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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Energy Engineering21,4637618
2Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1878727
3Department of Materials Science and Engineering118036344
4Department of Mechanical Engineering75197236
5Department of Chemistry341821462
6Department of Applied Physics14046111
7Center for Applied Energy Research140310026
8Department of Physics13759818
8Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1375556
10School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering3316423192
11Department of Materials Science and Engineering42845736
12School of Chemistry and Physics42718923
13Department of Physics225823470
14School of Materials Science and Engineering224120376
15Department of Materials Science and Engineering22266931
15Department of Nanobio Materials and Electronics22262310
17Department of Electrical Engineering1225286130
18School of Materials Science and Engineering122325871
18Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering122324049
20Department of Physics121933877
21Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science22174818
22Department of Mechanical Engineering22085517
23School of Energy Materials219053
24Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering21855914
25School of Engineering and Technology218271
26Department of Physics117424271
27Department of Physics2172186
28College of Chemistry1170350159
29Department of Physics1168439
30Department of Chemistry1167338114
31Department of Chemistry1165392164
32Department of Aerospace Engineering116121353
33School of Engineering4152239202
34Department of Physics21518027
35Faculty of Engineering3149324217
36School of Materials Science and Engineering4148151146
37Department of Physics and Astronomy114611043
38Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department11445716
39School of Electrical and Computer Engineering114316864
39Department of Materials Engineering31434738
41Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering21315529
42Department of Electrical Engineering1127302159
43School of Materials Science and Engineering2126282164
44Institute of Materials Physics11244320
45Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering1117277
46Department of Mechanical Engineering111212338
47Department of Materials Science and Engineering111111550
48Department of Mechanical Engineering3110305190
48Institute of Physics2110250130
48Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering1110319135
51Institute of Inorganic Chemistry110512141
52Department of Chemistry110410958
53Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering21034426
54School of Engineering and Applied Sciences1100593399
55Department of Mechanical Engineering396389397
56Department of Mechanical Engineering190215
56Department of Mechanical Engineering19061
58Department of Chemistry183250181
58Department of Mechanical Engineering1832311
58Department of Mechanical Engineering1836023
61Institute for Nanomaterials18094
62Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science27814479
62Department of Chemical Engineering278149173
64School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science17713079
65Institute of Solid State Physics376180172
66Faculty of Pharmacy1733915
66Department of Parasitology173178
66National Centre of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology17331
69Department of Analytical Chemistry1726545
69Department of Analytical Chemistry17211381
69Department of Physics2729479
69Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry1728244
73Faculty of Engineering171166113
74School of Physics169249145
74School of Materials Science and Engineering169266164
76Department of Materials Science and Engineering2684537
76School of Physics and Materials Science2686856
76Department of Chemistry16835
79Department of Physics16512991
80Department of Materials Science and Engineering164186104
81Department of Materials Science and Engineering263129126
81College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering163339239
83Department of Industrial Engineering16242
84School of Electrical and Computer Engineering161356256
84Department of Physics161196147
86Department of Physics160182100
86Department of Materials Engineering1603317
88School of Engineering and Technology15910043
89College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering156141117
90Department of Chemistry155259241
90Department of Chemical Engineering255149179
90Department of Chemical Engineering155119106
93Department of Chemical Engineering154161109
94Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering1505958
94Department of Applied Mathematics150227152
96Department of Chemical Engineering24980100
96School of Electronics and Computer Science149281210
96School of Engineering349138219
99Department of Applied Chemistry147326239
99Faculty of Engineering147489341
101Department of Physics1468345
101Department of Mechanical Engineering1465648
103Department of Physics145174133
103Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering1459468
105Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1441818
105Department of Materials Science and Engineering24491114
105College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering144264222
105College of Chemistry and Life Science144613
109Department of Physics and Geology14311
110College of Chemistry and Materials Science142198158
111Institute of Physical Chemistry241611
111School of Physics141261169
113Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering139350403
114Department of Physics13814898
114School of Materials Science and Engineering1387158
116Department of Materials Science and Engineering13696120
116Department of Physics1362727
118Department of Chemistry234720950
118Department of Electronic Science and Engineering134132101
118School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering134208178
121Department of Mechanical Engineering1335235
122Department of Mechanical Engineering132138
123Department of Theoretical Physics1311311
123School of Energy and Chemical Engineering1314558
123Petroleum and Chemical Engineering1311719
123Faculty of Engineering1313936
127Department of Chemical Engineering129231265
127Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering1297365
127Faculty of Engineering Science129369302
127Department of Materials Science and Engineering129229247
127Graduate School of Engineering129942754
127Department of Restorative Dentistry1294335
127Department of Materials Science and Engineering129911
127Department of Mechanical Engineering12975
127Department of Mechanical Engineering1291420
127Department of Materials Engineering129168182
127Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering1291316
138Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering128379366
139Department of Physics12712999
139Department of Physics127141121
139Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering127146116
142Department of Metallurgical Engineering1255764
143Department of Physics and Astronomy1248672
143Department of Physics124333293
143College of Materials Science and Engineering124250248
146Institute for Environmental Studies1235669
146Institute for Environmental Studies12314
146Department of Physics12310485
146Department of Physics1238377
146Department of Chemistry12310598
151Department of Applied Physics222189234
151Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences122510
153College of Engineering and Computer Science121126182
153School of Chemical Engineering121290332
153College of Chemistry and Materials Engineering1215446
156Division of Engineering120270331
156Department of Physics1201021
158Department of Physics119133151
158Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics119203249
158Physics Department119120121
158Department of Chemical Engineering1191829
158Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering1191431
163Department of Physics and Materials Science218245374
163Department of Wind Energy118104143
165School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering117187201
165School of Materials Science and Engineering117112138
165Department of Mechanical Engineering117119162
165Department of Electronic Engineering117349379
165Department of Materials Engineering217151264
170School of Mechatronics Engineering116258261
170Materials and Engineering Research Institute116110154
170Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics116711
173Department of Engineering1159721.2K
173Department of Materials Engineering115206282
173Division of Applied Physics1154039
176Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11476110
177Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering113119139
177Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry1136797
179Department of Materials Engineering112122185
179Department of Materials Science and Engineering1125364
179Department of Physics112267362
179Department of Solid State Physics1125572
179Department of Mechanical Engineering112439480
179Department of Theoretical Physics11257
185Department of Physical Sciences11122
185Institute of Materials Research and Engineering11175137
187Department of Physics110298363
187Department of Mechanical Engineering110286395
187Academic Department of Mechanics11024
187Department of Chemistry1103152
187Faculty of Chemical Engineering1101724
187School of Life Science and Food Engineering11099165
193Department of Physics19142196
193Department of Materials Engineering19181257
193Textiles and Chemical Engineering1961119
193Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1923
197Department of Chemistry18423653
197Department of Chemistry18431607
199Department of Chemistry174292
200Institute of Physics16415540
200School of Materials Science and Engineering16181261
200Department of Materials Science and Engineering16358519
200Faculty of Mechanical Engineering16199319
200Department of Materials Science and Engineering163992
200College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering16146232
200Department of Mechanical Engineering16185300
200School of Engineering and Technology164080
200Department of Chemistry164994
209The Institute of Optics15105194
209School of Electrical Engineering15166303
209Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering1597158
212Department of Physics13137255
212Institute of Physical Chemistry13117201
212Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences1358152
212Department of Physics1375150
212Department of Electronics1325
217School of Engineering12103213
217School of Mathematics and Statistics1270127
217School of Mechanical Engineering12252405
217College of Chemistry and Materials Science12134248
217College of Materials Science and Engineering12205339
222College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering11204332
222Thayer School of Engineering11379800
222Department of Chemistry11445779
222Department of Mechanical Engineering114079
222School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering11260486
222School of Materials Science and Engineering1183156