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1Happy People Live Longer: Subjective Well-Being Contributes to Health and LongevityApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being20111,402
2Psychological Well‐being: Evidence Regarding its Causes and Consequences†Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2009663
3The Relationship Between Self-Compassion and Well-Being: A Meta-AnalysisApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2015635
4Implementation Intention and Action Planning Interventions in Health Contexts: State of the Research and Proposals for the Way ForwardApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2014417
5If, Why, and When Subjective Well‐Being Influences Health, and Future Needed ResearchApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2017320
6The Development and Validation of the Comprehensive Inventory of Thriving (CIT) and the Brief Inventory of Thriving (BIT)Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2014307
7Resilience, Social Support, and Coping as Mediators between COVID‐19‐related Stressful Experiences and Acute Stress Disorder among College Students in ChinaApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020293
8Who is the Most Stressed During the COVID‐19 Pandemic? Data From 26 Countries and AreasApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020237
9Assessment of Emotions: Anxiety, Anger, Depression, and CuriosityApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2009233
10Mechanisms of Change in the Relationship between Self‐Compassion, Emotion Regulation, and Mental Health: A Systematic ReviewApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2018225
11The Emotional Intelligence, Health, and Well‐Being Nexus: What Have We Learned and What Have We Missed?Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2012208
12If One is Looking for Meaning in Life, Does it Help to Find Meaning in Work?Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2009191
13When is the Search for Meaning Related to Life Satisfaction?Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2010166
14Well‐Being Assessment: An Evaluation of Well‐Being Scales for Public Health and Population Estimates of Well‐Being among US AdultsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2010163
15Social Media Use and Mental Health during the COVID‐19 Pandemic: Moderator Role of Disaster Stressor and Mediator Role of Negative AffectApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020163
16Belief in COVID‐19 Conspiracy Theories Reduces Social Distancing over TimeApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020153
17Passion Does Make a Difference in People's Lives: A Look at Well‐Being in Passionate and Non‐Passionate IndividualsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2009147
18Gratitude and Well‐Being: Who Benefits the Most from a Gratitude Intervention?Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2011131
19An Experimental Test of the Theory of Planned BehaviorApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2009129
20The health belief model predicts vaccination intentions against COVID‐19: A survey experiment approachApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2021128
21Psychological Benefits of Walking: Moderation by Company and Outdoor EnvironmentApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2011125
22Mindfulness‐Based Interventions for University Students: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of Randomised Controlled TrialsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020125
23Could Exposure to Everyday Green Spaces Help Treat ADHD? Evidence from Children's Play SettingsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2011123
24Social Relations, Health Behaviors, and Health Outcomes: A Survey and SynthesisApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2013119
25Adherence to COVID‐19 Precautionary Measures: Applying the Health Belief Model and Generalised Social Beliefs to a Probability Community SampleApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2020114
26Are only Emotional Strengths Emotional? Character Strengths and Disposition to Positive EmotionsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2012113
27The Relationship between Perceived Health and Physical Activity Indoors, Outdoors in Built Environments, and Outdoors in NatureApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2014112
28Group‐Based Diet and Physical Activity Weight‐Loss Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of Randomised Controlled TrialsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2018106
29Passion for Work and Emotional Exhaustion: The Mediating Role of Rumination and RecoveryApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being2012101
30Salutogenic Effects of the Environment: Review of Health Protective Effects of Nature and DaylightApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201494
31Toward a Better Understanding of What Makes Positive Psychology Interventions Work: Predicting Happiness and Depression From the Person × Intervention Fit in a Follow-Up after 3.5 YearsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201585
32Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention on Sports‐Anxiety, Pessimism, and Flow in Competitive CyclistsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201684
33Intervention Effects on Cognitive Antecedents of Physical Exercise: A 1‐Year Follow‐Up StudyApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being200983
34Rethinking the Work–Life Interface: It's Not about Balance, It's about Resource AllocationApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201082
35Correlates of Perceived Physical Activity Transitions during the COVID‐19 Pandemic among Canadian AdultsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being202082
36Testing Phase‐Specific Self‐Efficacy Beliefs in the Context of Dietary Behaviour ChangeApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201380
37The Basic Psychological Needs at Work Scale: Measurement Invariance between Canada and FranceApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201279
38Three Levels of Exercise MotivationApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being200978
39Natural Environments and their Impact on Activity, Health, and Quality of LifeApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201177
40Believe, and You Will Achieve: Changes over Time in Self‐Efficacy, Engagement, and PerformanceApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201373
41Perceived Control Buffers the Effects of the COVID‐19 Pandemic on General Health and Life Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Psychological DistanceApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being202073
42CEOS Theory: A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Hard to Maintain Behaviour ChangeApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201772
43Predicting Physical Activity‐Related Outcomes in Overweight and Obese Adults: A Health Action Process ApproachApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201671
44Reactance revisited: Consequences of mandatory and scarce vaccination in the case of COVID‐19Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being202171
45Toward Identifying a Broader Range of Social Cognitive Determinants of Dietary Intentions and BehaviorsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201370
46How do Small Groups Promote Behaviour Change? An Integrative Conceptual Review of Explanatory MechanismsApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201870
47Well‐being, Reasonableness, and the Natural EnvironmentApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201168
48Can Self‐Compassion Promote Healthcare Provider Well‐Being and Compassionate Care to Others? Results of a Systematic ReviewApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201765
49Consistency and Balancing in Everyday Health Behaviour: An Ecological Momentary Assessment ApproachApplied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201963
50Serving in College, Flourishing in Adulthood: Does Community Engagement During the College Years Predict Adult Well‐Being?Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being201062