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1Electrochemical conversion of CO2 to useful chemicals: current status, remaining challenges, and future opportunitiesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013645
2Impact of nitrogen oxides on the environment and human health: Mn-based materials for the NO x abatementCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016391
3Activation of peroxymonosulfate/persulfate by nanomaterials for sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation technologiesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2018352
4Forty years of Heat Integration: Pinch Analysis (PA) and Mathematical Programming (MP)Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013317
5On the origin and application of the Bruggeman correlation for analysing transport phenomena in electrochemical systemsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016306
6Emerging forward osmosis (FO) technologies and challenges ahead for clean water and clean energy applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012303
7A green hydrogen economy for a renewable energy societyCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2021292
8A roadmap for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to chemicals and fuelsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012273
9Greener approach to nanomaterials and their sustainable applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012272
10The role of coagulation in water treatmentCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2015236
11Green hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the shipping industryCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2021228
12Hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehiclesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2014227
13Recent advances in preparation and morphology control of polymeric membranes formed by nonsolvent induced phase separationCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013215
14Stoichiometric and energetic analyses of non-photosynthetic CO2-fixation pathways to support synthetic biology strategies for production of fuels and chemicalsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012204
15Life Cycle Assessment: a review of the methodology and its application to sustainabilityCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013201
16Electrospun nanofiber membranesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016200
17Microfluidics for advanced drug delivery systemsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2015182
18Recent developments in thin film (nano)composite membranes for solvent resistant nanofiltrationCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2015176
19Thermal degradation of amines for CO2 captureCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012171
20Are MOF membranes better in gas separation than those made of zeolites?Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering2011169
21Stimuli responsive self-folding using thin polymer filmsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013160
22Engineering nanosilver as an antibacterial, biosensor and bioimaging materialCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2011154
233D printing technologies: techniques, materials, and post-processingCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2020154
24Progress in membrane crystallizationCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012153
25Present and future of MOF research in the field of adsorption and molecular separationCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2018152
26Mechanotransduction in cancerCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016138
27CO2 capture via adsorption in amine-functionalized sorbentsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016132
28Facts and alternative facts in chemical kinetics: remarks about the kinetic use of activities, termolecular processes, and linearization techniquesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2018132
29Hybrid hydrogels for biomedical applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2019131
30Recent advances in multi-material additive manufacturing: methods and applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2020130
31Dynamic risk management: a contemporary approach to process safety managementCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016129
32Development of ZIF-8 membranes: opportunities and challenges for commercial applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2018125
33Structured catalysts for non-adiabatic applicationsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2014123
34Downstream bioprocessing: recent advances and future promiseCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2011122
35Catalysis on faceted noble-metal nanocrystals: both shape and size matterCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013115
36Recent advances in machine learning towards multiscale soft materials designCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2019110
37Industrial water recycle/reuseCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012109
38Recent progress in polycrystalline zeolite membrane researchCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2013109
39Advances in ZnO-based materials for light emitting diodesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2014108
40Catalytic bi-reforming of methane: from greenhouse gases to syngasCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2015105
41A nature-inspired approach to reactor and catalysis engineeringCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2012104
42Recent advances in molecular engineering of redox active organic molecules for nonaqueous flow batteriesCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2016104
43Sustainable design and synthesis of energy systemsCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2015102
44CD8+ T cells and NK cells: parallel and complementary soldiers of immunotherapyCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering2018100
45Graphene oxide membranes for nanofiltrationCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering201799
46Pervaporation as a tool in chemical engineering: a new era?Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering201498
47Recent progress in artificial photosynthesis: CO2 photoreduction to valuable chemicals in a heterogeneous systemCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering201395
48Synthesis and rheology of ferrofluids: a reviewCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering201495
49Overcoming transport barriers for interstitial-, lymphatic-, and lymph node-targeted drug deliveryCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering201595
50Renewable ammonia as an alternative fuel for the shipping industryCurrent Opinion in Chemical Engineering202195