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1General synthesis and definitive structural identification of MN4C4 single-atom catalysts with tunable electrocatalytic activitiesNature Catalysis20181,476
2Single platinum atoms immobilized on an MXene as an efficient catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reactionNature Catalysis20181,236
3A universal principle for a rational design of single-atom electrocatalystsNature Catalysis20181,214
4Control of metal-support interactions in heterogeneous catalysts to enhance activity and selectivityNature Catalysis20191,192
5High-efficiency oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide catalysed by oxidized carbon materialsNature Catalysis20181,120
6Atomically dispersed manganese catalysts for oxygen reduction in proton-exchange membrane fuel cellsNature Catalysis20181,075
7Challenges and prospects in the catalysis of electroreduction of nitrogen to ammoniaNature Catalysis20191,056
8Catalysts for nitrogen reduction to ammoniaNature Catalysis20181,050
9Reaction systems for solar hydrogen production via water splitting with particulate semiconductor photocatalystsNature Catalysis2019985
10Fe–N–C electrocatalyst with dense active sites and efficient mass transport for high-performance proton exchange membrane fuel cellsNature Catalysis2019958
11Rational catalyst and electrolyte design for CO2 electroreduction towards multicarbon productsNature Catalysis2019927
12Designing materials for electrochemical carbon dioxide recyclingNature Catalysis2019838
13Electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to ethylene and ethanol through hydrogen-assisted C–C coupling over fluorine-modified copperNature Catalysis2020788
14Achievements, challenges and perspectives on cathode catalysts in proton exchange membrane fuel cells for transportationNature Catalysis2019760
15Engineering the electronic structure of single atom Ru sites via compressive strain boosts acidic water oxidation electrocatalysisNature Catalysis2019757
16Direct transformation of bulk copper into copper single sites via emitting and trapping of atomsNature Catalysis2018746
17Catalyst electro-redeposition controls morphology and oxidation state for selective carbon dioxide reductionNature Catalysis2018737
18Bridging homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis by heterogeneous single-metal-site catalystsNature Catalysis2018725
19Efficient hydrogen peroxide generation using reduced graphene oxide-based oxygen reduction electrocatalystsNature Catalysis2018699
20Iron-facilitated dynamic active-site generation on spinel CoAl2O4 with self-termination of surface reconstruction for water oxidationNature Catalysis2019678
21Promoting nitrogen electroreduction to ammonia with bismuth nanocrystals and potassium cations in waterNature Catalysis2019642
22Identification of single-atom active sites in carbon-based cobalt catalysts during electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionNature Catalysis2019629
23Metal ion cycling of Cu foil for selective C–C coupling in electrochemical CO2 reductionNature Catalysis2018600
24Characteristics and performance of two-dimensional materials for electrocatalysisNature Catalysis2018591
25Catalytic conversion of solar to chemical energy on plasmonic metal nanostructuresNature Catalysis2018582
26Steering post-C–C coupling selectivity enables high efficiency electroreduction of carbon dioxide to multi-carbon alcoholsNature Catalysis2018537
27The stability number as a metric for electrocatalyst stability benchmarkingNature Catalysis2018533
28Matching the kinetics of natural enzymes with a single-atom iron nanozymeNature Catalysis2021517
29Understanding heterogeneous electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction through operando techniquesNature Catalysis2018515
30Recent trends and fundamental insights in the methanol-to-hydrocarbons processNature Catalysis2018507
31Improved CO2 reduction activity towards C2+ alcohols on a tandem gold on copper electrocatalystNature Catalysis2018501
32Active learning across intermetallics to guide discovery of electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction and H2 evolutionNature Catalysis2018497
33Biocatalytic cascades driven by enzymes encapsulated in metal–organic framework nanoparticlesNature Catalysis2018494
34Boosting the performance of Cu2O photocathodes for unassisted solar water splitting devicesNature Catalysis2018489
35Opportunities and challenges for combining chemo- and biocatalysisNature Catalysis2018479
36Atomically dispersed antimony on carbon nitride for the artificial photosynthesis of hydrogen peroxideNature Catalysis2021474
37Engineering new catalytic activities in enzymesNature Catalysis2020465
38Single-atom tailoring of platinum nanocatalysts for high-performance multifunctional electrocatalysisNature Catalysis2019464
39Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia as a potential alternative to the Haber–Bosch processNature Catalysis2019463
40A fundamental look at electrocatalytic sulfur reduction reactionNature Catalysis2020455
41Technical photosynthesis involving CO2 electrolysis and fermentationNature Catalysis2018452
42Performance enhancement and degradation mechanism identification of a single-atom Co–N–C catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cellsNature Catalysis2020443
43Solar energy-driven lignin-first approach to full utilization of lignocellulosic biomass under mild conditionsNature Catalysis2018442
44Molecular-level insights on the reactive facet of carbon nitride single crystals photocatalysing overall water splittingNature Catalysis2020427
45A unique oxygen ligand environment facilitates water oxidation in hole-doped IrNiOx core–shell electrocatalystsNature Catalysis2018424
46Identification of active sites for acidic oxygen reduction on carbon catalysts with and without nitrogen dopingNature Catalysis2019423
47Chemical and biological catalysis for plastics recycling and upcyclingNature Catalysis2021420
48Unified structural motifs of the catalytically active state of Co(oxyhydr)oxides during the electrochemical oxygen evolution reactionNature Catalysis2018415
49Self-adaptive dual-metal-site pairs in metal-organic frameworks for selective CO2 photoreduction to CH4Nature Catalysis2021406
50High-rate electroreduction of carbon monoxide to multi-carbon productsNature Catalysis2018400