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1Glucose metabolism in normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease: methodological and physiological considerations for PET studiesClinical and Translational Imaging2013211
2The development and validation of tau PET tracers: current status and future directionsClinical and Translational Imaging2018135
3Beta-amyloid imaging with florbetabenClinical and Translational Imaging2015120
4Molecular mechanisms of hypoxia in cancerClinical and Translational Imaging2017119
5Radiomics in PET: principles and applicationsClinical and Translational Imaging2014103
6PET/CT imaging of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infectionClinical and Translational Imaging201698
7Siderophores for molecular imaging applicationsClinical and Translational Imaging201797
8The new opportunities for high time resolution clinical TOF PETClinical and Translational Imaging201992
9New methodologies for the preparation of carbon-11 labeled radiopharmaceuticalsClinical and Translational Imaging201777
10Cerenkov luminescence imaging (CLI) for image-guided cancer surgeryClinical and Translational Imaging201676
11Brain aerobic glycolysis functions and Alzheimer’s diseaseClinical and Translational Imaging201571
12Optical imaging of bacterial infectionsClinical and Translational Imaging201670
13State of the art of 18F-FDG PET/CT application in inflammation and infection: a guide for image acquisition and interpretationClinical and Translational Imaging202170
14Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy using radiolabeled somatostatin analogs: focus on future developmentsClinical and Translational Imaging201466
15PET quantification: strategies for partial volume correctionClinical and Translational Imaging201463
16Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of diagnostic studies: a practical guidelineClinical and Translational Imaging201761
17Imaging therapy response of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) with FDG PET, CT and MRI: a systematic reviewClinical and Translational Imaging201759
18Imaging bacteria with radiolabelled quinolones, cephalosporins and siderophores for imaging infection: a systematic reviewClinical and Translational Imaging201658
19Advanced kinetic modelling strategies: towards adoption in clinical PET imagingClinical and Translational Imaging201457
20The theranostic path to personalized nanomedicineClinical and Translational Imaging201457
21Amyloid PET imaging: applications beyond Alzheimer’s diseaseClinical and Translational Imaging201557
22TSPO expression in brain tumours: is TSPO a target for brain tumour imaging?Clinical and Translational Imaging201657
23TSPO imaging in parkinsonian disordersClinical and Translational Imaging201656
24Bone imaging in prostate cancer: the evolving roles of nuclear medicine and radiologyClinical and Translational Imaging201656
25The role of quantitative PET in predicting cancer treatment outcomesClinical and Translational Imaging201454
26Amino acid PET and MR perfusion imaging in brain tumoursClinical and Translational Imaging201754
27Advances in clinical molecular imaging instrumentationClinical and Translational Imaging201853
28MRI/MRS in neuroinflammation: methodology and applicationsClinical and Translational Imaging201549
29Hybrid intraoperative imaging techniques in radioguided surgery: present clinical applications and future outlookClinical and Translational Imaging201749
30Clinical PET/MRI in neurooncology: opportunities and challenges from a single-institution perspectiveClinical and Translational Imaging201747
31Potential role of PET/MRI in radiotherapy treatment planningClinical and Translational Imaging201344
32An update on radiotracer development for molecular imaging of bacterial infectionsClinical and Translational Imaging201944
33Copper-mediated late-stage radiofluorination: five years of impact on preclinical and clinical PET imagingClinical and Translational Imaging202044
34Prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in patients with COVID-19: a systematic reviewClinical and Translational Imaging202144
35Meta-analyses and systematic reviews on PET and PET/CT in oncology: the state of the artClinical and Translational Imaging201342
36Whole-body PET/MRI in oncology: current status and clinical applicationsClinical and Translational Imaging201341
37Imaging neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis using TSPO-PETClinical and Translational Imaging201541
38The role of PET quantification in cardiovascular imagingClinical and Translational Imaging201440
39Hypoxia in cervical cancer: from biology to imagingClinical and Translational Imaging201740
40Deriving physiological information from PET images: from SUV to compartmental modellingClinical and Translational Imaging201438
41Current status of the development of PET radiotracers for imaging alpha synuclein aggregates in Lewy bodies and Lewy neuritesClinical and Translational Imaging201738
42Imaging fungal infections in childrenClinical and Translational Imaging201637
4318F-labelling innovations and their potential for clinical applicationClinical and Translational Imaging201837
44SPECT/CT in infection and inflammationClinical and Translational Imaging201434
45Breast cancer: initial workup and staging with FDG PET/CTClinical and Translational Imaging202134
46Nanomedicine technology: current achievements and new trendsClinical and Translational Imaging201432
47Preclinical studies and prospective clinical applications for bacteria-targeted imaging: the future is brightClinical and Translational Imaging201630
48Multiagent imaging of inflammation and infection with radionuclidesClinical and Translational Imaging201329
49The impact of the rs6971 polymorphism in TSPO for quantification and study designClinical and Translational Imaging201528
50Standardization of 123I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine myocardial sympathetic activity imaging: phantom calibration and clinical applicationsClinical and Translational Imaging201728