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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Medical Psychology213521
2Department of Psychology11286921
2Department of Nursing112871
4Department of Psychology389121144
5Department of Psychology278121108
6School of Economics and Management1738926
7School of Management139195152
8Department of Special Education and Counselling2352634
9Faculty of Psychology2347279
10Department of Social Work and Social Administration131209189
10Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences131425477
12Department of Social Psychology23046
13Department of Psychology127161209
14School of Economics and Management126258239
14Faculty of Medicine of Sousse1262018
14College of Business1265658
17Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization1227496
17Department of Psychology1221015
19Department of Human and Social Sciences1214848
19Department of Health Sciences121266319
19Department of Oncology and Hemato-Oncology121119133
19School of Sociology and Psychology121109
19Department of Neurology and Laboratory of Neuroscience12137
24Ministry of Education120318360
25Beijing Key Laboratory of Applied Experimental Psychology3192661
26Department of Education and Psychology21752151
26Department of Psychology117382553
26Department of Psychology31732121
26Department of Medical Rehabilitation1171214
26Military Nutrition Division1173147
31Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences21691259
32Department of Health Psychology115518
32Faculty of Medicine115836896
32Department of Psychology115274416
32Medical School115302389
32Institute of Psychology1152033
32Department of Personality and Health Psychology11511
32Department of General and Evolutionary Psychology11544
39Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases114268436
39Department of Psychology114210300
39Faculty of Psychology1144189
39Faculty of Psychology11414
39Department of Psychology1144987
44Department of Pharmacy113160267
44Faculty of Business Administration11328
46Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science11288
46Department of Psychology11284146
46Department of Sociology11281136
46School of Applied Psychology212143392
50Department of Psychology111192319
50School of Psychology and Cognitive Science21162141
52School of Psychology110161294
52Faculty of Management110119197
52Department of Psychology1102141
52School of Psychology110414651
56Graduate School of Education19136241
56Faculty of Psychology2994288
56Department of Psychology194769
56School of Psychology19499755
56Faculty of Social Sciences1933
56School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography192458
62Department of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine2815
62School of Philosophy182520
62Department of Psychology181025
62School of Psychology1884112
66Faculty of Psychology17131247
66Department of Psychology17146255
66Department of Educational Psychology1763130
66Institute of Psychology17110179
66School of Medicine17259477
66Dentistry and Nursing1787158
66School of Medicine17145322
66Department of Psychology17455747
66Department of Psychology1780141
66Department of Psychology172546
66Department of Applied Social Sciences17129255
66Centre for Medical Education172640
66School of Geography1783115
66Institute of Developmental Psychology3727155
66Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science17107149
66Institute of Psychology17818
66Department of Philosophy and Bioethics1735
83Department of Psychology261390
83Department of Surgery16295553
83Rotterdam School of Management16256459
83School of Social Sciences1672167
83Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics161335
83Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economics (INARBE)16417
89Department of Psychology1563132
89School of Education15104200
89School of Applied Psychology1555141
89The Psychology for Positive Development Research Center1511
93School of Psychology14188359
93Department of Social Psychology1425
93Centre for Nursing and Health Studies141655
93Department of Social and Organizational Psychology141971
97Department of Psychology13172355
97Department of Psychology13128302
97Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy13733
97Department of Internal Medicine Nursing13814
97Department of Neurology137231.2K
97Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences1359135
97School of Public Health131.3K2.1K
97Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases and Hepatology13413
97Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research131546
97School of Psychology13176383
97Department of Psychology131872
97Rollins School of Public Health139861.7K
97School of Psychology13377638
97School of Psychology13137256
97School of Emergency Management and Safety Engineering134164
97Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing133192
97School of Psychology13636
97Faculty of Psychology132241
97Faculty of Health Sciences13929
97Department of Psychology13111242
97Institute of Applied Psychology13721
97Faculty of Social Sciences1336104
97Department of Psychology13106219
97School of Applied Social Sciences132695
97Faculty of Education1386200
97Medical Faculty Mannheim13279456
97Department of Psychology1395224
124Department of Psychology12153314
124Department of Psychology1289181
124Department of Psychology12130296
124School of Psychology1243155
124Department of Psychology12356678
124Department of Psychology121263
124Department of Human Resource Management1247
124Arnold School of Public Health125021.0K
124School of Education1248113
124Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science12515
124Department of Psychology12262526
124Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences12918
124School of Sociology12835
124School of Psychology12932
124School of Public Health and Primary Care12137339
124Department of Work and Organizational Psychology1213
140Department of Psychology1138121
140Department of Psychology11252521
140Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences1186220
140Department of Psychology11141319
140School of Psychology11264522
140Department of Psychology1170171
140Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management112368
140Department of Physical Education1137101
148Department of Psychology1064167