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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Radiology5441411
2College of Medicine and Health Sciences128926426
2Department of Radiology128981
4Department of Imaging Sciences and Interventional Radiology721253
5Department of Radiology21493724
5Department of Radiology214935
7Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging613143
8Department of Radiology110641
9Department of Radiology28021
10Department of Radiology67111
11Department of Radiology86523
12Department of Radiology35683173
13Department of Medical Oncology5533555
13Department of Radiology45385178
15Department of Radiology4522255
15Department of Radiology552413
17Department of Pathology1503516
17Department of Radiology150121
19Institute of Medical Sciences94970337
19Department of Radiology3493661
21Department of Radiology348262456
22Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences54711
23Department of Biochemistry1452313
24Department of Endocrinology2431510
25Department of Radiology641752
25Department of Pathology3412531
27Department of Radiology2403433
28Department of Radiology1387756
29Department of Neuroimaging and Interventional Radiology5371333
30Department of Radiology1345476
30Department of Radiology134158156
32Department of Urology3321313
33Department of Surgery1302629
34Department of Mechanical Engineering3284090
34Department of Radiology2284888
36Medical Research Institute125175127
36Department of Neurology1255052
38Radiation Medicine Centre1244134
38Department of Nuclear Medicine1241012
40Faculty of Medicine423396727
40Department of Radiology12386119
42Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1221717
43Department of Surgery2212831
44Department of Radiology219452830
44Department of Pediatrics419839
46Department of Radiology1181417
46Department of Nephrology518724
48Department of Radiology1171735
48Department of Gastroenterology3171233
48Department of Radiology31715
51Department of Family and Community Medicine115262362
51Department of Radiology21525
51Department of Clinical Radiology11533
51Department of Radiology11511
55Department of Radiology11435
55Department of Pathology1141111
55Department of Medicine114156261
55Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology1142846
55Department of Gastroenterology1141215
55Department of Mathematics and Statistics1144765
61Department of Orthopedic Surgery1131125
61Department of Radiology11321
61Department of Pathology11386144
61Department of Diagnostic Radiology2132555
65Department of Surgery1122637
65Department of Otolaryngology11224
65Department of Radiology21245
65Department of Radiology1122566
65Department of Orthopedics11255
70Department of Radiology211139329
70Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology21151126
70Department of Radiology11163
70Department of Chemistry111132162
70Department of Diagnostic Radiology31132123
70Department of Radiology11179122
70Department of Radiology1113870
70Department of Neurology2111638
70Department of Radiology1111630
70Department of Neurology1111511
80Department of Radiology210111253
80Department of Radiology21015
80Department of Diagnostic Radiology2102122
80Department of Radiology11025
80Department of Radiology31014
80Department of Radiology11011
80Department of Radiology510315
87Department of Radiology10911
87Department of Cardiology191022
87Department of Radiology2912
87Department of Cardiology291932
87Department of Orthopedics19616
87Department of Radiology1911
93Department of Medicine188641.3K
93Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care181012
93Department of Pathology182521
93Department of Urology183532
97Faculty of Medicine178851.3K
97Faculty of Allied Health Sciences172559
97Faculty of Medicine17295457
97Department of Radiology172743
97Faculty of Medicine17500806
97Department of Hepatology172039
97Department of Radiology1754
104Faculty of Medicine16556787
104Department of Radiology1682122
104Department of Radiology161013
104Department of Radiology16138241
104Department of Radiology1623
104Department of Pathology16926
104Department of Radiology16106217
104Department of Radiology1655
104Department of Radiology36111
104Department of Pathology161118
114Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology2540157
114Department of Radiology25933
114Department of Urology and Radiology1511
114Department of Radiology15812
114Department of Endocrinology1561127
114Department of Radiology251777
114Department of Radiology2547158
114Department of Radiology1512
114Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology2576277
114Department of Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine2511
114Department of Radiology25948
114Department of Radiology1548
114Department of Radiology2526
127Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1459
127Department of Radiology1411
127Department of Nephrology141220
127Department of Pharmacology1418
127Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology14822
127Department of Radiology2460183
