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1Impact of Diabetes on Cardiovascular Disease: An UpdateInternational Journal of Hypertension2013321
2Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Hypertension: A Cross-Sectional Study in Urban VaranasiInternational Journal of Hypertension2017196
3Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2: The First DecadeInternational Journal of Hypertension2012193
4Left Ventricular Hypertrophy: Major Risk Factor in Patients with Hypertension: Update and Practical Clinical ApplicationsInternational Journal of Hypertension2011152
5Pathophysiology of Vascular Remodeling in HypertensionInternational Journal of Hypertension2013148
6Waist Circumference, Body Mass Index, and Other Measures of Adiposity in Predicting Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Peruvian AdultsInternational Journal of Hypertension2011129
7Hypertension and Its Associated Risk Factors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2013: A National SurveyInternational Journal of Hypertension2014129
8The Rising Burden of Diabetes and Hypertension in Southeast Asian and African Regions: Need for Effective Strategies for Prevention and Control in Primary Health Care SettingsInternational Journal of Hypertension2013121
9Vascular Inflammation and Endothelial Dysfunction in Experimental HypertensionInternational Journal of Hypertension2011115
10Prevalence of Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome in NepalInternational Journal of Hypertension2011109
11Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension among Saudi Adult Population: A National SurveyInternational Journal of Hypertension2011107
12Pathophysiology of Resistant Hypertension: The Role of Sympathetic Nervous SystemInternational Journal of Hypertension2011103
13Gaps in Capacity in Primary Care in Low-Resource Settings for Implementation of Essential Noncommunicable Disease InterventionsInternational Journal of Hypertension2012103
14Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among Working Adults in EthiopiaInternational Journal of Hypertension201198
15Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease: Navigating the EvidenceInternational Journal of Hypertension201198
16Moving Beyond the Stigma: Systematic Review of Video Games and Their Potential to Combat ObesityInternational Journal of Hypertension201197
17High Prevalence and Low Awareness of Hypertension in a Market Population in Enugu, NigeriaInternational Journal of Hypertension201195
18Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Hypertension, and Renal Sodium TransportInternational Journal of Hypertension201191
19Review of and Updates on Hypertension in Obstructive Sleep ApneaInternational Journal of Hypertension201783
20Oxidative Stress and Vascular Damage in Hypertension: Role of Angiotensin IIInternational Journal of Hypertension201182
21Factors Associated with Medication Nonadherence among Hypertensives in Ghana and NigeriaInternational Journal of Hypertension201581
22Arterial Hypertension and Interleukins: Potential Therapeutic Target or Future Diagnostic Marker?International Journal of Hypertension201981
23The ACE2/Apelin Signaling, MicroRNAs, and HypertensionInternational Journal of Hypertension201579
24Magnesium and Vascular Changes in HypertensionInternational Journal of Hypertension201273
25The Prevalence and Social Determinants of Hypertension among Adults in Indonesia: A Cross-Sectional Population-Based National SurveyInternational Journal of Hypertension201872
26Essential Hypertension: An Approach to Its Etiology and Neurogenic PathophysiologyInternational Journal of Hypertension201371
27Prevalence and Associated Factors of Hypertension: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Municipalities of Kathmandu, NepalInternational Journal of Hypertension201670
28Hypertension in Metabolic Syndrome: Vascular PathophysiologyInternational Journal of Hypertension201368
29Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease: A Risk Factor for the Global EpidemicInternational Journal of Hypertension201267
30The Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor in Brain Functions: An UpdateInternational Journal of Hypertension201266
31Scavenger Receptors and Their Potential as Therapeutic Targets in the Treatment of Cardiovascular DiseaseInternational Journal of Hypertension201065
32Common Secondary Causes of Resistant Hypertension and Rational for TreatmentInternational Journal of Hypertension201164
33Roles of Brain Angiotensin II in Cognitive Function and DementiaInternational Journal of Hypertension201264
34Reference Values of Pulse Wave Velocity in Healthy People from an Urban and Rural Argentinean PopulationInternational Journal of Hypertension201463
35Early- and Late-Onset Preeclampsia: A Comprehensive Cohort Study of Laboratory and Clinical Findings according to the New ISHHP CriteriaInternational Journal of Hypertension201963
36Self-Monitoring of Blood Pressure in Hypertension: A UK Primary Care SurveyInternational Journal of Hypertension201259
37New Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Therapeutic Strategies Based on the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2/Angiotensin-(1–7)/Mas Receptor AxisInternational Journal of Hypertension201259
38The Angiotensin-Melatonin AxisInternational Journal of Hypertension201358
39Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension: Impact on Cardiovascular Risk and TreatmentInternational Journal of Hypertension201257
40Incidence of New-Onset Hypertension in Cancer Patients: A Retrospective Cohort StudyInternational Journal of Hypertension201357
41Prevalence of Hypertension and Determination of Its Risk Factors in Rural DelhiInternational Journal of Hypertension201657
42Protective Role of the ACE2/Ang-(1–9) Axis in Cardiovascular RemodelingInternational Journal of Hypertension201256
43Beneficial Effects of Long-Term Administration of an Oral Formulation of Angiotensin-(1–7) in Infarcted RatsInternational Journal of Hypertension201255
44Therapeutic Potential of Heme Oxygenase-1/Carbon Monoxide in Lung DiseaseInternational Journal of Hypertension201255
45The Impact of Hypertension on Patients with Acute Coronary SyndromesInternational Journal of Hypertension201154
46Elevated Blood Pressure in the Acute Phase of Stroke and the Role of Angiotensin Receptor BlockersInternational Journal of Hypertension201354
47Hypertension Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control, and Associated Factors: Results from a National Survey, JordanInternational Journal of Hypertension201153
48The Effect of the Thioether-Bridged, Stabilized Angiotensin-(1–7) Analogue Cyclic Ang-(1–7) on Cardiac Remodeling and Endothelial Function in Rats with Myocardial InfarctionInternational Journal of Hypertension201251
49Renoprotective Effects of AVE0991, a Nonpeptide Mas Receptor Agonist, in Experimental Acute Renal InjuryInternational Journal of Hypertension201251
50Prevalence Rates of Self-Care Behaviors and Related Factors in a Rural Hypertension Population: A Questionnaire SurveyInternational Journal of Hypertension201351