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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Psychology6831557
2Institute of Psychiatry373394611
3School of Nursing and Midwifery16311659
4Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine115921113
5Department of Psychiatry249265369
6Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health44451159
7Department of Psychology34124105
8AM Dogliotti College of Medicine13711
9Department of Psychology2322140
10College of Education1283923
11Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior124187230
11Department of Educational Psychology22465145
11Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology1247193
11Department of Psychology12492114
11Department of Clinical Psychology5241348
11Department of Psychiatry1241718
11Department of Sociology124914
18Department of Psychiatry62347145
19Silver School of Social Work22266127
20Department of Psychiatry521220748
20Department of Psychology and Counseling12136
20Department of Social Development Studies22115
20Demography Division22113
20Department of Psychiatry22118
20Department of Psychiatry12137
26School of Nursing120362443
26Department of Psychology1201213
26Psychiatry and Medical Psychology52012
29School of Applied Psychology118236328
29Department of Psychology118813
31Faculty of Medicine217210565
31Department of Neuroscience21783258
31Faculty of Medicine117139171
31Department of Psychiatry11782
31Faculty of Psychology1172216
36Department of Epidemiology115467678
36Department of Psychology115175258
38College of Nursing11492141
38School of Psychology1141846
38Department of Social Work11413
38Department of Medicine1143154
42Department of Psychiatry2136431.2K
42Department of Social Work213619
44Department of Psychiatry112150256
44School of Nursing212112353
44Faculty of Social Work21268185
44Department of Social Work1126787
44Department of Psychiatry212729
49School of Public Health211454998
49Department of Anthropology11195180
49Department of Epidemiology111530809
49Department of Psychology111110
49Department of Anthropology11199206
49Department of Epidemiology111376571
49Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences211118
49Department of Psychiatry1114483
49Department of Psychology111170270
58Institute of Psychiatry1105290
58Department of Public Health Sciences110189397
58Unit of Applied Psychology110510
58Kemmy Business School11093179
58School of Nursing210101234
58Department of Psychology1102641
58College of Medicine and Health Sciences110140225
58Faculty of Social Work1103965
58Department of Statistics and Health Information11022
67Department of Anthropology2935113
67School of Medicine19219482
67Department of Psychology193586
67Department of Mental Health and Community Psychology1939
67Department of Psychology1974155
67Department of Psychiatry29616
67Department of Psychiatry192733
67Department of Family Medicine1942
67Department of Psychiatry19716
67Department of Psychology19191336
77Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences18120253
77School of Languages and Cultures18612
77School of Social Work1835
77Department of Psychiatry182241
77School of Nursing181549
77Department of Social Work18417
77Department of Sociology and Anthropology183164
84Department of Social Work and Social Administration17209367
84Department of Psychology17210
84Department of Psychology17142274
84Department of Applied Social Sciences17129255
84School of Social Work1792144
84School of Professional Psychology172259
84Institute of Psychiatry3788398
91Department of Health Sciences16306558
91School of Medical Sciences36415
91School of Public Health16145255
91Department of Psychiatry261137
91Department of Psychology161028
91Department of Psychiatry163375
97Department of Psychiatry15261514
97Department of Psychiatry45225902
97Department of Psychology159041.4K
97Department of Psychology15106236
97Department of Family Medicine15109244
97School of Medicine1551133
97Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health15421
97Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology152450
97School of Social Sciences15840
97Department of Psychiatry15210
97Department of Psychiatric Social Work153851
97Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology15513
97Department of Humanities and Social Sciences15722
97Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology152763
111Department of Psychology14179316
111College of Nursing and Health Sciences142370
111School of Social Work144488
111Graduate School of Medicine149091.3K
111Department of Psychology14178341
111National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry14178318
111Department of Psychology1449
111Department of Psychology14313
111Department of Family Medicine and Community Health141437
120Department of Medicine132.1K3.0K
120College of Social Work13137249
120Institute of Medical Psychology131634
120Department of Psychology131873
120School of Public Health13198415
120Department of Psychology1363163
120School of Social Work1390184
120Department of Anthropology135297
120Department of Psychology1344148
120Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology1312
120Department of Psychology13102220
120School of Medicine and Psychology1324
120Department of Psychology131854
120School of Public Health13134358
134School of Nursing and Midwifery1278196
134Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience12132254
134Department of Psychiatry12470837
134Medical School121.4K2.1K
134Department of Psychology122575
134School of Medicine12551999
134Department of Clinical Psychology121228
134School of Allied Medical Sciences12113243
134Department of Epidemiology12134277
134Institute of Psychology1283257
134Department of Psychiatry12302642
134School of Psychology and Counselling12133355
134Department of Psychology12104223
134Faculty of Health Sciences12163371
134Department of Psychiatry12427
134Institute of Public Health12230514
134Department of Psychiatry12219464
134Department of Psychology12937
152School of Medicine11259603
152Faculty of Medicine115071.1K
152School of Public Health1140147
152Department of Psychology11180451
152Department of Psychology111764
157First Faculty of Medicine105121.1K
157School of Social Work2031201
157Faculty of Medicine10430952
157Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences1099291
157Department of Psychiatry10626
157Department of Psychology10210
157Department of Psychiatry103197
157Department of Psychology10318
157Department of Psychology10843
157Department of Social Work10632
157Faculty of Medicine1025154
157Department of Psychiatry1028
157Department of Psychiatry10817
157Department of Psychology10219