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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Biomedical Engineering110322557
2Department of Surgical Pathology99478
3Department of Pathology1866160
3Faculty of Medicine18643796
3Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine182244
3Department of Urology and Andrology182645
3Department of Pathology3852236
3Department of Pathology158341
9Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine37121588
9Faculty of Medicine178391.2K
9Department of Pathology17106210
9Department of Pathology2740130
13Department of Medicine367051.8K
13Department of Pathology363591.2K
13Department of Pathology3659374
13Department of Pathology16342521
13School of Medicine36250766
13Department of Pathology16104217
13Department of Pathology26248706
20Department of Medicine15284571
20Department of Pathology15121274
20Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology65186932
20Department of Pathology4527154
20Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine153667
20Department of Pathology1558114
20Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine15929
20Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology15614
20Faculty of Medicine251367
29Division of Cardiology24130347
29Laboratory of Pathology142577
29School of Medicine24123565
29Department of Pathology24291806
29Department of Nephrology and Hypertension1489197
29Department of Pathology14252494
29Department of Pathology14117284
29Department of Pathology1443109
29Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine5423232
29Department of Pathology14211446
29Department of Pediatrics14208441
29Department of Medicine14145374
41Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1366218
41Department of Neurology1387151
41Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences13483804
41Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine13425817
41Faculty of Medicine43163746
41Department of Medicine138931.5K
41Department of Surgery13318650
41Faculty of Medicine23194687
41Department of Pathology231579
41Department of Clinical Genetics1385196
41Department of Radiology13107247
41Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine13927
41Division of Endocrinology1358
41School of Medicine13280496
41Department of Pathology13175362
41Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine23531
57Division of Neurology12226444
57School of Medicine126731.3K
57Department of Pathology and Cell Biology122292
57Department of Pathology2259264
57Faculty of Medicine22238755
57Faculty of Medicine224911.3K
57School of Medicine and Public Health328992.5K
57Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine5242418
57Department of Pathology1238107
57Department of Pediatrics1258137
57Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine2215115
57Department of Pathology1279235
57Department of Radiology12208412
57Department of Pediatrics12154303
57Department of Pathology and Cell Biology12203422
57Department of Pathology2235161
57Department of Pathology32169706
57Department of Surgery12106244
57Department of Radiology1263200
57Department of Laboratory Medicine122669
57Department of Radiology1214
57Department of Pathology2273293
57Department of Pathology1279226
57Department of Radiology12212409
57Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology121874
57Department of Pathology2262235
57Department of Surgery12154352
57Department of Pathology and Microbiology12350717
57Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine123577
57Department of Radiology121326
57Department of Surgery123270
57Department of Pathology1240135
57Department of Radiology12113277
90Department of Dermatology112255
90Department of Pathology2131199
90Department of Pathology11481878
90Division of Hematology/Oncology11164363
90Department of Ophthalmology1179167
90Department of Surgery11295640
90Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences11497868
90Faculty of Medicine115751.2K
90Division of Gastroenterology1169158
90Department of Pathology11230482
90Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine111047
90Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine21244842
90Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry117501.5K
90Department of Surgery11360751
90Department of Medicine and Nutrition11744
90Graduate School of Medicine111.0K1.6K
90Department of Pathology1185185
90Department of Nephrology112878
90Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology11103273
90Department of Neurology11122317
90Department of Pathology11357723
90Department of Pathology2171360
90Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine2183341
90Faculty of Medicine11421797
90Department of Urology112566
90Department of Pathology1168140
90Faculty of Medicine11423775
90Graduate School of Medical Sciences111.3K1.9K
90Department of Pediatrics11140278
90Department of Internal Medicine11136383
90Division of Medical Oncology111040
90Department of Pathology21200472
90Department of Internal Medicine11188461
90Department of Surgery1157114
90Department of Pathology1170207
90Department of Neurology11133312
90Division of Cardiology1155123
90Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery111133
90Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1145144
90Department of Pathology113499
90Department of Hematology and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation1153122
90Department of Pediatrics111345
90Department of Surgery1172180
90Department of Pathology21261802
90Department of Pathology11720
90Department of Radiology111231
90Department of Internal Medicine31127452
90Department of Urology112765
90Department of Pediatric Surgery1125
90Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1139
90Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology112361
90Faculty of Medicine111226
90Department of Pathology11712
90Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology112775
90Division of Cardiology1183184
90Department of Pathology3177313
90Department of Pathology11216
90Department of Pathology1188245
90Division of Gastroenterology111845
90Genetics Program111129
90Department of Pathology1134
90Department of Pathology11828
90Department of Medical Services11514
90Department of Pathology2111
154Department of Medicine1050214
154Department of Pathology10333
154Department of Surgery102682
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine101060
154Department of Radiology1054162
154Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences10458880
154Department of Molecular Pathology103190
154Department of Pathology10288565
154Department of Surgery107201.3K
154Faculty of Medicine101.4K2.5K
154Department of Pediatrics101.0K1.9K
154Division of Urology10616
154Department of Surgery103696
154Morsani College of Medicine10327778
154Department of Internal Medicine10178466
154Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences1049180
154Division of Urology102978
154Department of Pathology1075198
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine10158395
154Department of Surgery10284600
154Division of Urology102572
154Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences1023116
154Faculty of Medicine105831.1K
154Department of Pathology1044146
154Division of Urology10822
154Department of Surgery1070211
154Department of Internal Medicine101469
154Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences20253966
154Faculty of Medicine10480913
154Department of Pediatrics101752
154Faculty of Medicine1019112
154Department of Pathology and Oncology10827
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine10839
154Department of Internal Medicine1045156
154Division of Hematology/Oncology10841
154Graduate School of Medical Science106241.1K
154Department of Urology1090197
154Faculty of Health Sciences1096271
154Department of Urology10511
154Department of Pathology10529
154Faculty of Medicine102653
154Department of Radiology1055137
154Institute of Oncology102685
154Department of Pathology1048164
154Department of General and Clinical Pathology10312
154School of Medicine10217509
154Department of Pathology2083365
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1038128
154Department of Pathology101128
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine101557
154Department of Pathology1040129
154Department of Medicine109471.7K
154Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology3011103
154Department of Medicine1049157
154Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology10416
154Department of Surgery1034113
154Department of Surgery1087169
154Department of Malignant Hematology102562
154Department of Pathology1037
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine103082
154Department of Pathology2098385
154Department of Radiology10138304
154Faculty of Medicine10517
154Department of Surgery101025
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine1030100
154Department of Pathology10632
154Department of Pathology1093256
154School of Medicine106381.2K
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine10211
154Department of Pathology10533
154Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences101583
154Department of Pathology20120447
154School of Medicine1024
154Department of Diagnostic Pathology1064174
154Department of Pathology10616
154Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine10617
154Department of Neurology1059
154National Demonstration Center for Experimental General Medicine Education1027
154College of Health Sciences1078268
154Faculty of Medicine10519
154Department of Surgery and Anaesthetics1033