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18High-Level Feature Detection from Video in TRECVid: A 5-Year Retrospective of AchievementsSignals and Communication Technology200978
19Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate ArraysSignals and Communication Technology200472
20Positive Trigonometric Polynomials and Signal Processing ApplicationsSignals and Communication Technology201766
21Advanced Theory of Signal DetectionSignals and Communication Technology200264
22Audio Source SeparationSignals and Communication Technology201862
23Design of Ultra Wideband Antenna Matching NetworksSignals and Communication Technology200861
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25Digital Signal Processing in Power System Protection and ControlSignals and Communication Technology201158
26Adaptive Antenna ArraysSignals and Communication Technology200458
27Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate ArraysSignals and Communication Technology201455
28Blind Source SeparationSignals and Communication Technology201454
29Digital Signal Processing and Spectral Analysis for ScientistsSignals and Communication Technology201653
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31Topology Control for Wireless Sensor NetworksSignals and Communication Technology200851
32Multimedia Information Retrieval and ManagementSignals and Communication Technology200350
33OFDMSignals and Communication Technology201150
34Dynamic Spectrum ManagementSignals and Communication Technology202050
35Fundamentals of Adaptive Signal ProcessingSignals and Communication Technology201549
36On the Ideal Ratio Mask as the Goal of Computational Auditory Scene AnalysisSignals and Communication Technology201447
37Intelligent Audio AnalysisSignals and Communication Technology201346
38Speech and Audio Processing in Adverse EnvironmentsSignals and Communication Technology200845
39Subjective Quality Measurement of SpeechSignals and Communication Technology201245
40Synchronization Techniques for Chaotic Communication SystemsSignals and Communication Technology201143
41Digital Interactive TV and MetadataSignals and Communication Technology200442
42Determined Blind Source Separation with Independent Low-Rank Matrix AnalysisSignals and Communication Technology201842
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44Communication Through Soil in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks – Theory and PracticeSignals and Communication Technology201037
45Blockchain for Dynamic Spectrum ManagementSignals and Communication Technology202037
46Security and Privacy in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Survey and the Road AheadSignals and Communication Technology201336
47Security and Privacy in Wireless Body Area Networks for Health Care ApplicationsSignals and Communication Technology201336
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49A Review of Two Decades of Correlations, Hierarchies, Networks and Clustering in Financial MarketsSignals and Communication Technology202135
50A Decade of Wireless Sensing Applications: Survey and TaxonomySignals and Communication Technology201434