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1Porous materials for sound absorptionComposites Communications2018432
2MXenes for polymer matrix electromagnetic interference shielding composites: A reviewComposites Communications2021291
3Interfacial thermal resistance in thermally conductive polymer composites: A reviewComposites Communications2020190
4A bio-based ionic complex with different oxidation states of phosphorus for reducing flammability and smoke release of epoxy resinsComposites Communications2020155
5Recent progresses of fabrication and characterization of fibers-reinforced composites: A reviewComposites Communications2019147
6Electrospun nanofibers for high-performance air filtrationComposites Communications2019146
7Functionalized glass fibers cloth/spherical BN fillers/epoxy laminated composites with excellent thermal conductivities and electrical insulation propertiesComposites Communications2019142
8Dependency of tunable electromagnetic wave absorption performance on morphology-controlled 3D porous carbon fabricated by biomassComposites Communications2020142
9Fused deposition modeling 3D printing of polyamide-based composites and its applicationsComposites Communications2020137
10Superior wave-absorbing performances of silicone rubber composites via introducing covalently bonded SnO2@MWCNT absorbent with encapsulation structureComposites Communications2020136
11Recent progress on thermal conductive and electrical insulating polymer compositesComposites Communications2018135
12Polyaniline/graphene nanocomposites towards high-performance supercapacitors: A reviewComposites Communications2018133
13A review on high temperature resistant polyimide films: Heterocyclic structures and nanocompositesComposites Communications2019129
14“White graphene” – hexagonal boron nitride based polymeric composites and their application in thermal managementComposites Communications2016128
15Enhanced microwave absorption performance of sulfur-doped hollow carbon microspheres with mesoporous shell as a broadband absorberComposites Communications2020125
16Enhanced thermal conductivity of polydimethylsiloxane composites with carbon fiberComposites Communications2020124
17A review of smart electrospun fibers toward textilesComposites Communications2020119
18Improved thermal conductivities in polystyrene nanocomposites by incorporating thermal reduced graphene oxide via electrospinning-hot press techniqueComposites Communications2018117
19A facile way to prepare phosphorus-nitrogen-functionalized graphene oxide for enhancing the flame retardancy of epoxy resinComposites Communications2018115
20Fabrication and investigations on the polydopamine/KH-560 functionalized PBO fibers/cyanate ester wave-transparent compositesComposites Communications2018113
21Waste cotton-derived magnetic porous carbon for high-efficiency microwave absorptionComposites Communications2018111
22Recent advances in polymer-based electronic packaging materialsComposites Communications2020103
23Recent progress on chemical modification of cellulose for high mechanical-performance Poly(lactic acid)/Cellulose composite: A reviewComposites Communications202198
24Personal thermal management by thermally conductive composites: A reviewComposites Communications202197
25Biobased epoxy vitrimer from epoxidized soybean oil for reprocessable and recyclable carbon fiber reinforced compositeComposites Communications202096
26Additive manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites: Design opportunities and novel applicationsComposites Communications202195
27Surfactants: Recent advances and their applicationsComposites Communications202094
28Insight into ultra-refined grains of aluminum matrix composites via deformation-driven metallurgyComposites Communications202194
29Mechanical property analysis of nanocarbon particles/glass fiber reinforced hybrid epoxy composites using RSMComposites Communications202293
30Assembly of graphene-aligned polymer composites for thermal conductive applicationsComposites Communications201892
31Recent advances in polymer-based thermal interface materials for thermal management: A mini-reviewComposites Communications202091
32Facile synthesis of hierarchical A-site cation deficiency perovskite LaxFeO3-y/RGO for high efficiency microwave absorptionComposites Communications202091
33Synergistic effect of functionalized graphene/boron nitride on the thermal conductivity of polystyrene compositesComposites Communications202091
34Seawater sea-sand Engineered Cementitious Composites (SS-ECC) for marine and coastal applicationsComposites Communications202090
35Study on mechanical properties of alkali treated plain woven banana fabric reinforced biodegradable compositesComposites Communications201987
36MXene/RGO composite aerogels with light and high-strength for supercapacitor electrode materialsComposites Communications202084
37Flame retardant and mechanically tough poly(lactic acid) biocomposites via combining ammonia polyphosphate and polyethylene glycolComposites Communications201783
38Effect of silane treatment loading on the flexural properties of PLA/flax unidirectional compositesComposites Communications201882
39Electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride/SiO2 nanofibrous membranes with enhanced electret property for efficient air filtrationComposites Communications201981
40Extremely high thermal conductivity of carbon fiber/epoxy with synergistic effect of MXenes by freeze-dryingComposites Communications202081
41Thermal behavior of PC-ABS based graphene filled polymer nanocomposite synthesized by FDM processComposites Communications201980
42Investigation of processing parameters on tensile performance for FDM-printed carbon fiber reinforced polyamide 6 compositesComposites Communications202079
43Multilayer polyethylene/ hexagonal boron nitride composites showing high neutron shielding efficiency and thermal conductivityComposites Communications202079
44Strain sensing of printed carbon nanotube sensors on polyurethane substrate with spray deposition modelingComposites Communications201776
45Environmental and economic benefits of steel, glass, and polypropylene fiber reinforced cement composite application in jointed plain concrete pavementComposites Communications202076
46Electrochemical performance of Li+-ion conducting solid polymer electrolytes based on PEO–PMMA blend matrix incorporated with various inorganic nanoparticles for the lithium ion batteriesComposites Communications201875
47Influence of rice husk ash particles on microstructure and tensile behavior of AA6061 aluminum matrix composites produced using friction stir processingComposites Communications201774
48Carbon nanotubes grown on carbon fiber yarns by a low temperature CVD method: A significant enhancement of the interfacial adhesion between carbon fiber/epoxy matrix hierarchical compositesComposites Communications201774
49Applications of silica nanoparticles in glass/carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy nanocompositeComposites Communications202074
50Polymer nanocomposites for high-velocity impact applications-A reviewComposites Communications202074