1143752
87Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences114342547
87School of Nursing and Midwifery114147161
93Faculty of Political Science11323
93Department of Neurology and Psychiatry113124197
93School of Social Work113235347
93Department of Psychology11382135
93Department of Neurology and Psychiatry11359
93Department of Anthropology11375117
93Department of Psychology113156226
100Department of Psychology112309490
100Institute of Psychology1122539
100Department of General Psychology112279409
100Department of Psychology112519724
100Institute of Psychology112335484
100NOVA Medical School1122061
100Department of Psychiatry112466667
107Department of Psychiatry111176326
107Department of Psychiatry211811
107Department of Psychiatry111165285
110Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy1103166
110School of Medical Sciences1105679
110Department of Pharmacology1101314
110Department of Psychiatry110922
110Department of Pharmacology1103241
110School of Public Health1104652
110School of Nursing and Midwifery1104555
110School of Public Health2101636
110School of Public Health110815
110School of Pharmacy1102023
120Department of Psychology199031.3K
120Department of Psychology19105210
120Faculty of Medicine19367663
120Department of Public Health and General Practice19146316
120Department of Psychiatry2940139
120Faculty of Psychology19816
120Department of Psychiatry19718
120School of Public Health194680
120Department of Nursing19411
120Centre for Psychology of Religion1938
130Department of Psychiatry18638977
130Institute of Psychiatry187141.1K
130Department of Psychiatry18141256
130School of Nursing18183315
130School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences18442807
130Department of Family Medicine184784
130Faculty of Medicine18583725
130Department of Family Medicine181647
130Faculty of Life Sciences18332473
130Department of Psychiatry18110188
130College of Medicine18184240
141Department of Psychiatry172441
141Department of Psychiatry1738
141School of Medicine171255
144Department of Sociology16714
144School of Medicine162.3K2.9K
144Department of Psychiatry16617971
144Department of Military and Emergency Medicine1654104
148Department of Medicine156561.1K
148School of Social Work1579160
148Faculty of Law155690
148College of Public Health15332647
148School of Pharmacy1558136
148School of Nursing and Midwifery15715
148College of Health Sciences and Medicine152749
148School of Public Health152953
156Department of Educational Psychology14122240
156Department of Psychiatry144887
156Faculty of Medicine146221.2K
156Institute of Information Systems14412
156Medical School141.4K2.0K
156Department of Psychology141967
156Department of Psychology1465171
156Department of Psychiatry144389
164Faculty of Health Sciences13314682
164Department of Psychology13115267
164College of Nursing13108259
164School of Medicine13106245
164Department of Psychology1363163
164Department of Family Medicine131450
164School of Pharmacy131464
164Department of Psychiatry132343
164Department of Nursing131222
164College of Medicine and Health Science131120
174Department of Psychology12130296
174Department of Psychiatry1280191
174Department of Psychiatry122568
174Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology12114311
178Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences11109309
178Department of Psychiatry111119
178Public Health Faculty11411
178Department of Epidemiology11828
178Department of Physiology11628
178Department of Psychiatry1181210
178Department of Psychology11176397
178Faculty of Psychology211592
178School of Medicine11443924
178School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences11111305
178Department of Psychiatry112048
178Department of Psychiatry11618
190School of Social Work1066180
190Faculty of Health Sciences1014
190Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology10316
190Prasanna School of Public Health1036114