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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Civil and Environmental Engineering1213548152
2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering51135768
3Department of Civil Engineering498129195
4Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering861656
5Department of Infrastructure Engineering85840183
6School of Civil and Environmental Engineering644222
6Department of Civil and Construction Engineering7441156
8Department of Architecture and Planning12954
8Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering1293251
10School of Civil and Environmental Engineering32888215
11Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1272838
12School of Civil Engineering226148185
13Minerals and Civil Engineering12347
14School of Civil Engineering22255140
14Faculty of Engineering22250136
14Department of Civil Engineering322110
17Department of Civil Engineering1214243
17Department of Civil Engineering1211321
19Department of Civil Engineering22048117
20Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11911
21Department of Civil Engineering217220419
22Department of Civil Engineering1144029
23Department of Civil Engineering51294293
24Institute of Structural Engineering2112367
24Department of Structural Engineering1117184
24School of Civil Engineering111213308
24School of Engineering21138119
28School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment41012109
29Department of Geomatics182347
30Civil Engineering Department1787
30College of Science and Engineering27156473
30School of Engineering17913
30Department of Civil Engineering1767
34School of Civil Engineering16205301
34Department of Architectural Engineering1613
34Science and Mathematics Education Centre161837
34Department of Structural Engineering1612
38School of Architecture and Built Environment153879
38School of Engineering15104177
38Department of Civil Engineering15438649
38School of Engineering1560136
38Department of Civil Engineering2555205
38Faculty of Engineering25294768
38Department of Civil Engineering15718
38Department of Civil Engineering2573167
38Department of Civil Engineering151324
38Department of Civil and Structural Engineering15519
38Department of Civil Engineering1568
38Department of Civil Engineering1549
38Department of Applied Mechanics151932
51Department of Civil Engineering14147253
51School of Engineering24421998
51Department of Civil Engineering1478123
51Department of Civil Engineering24545
51Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering14417
51Department of Civil Engineering14725
51Department of Civil Engineering14121204
58Department of Civil Engineering1357144
58Department of Civil Engineering23111338
58School of Engineering13187382
58Department of Civil Engineering131639
58Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1398175
63Department of Civil Engineering123896
63Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering12312568
63Faculty of Engineering and Surveying1272168
63Faculty of Engineering1244115
63Department of Civil Engineering12624
63Department of Civil Engineering12151292
63Faculty of Engineering1242132
63Department of Civil Engineering121126
63Department of Civil Engineering1217
63Faculty of Engineering1216
63Department of Civil Engineering12319
63Department of Civil Engineering1217
63Department of Civil Engineering1256121
63College of Materials Science and Engineering1253114
77Department of Civil Engineering1146107
77Department of Civil Engineering1118
77Department of Civil Engineering113385
77Department of Civil Engineering11145294
77Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture1185168
77Department of Civil Engineering1137114
77Department of Architectural Engineering111132
77Department of Civil Engineering11169323
77Department of Civil Engineering1182201
77Department of Civil Engineering1168165
77Department of Civil Engineering11312
77Department of Civil Engineering1114
77Department of Civil Engineering1132100
77Department of Civil Engineering111927
77Department of Civil Engineering11721
77Department of Civil Engineering11420
77Faculty of Engineering and Information Science1112
77Department of Civil Engineering11922
77Department of Civil Engineering1126
77Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1129
97Department of Civil Engineering103166
97College of Engineering10104244
97College of Civil Engineering and Architecture10245467
97Department of Computing and Information Systems1067232
97Department of Civil Engineering1059115
97Department of Mechanical Engineering10184392
97Department of Civil and Structural Engineering10525
97Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering103395
97Surveying and Environmental Engineering104294
97Department of Civil Engineering101854