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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Materials Science and Engineering294174286
2College of Materials Science and Engineering16379111
3College of Materials Science and Engineering61546064
4School of Materials Science and Engineering81441421
5School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering313811655
6Institute of Solid State Physics1013589122
7Department of Chemistry11096922
8Department of Physics110515187
9School of Materials Science and Engineering798416
10Department of Chemistry29745
10College of Engineering and Technology29755
12Department of Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering2931013
13School of Materials Science and Engineering577163206
14School of Materials Science and Engineering3748983
15Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science171224171
15Institute of Materials Science1715828
15Institute of Mineralogy1713619
15Department of Physics and Astronomy17113978
15Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering17115682
15Institute of Marine Biology1711710
15College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering271278228
22College of Engineering169728463
22Department of Materials Science and Engineering169182147
22College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering36993145
25School of Materials Science and Engineering467118172
26Division of Biomedical Engineering2664050
27Department of Chemistry3654256
28Department of Chemistry362244268
29Department of Chemistry26198
29Department of Biotechnology1613121
31School of Materials Science and Engineering159258194
32Institute for Regenerative Engineering1561421
33Department of Bioengineering154254265
33School of Materials Science and Engineering454203260
35Department of Mechanical Engineering253335359
36College of Food Science and Engineering150167109
37College of Materials Science and Engineering348157194
38College of Chemistry and Materials Science547101150
39School of Materials Science and Engineering246216219
39Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering14631
41Department of Mechanical Engineering245307330
41Department of Physical Chemistry1457659
43School of Physics2421813
44School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering64048152
45Joining and Welding Research Institute139190133
45College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering13947
47Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry138243237
47School of Materials Science and Engineering23878103
49Department of Materials Engineering135218201
49Department of Chemistry13511799
51College of Chemistry and Environmental Science134262199
52College of Materials Science and Engineering233196230
52School of Materials Science and Engineering533176336
54Institute of Chemistry232474530
54College of Materials Science and Engineering132267209
54School of Engineering132608521
54College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology232189283
58Department of Materials Science and Engineering131229243
58Department of Physics131225154
58National Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry2314676
61Ministry of Education130228213
62Department of Physics and Materials Science229245321
63School of Medicine4281547
64Institute of Electrical Engineering227138172
64Department of Mechanical Engineering127689688
64College of Materials and Chemical Engineering2272868
64College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1276245
68Faculty of Applied Sciences226130168
68Department of Chemical Engineering12684101
70School of Materials Science and Engineering325206317
70Department of Chemistry125349378
70Division of Nanomaterials and Chemistry1256179
70School of Materials Science and Engineering525116245
70School of Chemistry1254041
70College of Earth Science and Engineering1258561
76School of Life Sciences124372432
77Center for Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering1232540
78Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics321312468
78College of Bioengineering221131284
78Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry121107112
78Department of Chemical Engineering1216795
78Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology12180143
78School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering221238347
78School of Materials Science and Engineering221196264
85Department of Physics120454403
85Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science1206993
87School of Dentistry11981118
87Department of Physics119235220
87Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering21975185
87College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering119191203
87School of New Energy and Materials2196276
87School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering1191610
87School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering119924
94Institute of High Energy Physics117592590
94Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology1171741
94School of Materials Science and Engineering217276342
94College of Materials Science and Engineering31738105
98Department of Physics116105127
98College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1162454
98Xinyuan Institute of Medicine and Biotechnology2161236
98School of Materials Science and Engineering1163455
102Ministry of Education115665740
102School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering115138115
102College of Materials Science and Technology11581109
102School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering115112127
106School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering113239278
106School of Materials Science and Energy Engineering11377126
106Department of Chemistry113213274
106School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering113260336
106School of Materials Science and Engineering113125151
111College of Chemistry112350410
111School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry112210273
111School of Materials Science and Engineering31272191
111School of Materials Science and Engineering112217267
