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Top Articles

1Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer ConcreteAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering2005449
2Experimental Study of Dynamic Material Properties of Clay Brick and Mortar at Different Strain RatesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200893
3Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings During the 2010 Darfield (Christchurch, Nz) EarthquakeAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201092
4Performance of masonry heritage building under air-blast pressure without and with ground shockAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering202061
5Benefits of using sea sand and seawater in concrete: a comprehensive reviewAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201960
6Effect of Elevated Temperature on Bond Behaviour of High Modulus CFRP/Steel Double-Strap JointsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200954
7A Re-analysis of Recorded Extreme Wind Speeds in Region AAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200251
8Design of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Members According to the Australian Standard AS 5100 Model and CalibrationAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200847
9Effects of joint thickness, adhesion and web shells to the face shell bedded concrete masonry loaded in compressionAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201344
10Flexural toughness characteristics of self-compacting concrete incorporating steel and polypropylene fibresAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201438
11Comparison of structural design methods for railway composites and plastic sleepers and bearersAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201738
12Green Buildings in Australia: Drivers and BarriersAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200637
13Creep and Shrinkage Models for High Strength Concrete – Proposals for Inclusion in AS3600Australian Journal of Structural Engineering200236
14Tropical Cyclone Larry: Estimation of Wind Field and Assessment of Building DamageAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200733
15Investigation of Bond Strength and Flexural Behaviour of Frp-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Cement-Based AdhesivesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201032
16Behaviour of thin layer mortared concrete masonry under combined shear and compressionAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201631
17Plastic Slenderness Limits for Cold-Formed Circular Hollow SectionsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200229
18Preliminary Research Towards A Semi-Prefabricated LVL– Concrete Composite Floor System for the Australasian MarketAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200929
19Calibration of Australian Standard AS3600 Concrete Structures: part I statistical analysis of material properties and model errorAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201628
20Evaluation of Experimental Work on Concrete Walls in One and Two-Way ActionAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200527
21Sprinklers for Property Protection – Decision Based on Quantitative Cost-Benefit Risk AssessmentAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200527
22Application of Bayesian-designed artificial neural networks in Phase II structural health monitoring benchmark studiesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201427
23Seismic response control of base-isolated buildings using tuned mass damperAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering202027
24RC walls in Australia: reconnaissance survey of industry and literature review of experimental testingAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201726
25Ultimate load behaviour of steel beams with web openingsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201926
26Ductal – A High-Performance Material for Resistance to Blasts and ImpactsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200625
27Structural Safety of Railway Prestressed Concrete SleepersAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200925
28Behaviour and Design of Steel Square Hollow Sections Filled With High Strength ConcreteAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200224
29Risk-Based Decision-Making for Multi-Hazard Mitigation for Wood-Frame Residential ConstructionAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200924
30Development and validation of multi-axis substructure testing system for full-scale experimentsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201524
31A recommended earthquake response spectrum model for AustraliaAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200323
32Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings – A Literature ReviewAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200523
33Recording inter-storey drifts of structures in time-history approach for seismic design of building framesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201223
34Review on the mixture design and mechanical properties of the lightweight concrete containing expanded polystyrene beadsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201823
35The gust wind speed duration in AS/NZS 1170.2Australian Journal of Structural Engineering201222
36Dynamic interaction between heavy-haul train and track structure due to increasing axle loadAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201722
37Calibration of Australian Standard AS3600 concrete structures part II: reliability indices and changes to capacity reduction factorsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201621
38Structural retrofitting of corroded fly ash based concrete beams with fibres to improve bending characteristicsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201921
39The three-stage artificial neural network method for damage assessment of building structuresAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201320
40Shear strength of RC beams without web reinforcementAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201620
41Earthquake Design of Buildings in Australia Using Velocity and Displacement PrinciplesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering200619
42Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of ConcreteAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201019
43Determination of the embedded lengths of electricity timber poles utilising flexural wave generated from impactsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201319
44Simple hand calculation method for estimating deflection generated by the low velocity impact of a solid objectAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201419
45Analysis of seismic pounding between adjacent buildingsAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201518
46Bond behaviour between NSM CFRP strips and concrete substrate using single-lap shear testing with cement-based adhesivesAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201618
47Effect of fly ash on freeze–thaw durability of concrete in marine environmentAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201818
48Behaviour and resistance of hollow and concrete-filled mild steel columns due to transverse impact loadingAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201218
49Finite Element Modelling of Modular Precast Composites for Railway Track Support Structure: A Battle to Save Sydney Harbour BridgeAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201517
50Shear strengthening of RC beams using near-surface mounted carbon fibre-reinforced polymersAustralian Journal of Structural Engineering201917