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1Roles of PI3K/AKT/GSK3/mTOR Pathway in Cell Signaling of Mental IllnessesDepression Research and Treatment2012137
2Prevalence of Depression among University Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis StudyDepression Research and Treatment2013133
3Religious and Spiritual Factors in Depression: Review and Integration of the ResearchDepression Research and Treatment2012132
4Prevalence and Predictors of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among Youth at the Time of COVID-19: An Online Cross-Sectional Multicountry StudyDepression Research and Treatment2020103
5Childhood Trauma and Its Relation to Chronic Depression in AdulthoodDepression Research and Treatment2015102
6Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression: An Overview and Methodological Recommendations for Future ResearchDepression Research and Treatment201699
7Depression among Asian Americans: Review and RecommendationsDepression Research and Treatment201195
8Disruption of Circadian Rhythms: A Crucial Factor in the Etiology of DepressionDepression Research and Treatment201185
9Seasonal Affective Disorder: An Overview of Assessment and Treatment ApproachesDepression Research and Treatment201584
10Depression and Its Relationship with Coping Strategies and Illness Perceptions during the COVID-19 Lockdown in Greece: A Cross-Sectional Survey of the PopulationDepression Research and Treatment202083
11An Overview of Depression among Transgender WomenDepression Research and Treatment201480
12Mental Health Services Required after Disasters: Learning from the Lasting Effects of DisastersDepression Research and Treatment201268
13Prevalence of Antenatal Depression and Associated Risk Factors among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Abeokuta North Local Government Area, NigeriaDepression Research and Treatment201665
14Perspectives on Cognitive Therapy Training within Community Mental Health Settings: Implications for Clinician Satisfaction and Skill DevelopmentDepression Research and Treatment201259
15Mental Health Outcomes in US Children and Adolescents Born Prematurely or with Low BirthweightDepression Research and Treatment201359
16Trends of Postpartum Depression in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisDepression Research and Treatment201358
17Participating in Online Mental Health Interventions: Who Is Most Likely to Sign Up and Why?Depression Research and Treatment201455
18Managing Mental Health Disorders Resulting from Trauma through Yoga: A ReviewDepression Research and Treatment201253
19A Psychometric Properties Evaluation of the Italian Version of the Geriatric Depression ScaleDepression Research and Treatment201852
20Which Depressive Symptoms and Medication Side Effects Are Perceived by Patients as Interfering Most with Occupational Functioning?Depression Research and Treatment201250
21Suicidal Ideation, Attempt, and Determining Factors among HIV/AIDS Patients, EthiopiaDepression Research and Treatment201650
22Functional Outcome in Bipolar Disorder: The Big PictureDepression Research and Treatment201249
23Rumination Mediates the Relationship between Infant Temperament and Adolescent Depressive SymptomsDepression Research and Treatment201145
24Brief Group Intervention Using Emotional Freedom Techniques for Depression in College Students: A Randomized Controlled TrialDepression Research and Treatment201244
25Influence of Spirituality on Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Suicidality in Active Duty Military PersonnelDepression Research and Treatment201243
26Does Duloxetine Improve Cognitive Function Independently of Its Antidepressant Effect in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder and Subjective Reports of Cognitive Dysfunction?Depression Research and Treatment201443
27Depressive Symptoms and Deliberate Self-Harm in a Community Sample of Adolescents: A Prospective StudyDepression Research and Treatment201141
28The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Paternal Depression from the Antenatal to the Postpartum Period and the Relationships between Antenatal and Postpartum Depression among Fathers in Hong KongDepression Research and Treatment201441
29A Review of the Conceptualisation and Risk Factors Associated with Treatment-Resistant DepressionDepression Research and Treatment201740
30Review: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Pediatric Major Depressive DisorderDepression Research and Treatment201139
31Evidence Map of Prevention and Treatment Interventions for Depression in Young PeopleDepression Research and Treatment201239
32Prevalence and Risk Factors for Antenatal Depression in Ethiopia: Systematic ReviewDepression Research and Treatment201839
33Postpartum Depression: Screening, Diagnosis, and Management Programs 2000 through 2010Depression Research and Treatment201238
34Assessing Depression in Cardiac Patients: What Measures Should Be Considered?Depression Research and Treatment201438
35Dysthymia and Apathy: Diagnosis and TreatmentDepression Research and Treatment201137
36Temperament, Character, and Adolescents' Depressive Symptoms: Focusing on AffectDepression Research and Treatment201236
37The Role of Adverse Childhood Experience on Depression Symptom, Prevalence, and Severity among School Going AdolescentsDepression Research and Treatment202036
38Factors Influencing Depression and Anxiety among Black Sexual Minority MenDepression Research and Treatment201135
39Grounded Theory of Barriers and Facilitators to Mandated Implementation of Mental Health Care in the Primary Care SettingDepression Research and Treatment201235
40Migraine and Despair: Factors Associated with Depression and Suicidal Ideation among Canadian Migraineurs in a Population-Based StudyDepression Research and Treatment201334
41A Pilot Study of Mifepristone in Combat-Related PTSDDepression Research and Treatment201233
42Improvement in Fatigue, Sleepiness, and Health-Related Quality of Life with Bright Light Treatment in Persons with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Subsyndromal SADDepression Research and Treatment201132
43Gender Differences in Depression: Assessing Mediational Effects of Overt Behaviors and Environmental Reward through Daily Diary MonitoringDepression Research and Treatment201232
44Assigning Clinical Significance and Symptom Severity Using the Zung Scales: Levels of Misclassification Arising from Confusion between Index and Raw ScoresDepression Research and Treatment201832
45Early Life Stress and Child Temperament Style as Predictors of Childhood Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms: Findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenDepression Research and Treatment201131
46Exercise for Adolescents with Depressive Disorders: A Feasibility StudyDepression Research and Treatment201231
47The Relationship between Negative Affect and Reported Cognitive FailuresDepression Research and Treatment201431
48Prevalence and Severity of Depression and Its Association with Substance Use in Jimma Town, Southwest EthiopiaDepression Research and Treatment201631
49Screening and Referral for Postpartum Depression among Low-Income Women: A Qualitative Perspective from Community Health WorkersDepression Research and Treatment201129
50Comparing the Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Treatment of Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisDepression Research and Treatment201429