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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Civil and Environmental Engineering105256963
2Department of Geography and Resource Management22898626
3Department of Geography42754524
4Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering32144120
5Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science1176467193
6College of Civil Engineering11677022
7Department of Economics1153355
7School of Economics1153286
9Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering215010788
10School of Civil Engineering21255542
11Department of Risk Engineering2123132
12Department of Geography21104246
13Department of Geography41083459
14Department of Civil Engineering298224195
15Department of Psychology2959676
16School of Geography and Earth Sciences28110699
17Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2808086
18School of Architecture and Urban Planning179106
19Department of Civil and Materials Engineering1769962
20Department of Human Geography37349
21Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering3651017
22Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering264352388
22Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering564108206
24Department of Epidemiology and Public Health162364325
24Department of Infrastructure Engineering262179173
24Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering3622958
24Department of Methodology and Statistics16211694
24Department of Work and Social Psychology1626541
29Department of Civil Engineering1613025
29Department of Political Science and Public Affairs16111
31Department of Management Engineering35844100
32Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering353115150
33Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering1524330
33Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1521710
35Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering1513013
36College of Architecture and Environmental Design15022
37School of Geography and the Environment349149273
37School of Civil Engineering149198181
39School of Architecture and Design347410
40Department of Business Administration14422
41Department of Civil Engineering34374162
41School of Engineering and the Built Environment1434837
43Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2428190
43Department of Geography14211897
43School of Civil and Environmental Engineering542168384
46Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science1414242
47School of Architecture13911290
47Department of Geography139110109
47School of Kinesiology139149127
47School of Civil Engineering33997146
47College of Engineering339632778
47Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management1391811
47Department of Geography and Regional Planning1391917
47Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering3392879
47Department of Geography1396576
56Department of Geography238112168
56Business School13812666
56School of Transportation and Civil Engineering1384310
59Department of Civil Engineering1376655
59School of Architecture and Urban Planning1374225
61Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1357151
62School of Engineering234181261
63Department of Geography23387
63Department of Economics13335
63Department of Civil Engineering133158166
63Faculty of Economics and Administration13310079
63Faculty of Engineering133635558
68Faculty of Economics and Business Administration132713
68School of Psychology and Speech Pathology132137171
70School of Economics and Management1317873
70Department of Transportation Engineering2311217
72School of Kinesiology and Health Science129187240
73Department of Planning and Geography12847
74College of Transportation Engineering2273249
74School of Nursing12789101
74Department of Civil Engineering1275153
77Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation1261923
77Department of Civil Engineering12612
77Department of Sociology1263135
80Department of Sustainable Development2253386
80Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2251811
82College of Engineering1246973
83Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering2234788
84Department of Industrial Engineering222112160
85Department of Geography and Environmental Studies12175
86Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering120172205
86School of Civil Engineering120212236
88Department of Environmental Systems Science119196256
88Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning1197583
90Department of Geography21840106
90School of Geography and Planning1186884
90Department of Architecture and Built Environment1182432
90School of Business and Law1184969
90Faculty of Engineering and Science1187493
95Department of Civil Engineering217114220
95Civil Engineering Department11747
95Department of Civil Engineering1171710
98Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering216201382
98School of Civil Engineering and Transportation116230222
98School of Civil Engineering1164055
98School of Civil Engineering116207231
102Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering215229528
102Graduate School of Education115170241
102Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology1154778
102Department of Sociology and Social Research1151021
102Department of Business Administration11526
102Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11516
102School of Civil Engineering1155448
109Department of Economics114919
109Department of Geography114512
111School of Education1136075
112Department of Civil Engineering1121431
112Department of Geography112217345
112Faculty of Engineering112688892
115Department of Sociology1112041
115College of Civil Engineering and Architecture111244296
115Management School111154264
115Department of Geography111241379
115Department of Earth Science and Geography111325
120Department of Civil Engineering110293369
120Institute of Space and Earth Information Science11062123
122Faculty of Architecture1962104
122Environmental and Architectural Engineering19114183
122Monash Sustainable Development Institute193575
122Department of Civil Engineering194473
122Department of Civil Engineering192855
122Faculty of Economics19712
122Faculty of Transportation Engineering192535
129Department of Civil Engineering18323491
129Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering18172263
129Faculty of Business and Law182486
129Department of Mechanical Engineering1866127
129Faculty of Management Science and Informatics183646
129Department of Civil Engineering181421
135School of Technology and Business Studies172863
135School of Management2742130
135School of Architecture17922
138Department of Geography1665138
138Welsh School of Architecture165391
138Department of Psychology16262450
141School of Public Health159161.5K
141Department of Transportation Engineering15813
141Economics and Management School15134204
141Graduate School of Science and Engineering15513743
141Faculty of Engineering Technology15210401
141School of Economics and Management15242364
141College of Transportation Engineering154673
148School of Tourism Management144886
148Department of Civil Engineering14190336
148Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering142352
148Department of Civil Engineering144394
148Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)14139279
153School of Architecture and Urban Planning134989
153Strategic Sustainability Studies1325
153Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering13104261
156Department of Geography12126274
156Department of Transportation Engineering1278
156Department of Physical Education and Sport1295182
156School of Electronic and Information Engineering12235378
156Department of Civil Engineering121737
156Department of Economics121748
162Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11342600
162Department of Geography11849
162Department of Geography and Earth Sciences1172204
162Department of Civil Engineering1141101