111Faculty of Physics1123333
111Faculty of Chemistry1122540
111College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering112152185
111College of Materials Science and Engineering212148229
119Department of Physics111258320
119College of Materials Science and Engineering111190224
119School of Environmental and Materials Engineering1112651
122Department of Materials Science and Engineering110143172
122Department of Chemistry11065106
122Institute of Materials Science and Engineering11071105
122Department of Chemistry11074135
122Ministry of Education110161243
122School of Chemistry and Environment110142212
122School of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering21084160
122Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering1102529
130Department of Biological Engineering1926
130Department of Chemical Engineering19452595
130College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1993131
130Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering1926
130College of Life Sciences19220364
130School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering19225302
130College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering2948114
130School of Materials Science and Engineering19154185
130School of Materials Science and Engineering3928121
130School of Pharmacy19137270
130Department of Medical Biotechnology192968
141Department of Chemistry18161229
141Department of Chemical Engineering181431
141College of Materials and Chemical Engineering181541
144Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science17438741
144Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering17443664
144School of Physics and Technology27227394
144School of Materials Science and Engineering17102151
144Department of Chemistry17162228
144Department of Pathology171453
144College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1733
151Department of Chemistry16499690
151College of Materials Science and Engineering16198325
151School of Materials Science and Engineering1667116
151Department of Physics16917
151College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering1669127
156College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering1594186
156Department of Materials Science and Engineering15155277
156Department of Mechanical Engineering153996
156Department of Materials Science15128214
156Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry153364
156College of Biomedical Engineering251970
156School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering15158257
156Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery15313
164School of Electronic and Computer Engineering2440129
164Department of Urology14142301
164Institute of Process Engineering14589831
164College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering24199386
164Department of Chemistry14106200
164Centre for Nanomaterials Research14622
164Department of Physics1499174
164Electrochemical Materials Science Division142354
164Department of Applied Chemistry14105159
164School of Materials Science and Engineering144881
164College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering141850
164College of Information Science and Engineering142238
164School of Physics and Electronic Engineering1497139
164College of Life Sciences and Medicine1465166
164Department of Physics14154224
164School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering2498219
164School of Materials Science and Engineering24133267
181Department of Materials Science and Engineering13188349
181School of Materials and Chemistry1352117
181Faculty of Engineering13251374
181Physical Sciences and Engineering Division13144299
181College of Chemical Engineering13211336
181School of Chemical Engineering and Technology1343104
181School of Pharmacy13169308
181Faculty of Chemical Engineering1395196
181Institute of Biomedical Engineering13210
181Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering134073
191School of Physics and Engineering12182279
191Department of Physics and Astronomy12127244
191Department of Materials Science and Engineering12106199
191School of Environment and Energy12197353
191College of Materials Science and Engineering12152243
191School of Materials Science and Engineering12109222
191Department of Materials Engineering12313
191School of Power and Mechanical Engineering12251464
191Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering12253410
191Department of Mechanical Engineering12216416
191School of Materials Science and Engineering12136264
191School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering12117229
191State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering12362578
191Department of Manufacturing Engineering1278137
191School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering12117193
191School of Materials Science and Engineering12147256
191Department of Physics1229
208School of Medicine11217542
208School of Materials Science and Engineering1186168
208School of Medicine111.5K2.2K
208Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology11243491
208Institute of Electronic Materials and Devices111325
208Ministry of Education1186183
208Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering11160361
208School of Biomedical Engineering1135109
208School of Materials Science and Engineering11271441
208College of Pharmacy11230470
208School of Chemistry11187339
208Department of Physical Chemistry113890
208College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering11157291
208College of Materials Engineering1146113
208Department of Physical Sciences1148
208School of Materials Science and Engineering1183156
208Department of Ophthalmology1129112
208College of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy11719
226College of Physics10131242
226Institute of Microbiology10500901
226School of Materials and Energy1060146
226Institute of Joining and Welding102147
226School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutics1042100
226College of Chemistry and Life Sciences10177361
226School of Materials Science and Engineering10189303