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1A Review of Topology Optimisation for Fluid-Based ProblemsFluids2020138
2On the Values for the Turbulent Schmidt Number in Environmental FlowsFluids2017137
3Effect of Magnetohydrodynamics on Heat Transfer Behaviour of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet under Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium ConditionFluids2021121
4Rheological Characterization of Carbopol® Dispersions in Water and in Water/Glycerol SolutionsFluids201987
5Magneto-Bioconvection Flow of Williamson Nanofluid over an Inclined Plate with Gyrotactic Microorganisms and Entropy GenerationFluids202185
6Surface Quasi-GeostrophyFluids201780
7Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Fully Developed Turbulent Flows of Graphene Nanoplatelets–Silver/Water NanofluidsFluids201673
8Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Proxy Modeling for Fluid Flow in Porous MediaFluids201957
9Acoustic Streaming and Its ApplicationsFluids201856
10Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer of FMWCNT/Water Nanofluids over a Flat PlateFluids201650
11Statistics of Extreme Waves in Coastal Waters: Large Scale Experiments and Advanced Numerical SimulationsFluids201947
12Fluid Flow and Mass Transport in Brain TissueFluids201947
13An Introduction of Droplet Impact Dynamics to Engineering StudentsFluids202044
14Application of Hydrodynamic Cavitation Reactors for Treatment of Wastewater Containing Organic Pollutants: Intensification Using Hybrid ApproachesFluids201843
15A Quasi-Mechanistic Mathematical Representation for Blood ViscosityFluids201742
16The Hydrodynamic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation: Space and TimeFluids201641
17Modeling the Viscosity of Concentrated Nanoemulsions and NanosuspensionsFluids201641
18Turbulence Modeling Effects on the CFD Predictions of Flow over a Detailed Full-Scale Sedan VehicleFluids201940
19Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulations of Nanofluid Flow with Applications to Cooling and LubricationFluids201639
20Comparative Study of PEGylated and Conventional Liposomes as Carriers for ShikoninFluids201838
21Unsteady MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Non-Newtonian Casson Hybrid Nanofluid in the Stagnation Zone of Sphere Spinning ImpulsivelyFluids202137
22A Review of Vortex Methods and Their Applications: From Creation to Recent AdvancesFluids202135
23A New Exact Solution for the Flow of a Fluid through Porous Media for a Variety of Boundary ConditionsFluids201934
24Blood Flow Modeling in Coronary Arteries: A ReviewFluids202134
25The Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Energy Transfers in Global Ocean ModelsFluids201732
26On the Deterministic Prediction of Water WavesFluids202032
27The Journal of Fluids: An International and Interdisciplinary Scientific Open Access JournalFluids201631
28Evolutionary Optimization of Colebrook’s Turbulent Flow Friction ApproximationsFluids201731
29Microstreaming and Its Role in Applications: A Mini-ReviewFluids201831
30A Comparison of Energy Recovery by PATs against Direct Variable Speed Pumping in Water Distribution NetworksFluids201831
31On the Effect of the Respiratory Droplet Generation Condition on COVID-19 TransmissionFluids202031
32Physical Background, Computations and Practical Issues of the Magnetohydrodynamic Pressure Drop in a Fusion Liquid Metal BlanketFluids202131
33The Magneto-Natural Convection Flow of a Micropolar Hybrid Nanofluid over a Vertical Plate Saturated in a Porous MediumFluids202131
34Rheological Behavior of Fresh Cement PastesFluids201830
35CO2 Injection Effect on Geomechanical and Flow Properties of Calcite-Rich ReservoirsFluids201830
36Leaky Flow through Simplified Physical Models of Bristled Wings of Tiny Insects during Clap and FlingFluids201830
37Review of CFD Guidelines for Dispersion ModelingFluids201629
38Velocity Profile and Turbulence Structure Measurement Corrections for Sediment Transport-Induced Water-Worked BedFluids202129
39Flow Control in Wings and Discovery of Novel Approaches via Deep Reinforcement LearningFluids202229
40Performance Comparison of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Heterogeneous Slip/No-Slip Journal Bearing System Based on CFD-FSI MethodFluids202229
41Turbulence Intensity and the Friction Factor for Smooth- and Rough-Wall Pipe FlowFluids201728
42Comparison of Blade Element Method and CFD Simulations of a 10 MW Wind TurbineFluids201828
43A Simple Model for the Viscosity of Pickering EmulsionsFluids201827
44Abundant Wave Accurate Analytical Solutions of the Fractional Nonlinear Hirota–Satsuma–Shallow Water Wave EquationFluids202127
45Current Trends in Fluid Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: A ReviewFluids202227
46Modeling Superparamagnetic Particles in Blood Flow for Applications in Magnetic Drug TargetingFluids201726
47Instability and Convection in Rotating Porous Media: A ReviewFluids201926
48Characterization of Bubble Size Distributions within a Bubble ColumnFluids201825
49Minkowski and Galilei/Newton Fluid Dynamics: A Geometric 3 + 1 Spacetime PerspectiveFluids201925
50Data-Driven Pulsatile Blood Flow Physics with Dynamic Mode DecompositionFluids202025