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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering4129610
2Department of Computer Science1515939
3Faculty of Electrical Engineering133364235
3Faculty of Engineering and Environment133212215
5Institute of Computer Science22437100
6Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications1202633
7School of Engineering and Design118171228
7Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics618978
9Department of Mathematics2151743
10Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering41323102
10School of Electronic and Information Engineering4131274
10Department of Computer Science and Engineering1132838
13School of Electrical and Computer Engineering112356499
13Department of Physics2122271
15School of Computing and Mathematics11165125
15Faculty of Engineering61156296
17Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing110250365
17Department of Computer Science and Engineering110510
19Department of Electrical Engineering195488
20Department of Mathematics17299344
20Faculty of Computer Sciences and Informatics271647
22School of Mathematics and Statistics1664120
22Department of Mathematics2691217
24Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering2527128
24Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering154794
24Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering151548
24Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science15116234
24Department of Computer Engineering and Systems4512
24Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering25148317
24Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering156091
31Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering2468236
31Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science14148324
31Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering142143
31Institute of Computer Science341035
35Department of Computer Science1374166
35Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security1365117
35Department of Computer Science13396785
35Department of Computer Engineering132248
35School of Computer Science13181408
35Department of Communications and Computer Engineering23224
35Department of Information Engineering23113352
35Department of Systems and Computer Engineering13176339
35Electrical Engineering Program132351
35Department of Computer Science131847
45Department of Information Engineering12351674
45Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12270467
45School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering127711.2K
45School of Computer Science624130
45Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems12315
45Faculty of Engineering1281114
45Department of Information Engineering1236106
45Department of Information Systems and Technology12928
45Department of Computer Science and Engineering121633
45Department of Computer Science1249
45Department of Physics12144227
45Department of Computer Science12310
45School of Computer Sciences1291217
58Division of Electronics and Electrical Engineering3135146
58School of Electrical and Computer Engineering919224
58Department of Physics21236548
58School of Electrical and Computer Engineering11489871
58Department of Electrical Engineering11131242
58Department of Electronic and Information Engineering31112402
58Centre for Applied Research in Electronics81788
58Department of Computer Science1193220
58Department of Engineering11171366
58Department of Electrical Engineering113693
58Electrical Engineering Department1167156
58Department of Computer Science and Engineering11194365
58Department of Computer Engineering113699
58Department of Electrical Engineering1168
72Faculty of Electrical Engineering10350691
72College of Electronic and Information Engineering10155248
72Department of Computer Science and Engineering10136270
72Department of Electronic Engineering102451
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1075168
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10217444
72School of Engineering10279576
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering20189627
72Electrical and Information Engineering1041138
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2081261
72Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO)1030109
72Institute for Communications and Information Engineering30319
72Department of Information Engineering10117262
72Business and Design10622
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10354653
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering1078183
72School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering10188418
72Department of Computer Science2082373
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10183377
72School of Engineering and Sciences2057351
72Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering102662
72College of Engineering10424885
72Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1046165
72Department of Electrical Engineering1096280
72Department of Computer Science and Engineering10620
72Department of Biomedical Engineering101235
72Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2023104
72Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences10416904
72College of Computer Science and Engineering1041139
72Department of Computer Science and Engineering101551
72Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering10112210
72School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science10423