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1Chromatography of SteroidsJournal of Chromatography Library1976131
2Chapter 8 Liquid Column Chromatography of MycotoxinsJournal of Chromatography Library199347
3Chapter 1 Ribonucleoside Analysis by Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library199039
4Chapter 8 High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates and GlycoconjugatesJournal of Chromatography Library199531
5Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200029
6Coumarin - Glycoside AntibioticsJournal of Chromatography Library197828
7Chiral Recognition in Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Enantiomers on Chiral PolysiloxanesJournal of Chromatography Library198528
8Chapter 2 Biosynthesis and Function of Queuine and Queuosine tRNAsJournal of Chromatography Library199027
9Monolithic Materials - Preparation, Properties and ApplicationsJournal of Chromatography Library200325
10Chapter 5 Analysis of Glycoconjugates Using High-pH Anion-Exchange ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library199524
11Chapter 10 Retention and selectivity for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in reversed-phase liquid chromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library199523
12Chapter 4 HPLC of Carbohydrates with Cation- and Anion-Exchange Silica and Resin-Based Stationary PhasesJournal of Chromatography Library199520
13Chapter 3 Theory of electron captureJournal of Chromatography Library198119
14Chapter 7 Thin-Layer Chromatography of MycotoxinsJournal of Chromatography Library199319
15Chapter 24 Gas chromatography-mass spectrometric analysis of monosaccharides after methanolysis and trimethylsilylation. Potential for the characterization of substances of vegetal origin: Application to the study of museum objectsJournal of Chromatography Library200219
16Monolithic Polysaccharide MaterialsJournal of Chromatography Library200319
17Streptothricins and Related AntibioticsJournal of Chromatography Library197818
18Chapter 1 Narrow-Bore and Micro-Bore Columns in Liquid ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library198418
19Chapter 5 Pore Size DistributionsJournal of Chromatography Library198818
20Gas Chromatography of Amines as Various DerivativesJournal of Chromatography Library200518
21Quantitation of Amino Acids as Chloroformates – A Return to Gas ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200517
22HPTLC High Performance Thin-Layer ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library197717
23Chapter 7 Liquid Chromatography in Columns of Capillary DimensionsJournal of Chromatography Library198416
24Chapter 12 GC/MS of Molecular Species of GlycerophospholipidsJournal of Chromatography Library198716
25Ion Exchange ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200016
26Chapter 2 Reversed-phase and hydrophobic interaction chromatography of carbohydrates and glycoconjugatesJournal of Chromatography Library200216
27Chapter 13 Evaporative Light Scattering Detection of Carbohydrates in HPLCJournal of Chromatography Library199515
28Hydroxyapatite ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200015
29Size Exclusion ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200015
30Microcolumn High-Performance Liquid ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library198415
31Stationary Phases in Gas ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library199115
32Chiral Separation of Amino Acids by Gas ChromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library200514
33The Proteome Revisited Theory and Practice of all Relevant Electrophoretic StepsJournal of Chromatography Library200114
34Chapter 3 Theory of chromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library198313
35Chapter 2 Countercurrent chromatographyJournal of Chromatography Library199213
36Chapter 4 Hydrodynamic chromatography of polymersJournal of Chromatography Library199513
37Preparatory InformationJournal of Chromatography Library200213
38HPLC of Amino Acids as Dansyl and Dabsyl DerivativesJournal of Chromatography Library200513
39Chapter 8 Micro LC/MS CouplingJournal of Chromatography Library198412
40Chapter 1 On-Line Sample Handling and Trace Enrichment in Liquid Chromatography. The Determination of Organic Compounds in Water SamplesJournal of Chromatography Library198812
41Chapter 13 Modified Nucleosides and Nucleobases in Urine and Serum as Selective Markers for The Whole-Body Turnover of tRNA, rRNA and mRNA-CAP - Future Prospects and ImpactJournal of Chromatography Library199012
42Chapter 9 Gas Chromatography of MycotoxinsJournal of Chromatography Library199312
43Chapter 3 High Performance Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography of Carbohydrates with Polar SorbentsJournal of Chromatography Library199512
44Chapter 12 Mass Spectrometry of Carbohydrates and GlycoconjugatesJournal of Chromatography Library199512
45Monitoring of Process Impurities in DrugsJournal of Chromatography Library199812
46Chapter 2 Correlation between Extraction Chromatography and Liquid-Liquid ExtractionJournal of Chromatography Library197511
47Chapter 8 Potential and experience in quantitative “high performance thin-layer chromatography” HPTLCJournal of Chromatography Library197711
48Chapter 9 TLC and HPTLC of Phospholipids and Glycolipids in Health and DiseaseJournal of Chromatography Library198711
49Chapter 10 HPLC of Molecular Species of Glycerophospholipids in Studies of Lipoproteins and Lipid TransportJournal of Chromatography Library198711
50Chapter 25 Amines from environmental sourcesJournal of Chromatography Library199211