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1Can Disordered Mobile Phone Use Be Considered a Behavioral Addiction? An Update on Current Evidence and a Comprehensive Model for Future ResearchCurrent Addiction Reports2015690
2Online Social Network Site Addiction: A Comprehensive ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports2015584
3Co-use of Alcohol and Cannabis: A ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports2017220
4Internet Gaming Disorder and the DSM-5: Conceptualization, Debates, and ControversiesCurrent Addiction Reports2015200
5Online Gambling Addiction: the Relationship Between Internet Gambling and Disordered GamblingCurrent Addiction Reports2015183
6What Is Trained During Food Go/No-Go Training? A Review Focusing on Mechanisms and a Research AgendaCurrent Addiction Reports2017147
7Five years of the Yale Food Addiction Scale: Taking stock and moving forwardCurrent Addiction Reports2014131
8Considering Cannabis: The Effects of Regular Cannabis Use on Neurocognition in Adolescents and Young AdultsCurrent Addiction Reports2014124
9High Involvement Versus Pathological Involvement in Video Games: a Crucial Distinction for Ensuring the Validity and Utility of Gaming DisorderCurrent Addiction Reports2019122
10Does Cannabis Composition Matter? Differential Effects of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol on Human CognitionCurrent Addiction Reports2017115
11Women and Smoking: The Effect of Gender on the Epidemiology, Health Effects, and Cessation of SmokingCurrent Addiction Reports2014114
12Alcohol use and Depression During Adolescence and Young Adulthood: a Summary and Interpretation of Mixed FindingsCurrent Addiction Reports2016112
13Personality-Targeted Interventions for Substance Use and MisuseCurrent Addiction Reports2016110
14Impact of Cannabis Use on the Development of Psychotic DisordersCurrent Addiction Reports2014109
15Recent Translational Findings on Impulsivity in Relation to Drug AbuseCurrent Addiction Reports2014107
16Synthetic Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Behavioral Effects, and Abuse PotentialCurrent Addiction Reports201495
17An Update on Gender Differences in the Characteristics Associated with Problem Gambling: a Systematic ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports201684
18Personality and Internet Gaming Disorder: a Systematic Review of Recent LiteratureCurrent Addiction Reports201784
19DSM-5 and the Decision Not to Include Sex, Shopping or Stealing as AddictionsCurrent Addiction Reports201480
20Understanding Addiction as a Developmental Disorder: An Argument for a Developmentally Informed Multilevel ApproachCurrent Addiction Reports201580
21Mechanisms Underlying Sex Differences in Cannabis UseCurrent Addiction Reports201775
22An Overview of Structural Characteristics in Problematic Video Game PlayingCurrent Addiction Reports201775
23Prevalence and Correlates of Problematic Online Gaming: a Systematic Review of the Evidence Published in ChineseCurrent Addiction Reports201875
24Gambling Marketing from 2014 to 2018: a Literature ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports201975
25Binge-Watching: What Do we Know So Far? A First Systematic Review of the EvidenceCurrent Addiction Reports202074
26Neuroimaging Risk Markers for Substance Abuse: Recent Findings on Inhibitory Control and Reward System FunctioningCurrent Addiction Reports201571
27Ten Years of the Yale Food Addiction Scale: a Review of Version 2.0Current Addiction Reports201969
28If Certain Foods are Addictive, How Might this Change the Treatment of Compulsive Overeating and Obesity?Current Addiction Reports201468
29A Review of the Use and Appeal of Flavored Electronic CigarettesCurrent Addiction Reports201968
30Online Social Networking, Sexual Risk and Protective Behaviors: Considerations for Clinicians and ResearchersCurrent Addiction Reports201467
31A Systematic Review of the Co-occurrence of Gaming Disorder and Other Potentially Addictive BehaviorsCurrent Addiction Reports201967
32Internet Gaming DisorderCurrent Addiction Reports201466
33Cannabis Withdrawal: a Review of Neurobiological Mechanisms and Sex DifferencesCurrent Addiction Reports201766
34Psychopharmacology of Tobacco and Alcohol Comorbidity: a Review of Current EvidenceCurrent Addiction Reports201764
35A narrative Overview About Psychosocial Characteristics as Risk Factors of a Problematic Social Networks UseCurrent Addiction Reports201964
36Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth: a Scoping ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports201863
37Cognitive- and Emotion-Related Dysfunctional Coping Processes: Transdiagnostic Mechanisms Explaining Depression and Anxiety’s Relations with Problematic Smartphone UseCurrent Addiction Reports201962
38Alexithymia and Addiction: A Review and Preliminary Data Suggesting Neurobiological Links to Reward/Loss ProcessingCurrent Addiction Reports201659
39A Breath of Knowledge: Overview of Current Adolescent E-cigarette Prevention and Cessation ProgramsCurrent Addiction Reports202059
40Debating the Conceptualization of Sex as an Addictive DisorderCurrent Addiction Reports201558
41Therapeutic Efficacy of Cannabidiol (CBD): a Review of the Evidence From Clinical Trials and Human Laboratory StudiesCurrent Addiction Reports202058
42Media/Marketing Influences on Adolescent and Young Adult Substance AbuseCurrent Addiction Reports201857
43Substance Use Disorders in Hypersexual AdultsCurrent Addiction Reports201656
44Psychiatric Co-Morbidities in Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorders: Prevalence, Impact, and Implications for TreatmentCurrent Addiction Reports201756
45Gender Differences in U.S. Adolescent E-Cigarette UseCurrent Addiction Reports201756
46Estimation of Behavioral Addiction Prevalence During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisCurrent Addiction Reports202255
47Novel Pharmacologic Approaches to Treating Cannabis Use DisorderCurrent Addiction Reports201453
48Problematic Internet Use and Loneliness: How Complex Is the Relationship? A Short Literature ReviewCurrent Addiction Reports202053
49On the Development of Implicit and Control Processes in Relation to Substance Use in AdolescenceCurrent Addiction Reports201552
50Has the Legalisation of Medical and Recreational Cannabis Use in the USA Affected the Prevalence of Cannabis Use and Cannabis Use Disorders?Current Addiction Reports201851