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1What influences travelers to use Uber? Exploring the factors affecting the adoption of on-demand ride services in CaliforniaTravel Behaviour & Society2018317
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4Prediction and behavioral analysis of travel mode choice: A comparison of machine learning and logit modelsTravel Behaviour & Society2020176
5Zooming into individuals to understand the collective: A review of trajectory-based travel behaviour studiesTravel Behaviour & Society2014167
6Experiences of electric bicycle users in the Sacramento, California areaTravel Behaviour & Society2014161
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8High-speed rail networks, economic integration and regional specialisation in China and EuropeTravel Behaviour & Society2015153
9Dockless E-scooter usage patterns and urban built Environments: A comparison study of Austin, TX, and Minneapolis, MNTravel Behaviour & Society2020151
10Walking (and cycling) to well-being: Modal and other determinants of subjective well-being during the commuteTravel Behaviour & Society2019134
11Spatio-temporal travel characteristics of the elderly in an ageing societyTravel Behaviour & Society2017120
12Do people live in urban neighbourhoods because they do not like to travel? Analysing an alternative residential self-selection hypothesisTravel Behaviour & Society201693
13Transport and child well-being: An integrative reviewTravel Behaviour & Society201792
14Studying determinants of crowd-shipping useTravel Behaviour & Society201892
15The influence of rainfall on road accidents in urban areas: A weather radar approachTravel Behaviour & Society201487
16Ageing and loneliness: The role of mobility and the built environmentTravel Behaviour & Society201686
17The importance of socio-demographic characteristics, geographic setting, and attitudes for adoption of electric vehicles in SwedenTravel Behaviour & Society201886
18Commute satisfaction, neighborhood satisfaction, and housing satisfaction as predictors of subjective well-being and indicators of urban livabilityTravel Behaviour & Society202086
19COVID-19, activity and mobility patterns in Bogotá. Are we ready for a ‘15-minute city’?Travel Behaviour & Society202185
20Comparison of socio-psychological characteristics of conventional and battery electric car buyersTravel Behaviour & Society201681
21Promoting sustainable travel behaviour through the use of smartphone applications: A review and development of a conceptual modelTravel Behaviour & Society201880
22Telecommuting, income, and out-of-home activitiesTravel Behaviour & Society201579
23Commute happiness in Xi’an, China: Effects of commute mode, duration, and frequencyTravel Behaviour & Society201879
24Modeling travel mode and timing decisions: Comparison of artificial neural networks and copula-based joint modelTravel Behaviour & Society201876
25Ready for Mobility as a Service? Insights from stakeholders and end-usersTravel Behaviour & Society202075
26Applications of theories and models of choice and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty in travel behavior researchTravel Behaviour & Society201474
27How do spatial characteristics influence well-being and mental health? Comparing the effect of objective and subjective characteristics at different spatial scalesTravel Behaviour & Society201674
28What factors influence bike share ridership? An investigation of Hamilton, Ontario’s bike share hubsTravel Behaviour & Society201972
29Future implementation of mobility as a service (MaaS): Results of an international Delphi studyTravel Behaviour & Society202072
30Trying on change – Trialability as a change moderator for sustainable travel behaviourTravel Behaviour & Society201667
31Challenges and opportunities in developing urban modal shiftTravel Behaviour & Society201566
32Benchmarking vehicle and passenger travel characteristics in Delhi for on-road emissions analysisTravel Behaviour & Society201564
33The climate impact of Norwegians’ travel behaviorTravel Behaviour & Society201764
34Commuting travel mode choice among office workers: Comparing an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior model between regions and organizational sectorsTravel Behaviour & Society201662
35Are long commutes short on benefits? Commute duration and various manifestations of well-beingTravel Behaviour & Society201862
36Implementation of free-floating and station-based carsharing in an agent-based travel demand modelTravel Behaviour & Society201862
37Not all prospective bicyclists are created equal: The role of attitudes, socio-demographics, and the built environment in bicycle commutingTravel Behaviour & Society201561
38Modeling car-sharing membership as a mobility tool: A multivariate Probit approach with latent variablesTravel Behaviour & Society201761
39Do aging populations have differential accessibility to activities? Analyzing the spatial structure of social, professional, and business opportunitiesTravel Behaviour & Society201558
40Determining the service quality of the city bus service based on users’ perceptions and expectationsTravel Behaviour & Society201858
41Gender gap generators for bicycle mode choice in Baltimore college campusesTravel Behaviour & Society201858
42Qualitatively exploring the effect of change in the residential environment on travel behaviourTravel Behaviour & Society201957
43Commute quality and its implications for commute satisfaction: Exploring the role of mode, location, and other factorsTravel Behaviour & Society201957
44Exploring frequency of public transport use among older adults: A study in Adelaide, AustraliaTravel Behaviour & Society201556
45The role of habit and the built environment in the willingness to commute by bicycleTravel Behaviour & Society202055
46Why travelers trust and accept self-driving cars: An empirical studyTravel Behaviour & Society202155
47Impact of ICT on multitasking during travel and the value of travel time savings: Empirical evidences from Mumbai, IndiaTravel Behaviour & Society201854
48Mode choice among university students to school in Danang, VietnamTravel Behaviour & Society201854
49Predicting susceptibility to use demand responsive transport using demographic and trip characteristics of the populationTravel Behaviour & Society201752
50Relationships of the multi-scale built environment with active commuting, body mass index, and life satisfaction in China: A GSEM-based analysisTravel Behaviour & Society202052