127Department of Hepatology14917
127Department of Pathology24414
127Department of Radiology2413
127Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology141130
127Department of Pathology143658
127Department of Radiology4415
127Department of Radiology1412
127Department of Radiology2428
127Department of Microbiology141759
142Department of Radiology1328
142Department of Radiology13128285
142Department of Radiology13246470
142Radiology Department1329
142Cognitive Neuroscience Centre1311
142Department of Radiology134286
142Department of Radiology1337
142Department of Pediatrics134596
142Department of Radiology132056
142School of Medicine2315124
142Department of Radiology1326
142Department of Radiology1360145
142Department of Pathology131337
142Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine1335
142Department of Medical Oncology23622
142Faculty of Medicine134695
142Division of Vascular Surgery1327
142Department of Pathology1313
142Department of Radiology1324
142Department of Pediatrics1333
162Department of Gastroenterology122027
162Department of Radiology12324694
162Department of Radiology1270164
162Department of Cardiology1270159
162Faculty of Medicine12298524
162Faculty of Medicine12414699
162Faculty of Medicine1273161
162Faculty of Medicine1290222
162Department of Radiology12529
162Department of Physics123377
162Department of Radiology121539
162Department of Gastroenterology1259
162Department of Radiology2226
162Department of Radiology2214
162Department of Chemistry12832
162Department of Radiology2215
162Department of Ophthalmology121733
162Department of Pediatrics221797
162Faculty of Medicine12119236
162Department of Radiology121124
162Department of Orthopedics1212
162Department of Spinal Surgery12511
162Department of Gastroenterology1264144
162Department of Radiology121140
162Department of Radiology1264155
162Department of Medical Physics1234
162Graduate Medical Education1235
162Department of Pediatrics121219
162Department of Gastroenterology12725
162Department of Gastroenterology12815
162Department of Gastroenterology12815
162Department of Interventional Radiology2211
162Department of Neurology12612
162Department of Plastic Surgery1224
162School of Medicine1290219
162Department of Radiology123276
162Department of Radiology1211
199Department of Psychiatry11824
199Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1158127
199Faculty of Medicine114781.0K
199Department of Pathology11230482
199Department of Radiology11201428
199Department of Radiology1135104
199Department of Radiology113063
199School of Medicine115511.1K
199Department of Nuclear Medicine11928
199School of Dentistry111158
199Department of Internal Medicine116741.3K
199Department of Radiology11242515
199Department of Orthopedic Surgery112778
199Department of Neurology111545
199School of Medicine11123401
199Department of Urology111933
199Department of Radiology112662
199Faculty of Medicine11328678
199Department of Radiology1149126
199Department of Radiology1127
199Grant Medical Foundation11924
199Department of Imaging Sciences and Pathology1111
199Department of Pathology2184235
199Department of Pathology11100237
199Department of Radiology1173198
199Department of Radiology111958
199School of Medicine1157192
199Department of Pathology111326
199Department of Gastroenterology1123
199Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology11613
199Department of Radiology11212
199Department of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology111231
199Department of Radiology11823
199Department of Surgery111846
199Department of Radiology and Imaging111646
199Department of Radiology11512
235Department of Neurology107231.3K
235Department of Radiology10124282
235College of Medicine101.3K2.4K
235Department of Radiology2051234
235Faculty of Medicine10238540
235Department of Radiology102464
235Department of Orthopedic Surgery10215
235Department of Radiology1046126
235Department of Interventional Radiology10820
235Department of Neurology10108261
235Department of Internal Medicine10164407
235Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1024
235Department of Radiology10519
235Department of Internal Medicine103083
235Department of Radiology10958
235Department of Radiology10212
235Department of Nuclear Medicine1044
235Department of Otorhinolaryngology1034
235Department of Radiology and Imaging10311
235Department of Biochemistry10711
235Department of Radiology10823
235Department of Pathology101166
235Department of Medical Oncology10623
235Department of General Surgery101151
235Department of General Surgery1073175
235Department of Ophthalmology102439
235Department of Radiology1041114
235Department of Pathology10826
235Department of Cardiology10711
235Department of Radiology1036
235Department of Radiology10425
235Department of Medicine1050115
235Department of Internal Medicine101731
235Department of Radiology1026
235Department of Radiology10512
235Department of Pathology101025
235Department of Nephrology1023
235Department of Interventional Radiology1068