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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Medical School201,0947933
2Department of Nutrition245912739
3Faculty of Medicine533310186
4School of Psychology3232207139
5Department of Psychiatry1212638231
6Medical School32076715
7School of Psychology61953248
8School of Medicine1194472110
9Department of Medicine1188971384
10Institute of Human Nutrition and Food Science11624717
10Institute of Nutritional Medicine11623212
12Department of Medicine1161762322
13Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy51574453
14Department of Medicine114616362
15Department of Dermatology11403515
16Perelman School of Medicine5129924913
16Department of Psychiatry5129183304
16Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology1129408198
19Department of Psychology112711450
20School of Medicine2122282217
21School of Psychology111214672
22Department of Endocrinology1110167
23Department of Health Policy and Management1101258133
24School of Food Science and Nutrition2987479
25School of Public Health195484259
26Arnold School of Public Health191502231
26Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences191193
28School of Public Health1901.3K738
29Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning1867528
30College of Public Health183303131
30Department of Biology183199
32Department of Psychology182178116
33Faculty of Health Sciences2808741
33Faculty of Health Sciences2802310
35Faculty of Medicine178304107
35Department of Physiology178267
37School of Medicine277610440
38Division of Psychology174125
39Section of General Internal Medicine169811
40Faculty of Health Sciences167301163
40Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology1679264
42Department of Psychiatry166232208
42Department of Medicine266132210
44Department of Endocrinology2653042
45Centre for Primary Care and Public Health1642121
45Department of Health and Social Sciences1643010
47School of Experimental Psychology1639078
47Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition3633491
47Department of Molecular Cell Biology163196227
47Section on Neuroendocrinology of Obesity16321
51Faculty of Medicine162367307
51Department of Public Health and General Practice162146141
51Department of Public Health and Community Medicine1627850
54Division of Psychology1601913
54Department of Internal Medicine1604052
56Department of Medicine259436505
57Department of Medicine256599622
58School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine255373325
58School of Medical Sciences255294428
60Center for Human Nutrition2523960
60Department of Psychology1527452
62Department of Health Sciences151132
63Department of Medicine150188209
63Department of Kinesiology and Health Education150173138
63Department of Psychology150374355
66Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences249862910
66School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine14924
68Moray House School of Education1486361
69School of Public Health147704568
69Department of Psychology147173139
69Werklund School of Education1478328
69Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology147114105
69Division of Human Genetics147106123
74Department of Psychology24623
75Department of Psychology144394400
75Department of Nutrition Sciences24496191
77Department of Psychology1418499
77Department of Psychology3411664
77Department of Paediatric Surgery1412319
77Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty2411210
81Faculty of Health Sciences140574465
82Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition13810496
82Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition1388272
84Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology1373130
84Department of Surgery1378080
84Department of Internal Medicine1372214
87Department of Pharmacy1364227
88Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience135253227
89Department of Physical Education1341819
89Department of Pediatrics334484908
89Department of Surgery134101107
89Weight Management Center13411
89Division of Public Health Sciences13424
89Department of Epidemiology and Prevention13415
95Department of Clinical and Health Psychology233121222
96School of Public Health132143132
97Department of Medicine131816813
97College of Public Health13110491
99Department of Pediatrics130513526
100School of Nursing and Health Studies1294138
100School of Nursing129141135
102Medical School128344412
102Department of Food Science and Nutrition128196245
102Department of Surgery128354363
105Department of Computer Science127222248
105School of Medicine127655699
105College of Nursing1276460
108Department of Public Health and Community Medicine1262839
109Department of Psychology125270381
109Department of Microbiology125275367
109Department of Medicine and Surgery125359302
109Department of Psychology125325354
109Department of Kinesiology1254844
114Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics124158182
114School of Nutrition Sciences1243741
116Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences12267111
117Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods1216685
117Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences1214248
117Department of Internal Medicine12111
117Department of Nutrition12173105
121Department of Human Biology120132214
122Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering11966112
122Department of Psychiatry119125184
124School of Medicine118441470
1241st Department of Internal Medicine1185243
124Department of Medicine1188931.1K
127Deakin Health Economics1176397
127Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry1172156
127Department of Sports Medicine2174394
130School of Veterinary Medicine116673881
130Department of Food Science116208301
130Faculty of Medicine116804969
130Clinical Epidemiology Program116231317
130Faculty of Health and Medicine116151239
135School of Kinesiology115149200
135Department of Pediatrics115100167
137Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition1143455
137School of Psychology114122200
137College of Health Sciences11414
140Division of Endocrinology1131751
140Department of Pediatrics113398617
140Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation1136495
140Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition11373137
140School of Nursing11393126
140College of Medicine1134678
140School of Public Health and Health Systems113218342
140Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch1132342
148Department of Nutrition Sciences1121734
148Kinesiology Department112933
150Department of Pediatrics1111.0K1.4K
150School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine111157353
150Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science111210313
150Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism111818
150Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology11185130
155Kinesiology Department11013
155Medical School210305768
155Department of Psychology11091198
155Department of Pediatrics1103989
155School of Psychology and Public Health110250371
155College of Medicine1108071.1K
155Department of Surgery110109157
155Department of Medicine110355560
155Faculty of Health Sciences1103564
164Department of Psychology19288454
164Department of Biology and Chemistry19417
164Department of Psychology19127212
167Department of Endocrinology18819
167Department of Pediatrics18309535
167Department of General Surgery18813
170Division of Human Nutrition17185376
170School of Psychology17377574
170Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering17234359
173Department of Neurology16176321
173School of Public Health169571.4K
173Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine16240447
173Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology16144253
173Department of Physical Education163792
173Department of Pediatrics16139297
179Department of Psychology15175352
179School of Medicine and Dentistry151.5K2.2K
179Department of Public Health Sciences1566155
179School of Medicine151.4K2.2K
179Division of General Internal Medicine1536129
179School of Medicine152.3K3.0K
179Faculty of Education and Social Work1583207
179Department of Surgery35154640
179Department of Surgery1553113
179School of Medicine15158375
179Department of Nutrition and Health1551100
190Faculty of Medicine14507948
190Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management1445126
190Department of Psychology1475172
193School of Nursing13352646
193Department of Economics13107198
193Department of Psychology132362
193Department of Kinesiology1356131
193Department of Rheumatology132775
198Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences12398778
198Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology1241120
198Second Propedeutic Department of Internal Medicine1263136
198School of Medicine and Medical Science12166462
198Medical School1282198
198First Department of Internal Medicine1250138
198Medical Faculty1243126
198Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1241114
206Health Law Institute114194
207Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences10146354
207Clinical Nutrition and Obesity1025