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1Balancing and Sequencing of Assembly LinesContributions To Management Science1999343
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7Managing Organizational Culture for Effective Internal ControlContributions To Management Science200937
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11Digital Business Strategies in Blockchain EcosystemsContributions To Management Science202034
12International Audit Firms as Strategic Networks — The Evolution of Global Professional Service FirmsContributions To Management Science200732
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14Design and Operation of Automated Container Storage SystemsContributions To Management Science201330
15Business Rule-Oriented Conceptual ModelingContributions To Management Science199730
16The Transformation of Human Resource Management and Its Impact on Overall Business Performance: Big Data Analytics and AI Technologies in Strategic HRMContributions To Management Science202028
17Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive ManagementContributions To Management Science200827
18Strategies Out of Global Recession in Emerging Markets: An Application for 2008 Global CrisisContributions To Management Science201727
19Entrepreneurship in the Solidarity Economy: A Valuation of Models Based on the Quadruple Helix and Civil SocietyContributions To Management Science201926
20Successful Franchising Using the Plural FormContributions To Management Science200426
21Human Factors, Business Excellence and Corporate Sustainability: Differing Perspectives, Joint ObjectivesContributions To Management Science200825
22Factors Causing Delay in the Installation of Nuclear Power PlantsContributions To Management Science202124
23The Dual Network Structure of Franchising Firms Property Rights, Resource Scarcity and Transaction Cost ExplanationsContributions To Management Science200424
24Vertical Cooperative Advertising and Pricing Decisions in a Manufacturer-Retailer Supply Chain: A Game-Theoretic ApproachContributions To Management Science201524
25Use of Artificial Intelligence as Business Strategy in Recruitment Process and Social PerspectiveContributions To Management Science202023
26Entrepreneurial Competencies and Firm Performance in Emerging Economies: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs in MalaysiaContributions To Management Science201822
27Impact of Organizational Innovation, Learning Orientation and Entrepreneurship on SME Performance: The Moderating Role of Market Turbulence and ICTContributions To Management Science201822
28Corporate ForesightContributions To Management Science201122
29The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship in Coworking-SpacesContributions To Management Science201821
30Digital Transformation of Human Resource Management: Digital Applications and Strategic Tools in HRMContributions To Management Science202021
31Discrete Choice Experiments in MarketingContributions To Management Science199721
32Determinants of Contractual Completeness in FranchisingContributions To Management Science201121
33Organizational StudiesContributions To Management Science202121
34Dynamic Facility Location ProblemContributions To Management Science200920
35Public Policies and Private Efforts to Increase Women Entrepreneurship Based on STEM BackgroundContributions To Management Science202120
36Single and Periodic Premiums for Guaranteed Equity-Linked Life Insurance under Interest-Rate Risk: The “Lognormal + Vasicek” CaseContributions To Management Science199420
37Hub Location ProblemContributions To Management Science200919
38Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Supply ChainsContributions To Management Science201819
39Start-up Boom in an Emerging Market: A Niche Market ApproachContributions To Management Science201819
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41Achieving Sustainability through Macroergonomic Change Management and ParticipationContributions To Management Science200819
42Resourcing Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesContributions To Management Science201018
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47Entrepreneurial Activity and Its Determinants: Findings from African Developing CountriesContributions To Management Science201917
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