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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging11208917
2Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering41763633
3Department of Radiology815476148
4Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine1015014
5Faculty of Medicine1135626
6Department of Surgery and Cancer2124425301
6Department of Surgery and Cancer21242022
8Department of Clinical Neuroscience6120225371
9Department of Nuclear Medicine310975
9Department of Radiology2109128133
9Nuclear Medicine Research Center5109923
12Department of Radiology510473155
12Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging91041351
14Department of Internal Medicine19817883
15Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry19729089
16Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging696818
17Department of Clinical Neuroscience27887126
18Department of Radiology469156304
19Medical Faculty Mannheim159891596
19Institute of Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine1595119
19Clinical Cooperation Unit Nuclear Medicine1591512
22Department of Radiology157142149
23Department of Oncology154164170
23Department of Oncology154118
25Institute of Nuclear Medicine1533441
26Institute of Nuclear Medicine549536
26Division of Clinical Neuroscience1498877
28Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine247190214
29Faculty of Medicine246369281
30Department of Chemistry144423399
31Department of Nuclear Medicine241510
32Department of Medical Physics140139
33Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine3392340
34Department of Neurology138343401
34Institute of Psychiatry138203269
36Department of Nuclear Medicine5351448
37Department of Surgery233115194
37Department of Surgery233125211
39Perelman School of Medicine3311.3K1.8K
40Department of Medical Microbiology130115150
40Department of Medical Microbiology13094129
40Department of Surgery23090192
43Institute of Psychiatry128714849
43Department of Nuclear Medicine1282719
43Nuclear Medicine Unit628113
43Department of Physics128116
43Department of Medicine128529655
48Department of Nuclear Medicine2251334
49Department of Nuclear Medicine32340178
49Department of Nuclear Medicine3231652
49Department of Neurology1234674
49College of Medicine1233214
49School of Public Health123940868
54Department of Medical Microbiology122125197
54Department of Psychiatry122132203
56Radiation Medicine Centre1214139
57Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine21943123
58Division of Neuroscience2183167
58Division of Nuclear Medicine2182968
58Department of Radiology218128274
61Department of Nuclear Medicine11747
61Department of Radiology117101159
61Department of Radiology1173067
61Department of Nuclear Medicine1171127
65Department of Radiology216452878
65Department of Physics116147175
65Division of Nuclear Medicine1163873
65Department of Radiology216212377
65Department of Cell Biology and Neurosciences116100207
70Faculty of Medicine1151.4K1.7K
70School of Medicine1152.3K2.5K
70Section of Nuclear Medicine and Health Physics21537
70Department of Radiology115246345
70Department of Radiology115165196
75Department of Nuclear Medicine1141029
75Department of Urology114716
75Faculty of Biology and Medicine31484390
75Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging414421
75Department of Nuclear Medicine114514
75Department of Urology114619
75Department of Neurology11485156
75Faculty of Medicine11474120
75Department of Medical Physics11432
84Department of Radiation Oncology113174262
84Department of Medical Physics113131204
84Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging213122267
87Department of Health Sciences31289415
88Department of Nuclear Medicine2111549
88Department of Cardiology111127199
88Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine21134159
88Department of Medical111119163
88Department of Medicine and Surgery111108137
88Department of Radiology21173195
88Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering1114988
88Department of Nuclear Medicine3111455
96Department of Medicine (DIMED)31040222
96Department of Radiology210127365
96Department of Medicine1107381.1K
96Department of Surgery110261423
96Division of Hematology/Oncology1104891
101Department of Nuclear Medicine193048
101Graduate School of Medicine19398586
101Department of Radiology2948170
104Department of Radiology1877177
104Department of Clinical Medicine18122249
104Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine1889156
104Department of Nuclear Medicine18415
108Department of Radiology2760142
108Clinic of Nuclear Medicine17311
110Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging26618
110Department of Radiology26226662
110School of Medicine161.4K2.2K
110Department of Neurological Surgery16146306
110Faculty of Medicine1646131
110Department of Integrative Medical Biology16126303
110GROW-School for Oncology and Developmental Biology1681185
117Faculty of Medicine151.1K1.8K
117Department of Nuclear Medicine1563138
117Department of Internal Medicine153589
117Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture153357
117Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine152673
117Department of Nuclear Medicine25627
117Faculty of Medicine15122328
124Department of Nuclear Medicine14421
124Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences14398712
124Vascular Sciences and Public Health1482161
124Department of Physics14282464
124Department of Translational Medical Sciences14139313
124Department of Nuclear Medicine143485
124Department of Radiology241578
124Division of Neuroscience14628
124Department of Nuclear Medicine1415
124Department of Nuclear Medicine142980
124Medical Physics Research Center142643
135Nuclear Medicine Department13819
135Department of Nuclear Medicine13423
135Clinic of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine23326
135Faculty of Medicine1381217
135Department of Nuclear Medicine1328
135Department of Medicine138181.3K
135Division of Gastroenterology1354107
135Faculty of Health Sciences135741.1K
135Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences131022
135Department of Zoology13268517
135Department of Hematology132051
135Department of Nuclear Medicine133170
135Clinic of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine231156
135Department of Urology1351115
135Department of Radiology1337128
135Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine1335
135Nuclear Medicine Department13927
135Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET1349
135Department of Nuclear Medicine13822
154Keck School of Medicine121.9K2.8K
154Division of Nuclear Medicine121427
154Department of Radiology12177376
154Department of Experimental Medicine12392807
154Department of Radiology12143354
154Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology12191349
154Department of Radiology12420
154Department of Neuroscience12110249
154School of Pharmacy12270547
154Division of Nuclear Medicine1234
154Graduate School of Medical Science126241.0K
154Department of Nuclear Medicine1247102
154Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology1251132
154Department of Nuclear Medicine121135
154Department of Internal Medicine12425888
154Department of Nuclear Medicine121050
154Nuclear Medicine-Radiopharmacology1246
171Department of Pathophysiology and Transplantation11349728
171Faculty of Medicine118361.4K
171Department of Nuclear Medicine113789
171Institute of Radiology112463
171Department of Nuclear Medicine112479
171Department of Nuclear Medicine1167170
171Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine11423903
171Faculty of Medical Sciences1161192
171Section of Radiology and Radiation Oncology11317
171Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging11715
171Department of Radiology1183205
182Department of Molecular Medicine10218533
182School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences10153359
182Department of Oncology10260531
182Faculty of Medicine10246578
182Department of Nuclear Medicine101655
182Division of Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering10925
182Unit of Medical Physics101629
182Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery103279
182Faculty of Medicine106081.2K
182Department of Nuclear Medicine101647
182Department of Nuclear Medicine1059
182Nuclear Medicine Department1012