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Top Articles

1Advances in communications using optical vorticesPhotonics Research2016558
2Review of gallium-oxide-based solar-blind ultraviolet photodetectorsPhotonics Research2019391
3Coupling strategies for silicon photonics integrated chips [Invited]Photonics Research2019333
4Self-configuring universal linear optical component [Invited]Photonics Research2013331
5Towards 10  Gb/s orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based visible light communication using a GaN violet micro-LEDPhotonics Research2017275
6Plasmonically induced transparency in double-layered graphene nanoribbonsPhotonics Research2018263
7Ultrafast fiber lasers mode-locked by two-dimensional materials: review and prospectPhotonics Research2020242
8Silicon photonic platforms for mid-infrared applications [Invited]Photonics Research2017229
9Passively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser based on SnS_2 nanosheets as a saturable absorberPhotonics Research2018228
10Nonlinear optical absorption of few-layer molybdenum diselenide (MoSe_2) for passively mode-locked soliton fiber laser [Invited]Photonics Research2015227
11Deep learning in nano-photonics: inverse design and beyondPhotonics Research2021222
12Label-free sensing of ultralow-weight molecules with all-dielectric metasurfaces supporting bound states in the continuumPhotonics Research2018209
13Few-layer MoS_2 saturable absorbers for short-pulse laser technology: current status and future perspectives [Invited]Photonics Research2015185
14Advances in on-chip photonic devices based on lithium niobate on insulatorPhotonics Research2020183
15Fast reconstructed and high-quality ghost imaging with fast Walsh–Hadamard transformPhotonics Research2016178
16Optical cross-talk reduction in a quantum-dot-based full-color micro-light-emitting-diode display by a lithographic-fabricated photoresist moldPhotonics Research2017174
17Review of exceptional point-based sensorsPhotonics Research2020174
18Silicon and silicon nitride photonic circuits for spectroscopic sensing on-a-chip [Invited]Photonics Research2015173
19Generation of arbitrary vector vortex beams on hybrid-order Poincaré spherePhotonics Research2017169
20Silicon intensity Mach–Zehnder modulator for single lane 100  Gb/s applicationsPhotonics Research2018160
21Revealing of the ultrafast third-order nonlinear optical response and enabled photonic application in two-dimensional tin sulfidePhotonics Research2019159
22Quantum dot lasers for silicon photonics [Invited]Photonics Research2015157
23Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers for data communication and sensingPhotonics Research2019155
24Efficient adiabatic silicon-on-insulator waveguide taperPhotonics Research2014152
25Mode-locking of fiber lasers using novel two-dimensional nanomaterials: graphene and topological insulators [Invited]Photonics Research2015150
26Nonreciprocal unconventional photon blockade in a spinning optomechanical systemPhotonics Research2019149
27Tunable nonlinear refractive index of two-dimensional MoS_2, WS_2, and MoSe_2 nanosheet dispersions [Invited]Photonics Research2015146
28Optical properties and applications for MoS2-Sb2Te3-MoS2heterostructure materialsPhotonics Research2018141
29Mid-infrared silicon photonic waveguides and devices [Invited]Photonics Research2018140
30Direct bandgap germanium-on-silicon inferred from 57% 〈100〉 uniaxial tensile strain [Invited]Photonics Research2014139
31Dark solitons in WS_2 erbium-doped fiber lasersPhotonics Research2016139
32Tunable and multichannel terahertz perfect absorber due to Tamm surface plasmons with graphenePhotonics Research2017139
33Development and applications of gain-switched fiber lasers [Invited]Photonics Research2013138
34SIMO detection schemes for underwater optical wireless communication under turbulencePhotonics Research2015136
35Visible-near infrared ultra-broadband polarization-independent metamaterial perfect absorber involving phase-change materialsPhotonics Research2016135
36Ultrasensitive terahertz metamaterial sensor based on vertical split ring resonatorsPhotonics Research2017129
37High energy soliton pulse generation by a magnetron-sputtering-deposition-grown MoTe2 saturable absorberPhotonics Research2018128
38Complementary transmissive ultra-thin meta-deflectors for broadband polarization-independent refractions in the microwave regionPhotonics Research2019127
39Influences of atmospheric turbulence effects on the orbital angular momentum spectra of vortex beamsPhotonics Research2016124
40Efficient InGaN-based yellow-light-emitting diodesPhotonics Research2019124
41Passive Q-switching and Q-switched mode-locking operations of 2  μm Tm:CLNGG laser with MoS_2 saturable absorber mirrorPhotonics Research2015121
42Highly efficient generation of arbitrary vector beams with tunable polarization, phase, and amplitudePhotonics Research2018119
43Photonic microwave true time delays for phased array antennas using a 49  GHz FSR integrated optical micro-comb source [Invited]Photonics Research2018119
44Single-photon computational 3D imaging at 45  kmPhotonics Research2020119
45Soliton mode-locked fiber laser based on topological insulator Bi_2Te_3 nanosheets at 2  μmPhotonics Research2015117
46Germanium tin: silicon photonics toward the mid-infrared [Invited]Photonics Research2013116
47Full-color monolithic hybrid quantum dot nanoring micro light-emitting diodes with improved efficiency using atomic layer deposition and nonradiative resonant energy transferPhotonics Research2019116
48Full-color micro-LED display with high color stability using semipolar (20-21) InGaN LEDs and quantum-dot photoresistPhotonics Research2020116
49Conversion between polarization states based on a metasurfacePhotonics Research2019115
50Tunable near-infrared plasmonic perfect absorber based on phase-change materialsPhotonics Research2015111