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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Institute of Radiology5495111
2Department of Radiology6132917
3Department of Radiology8127413
4Department of Radiology11242110
5Department of Radiology7113823
6Department of Dermatology2105154
7Department of Radiology68427
8Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases380101130
8Department of Radiology108027
10Department of Radiology46239
11Institute of Radiology259813
12Department of Radiology255812
13Department of Radiology2491526
14Department of Medicine348165288
14Department of Medicine and Health Sciences2483766
16Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences346156273
17Section of Clinical Neurology1393438
18Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science23662119
19Faculty of Medicine234222236
20Faculty of Medicine233337290
20Department of Radiology3331849
22Faculty of Medicine232136176
22Department of Radiology13255
24Perelman School of Medicine1302.2K1.8K
24Medical School130414430
24Department of Radiology1307354
24Department of Radiology1302516
24Faculty of Medicine1304521
24Department of Radiology13012
30Department of Medical2296098
31Faculty of Medicine427396662
31Department of Pediatrics2276787
33Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology22644106
33Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases126913
35Department of Radiology1252127
36Department of Human Pathology123131165
36Department of Radiology3231532
36Department of Medicine123355430
36Section of Internal Medicine1233163
40Faculty of Medicine122638445
40Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology22224
42Faculty of Medicine3216511.5K
42Department of Internal Medicine22160182
42Department of Medical121142182
42Department of Pediatrics1216446
42Department of Gastroenterology1213126
42Department of Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics12142
48Gil Medical Center120183174
48Department of Rehabilitation Medicine120811
48Department of Pediatrics1201923
48Department of Electrical Engineering220152257
48Department of Radiology12036
48Department of Pediatrics2204190
48Faculty of Medicine4203067
55Department of Internal Medicine119102195
55Department of Physics119135125
55Departmental Faculty of Medicine and Surgery119913
55Department of Pathology1192732
55Department of Radiology1192324
55Department of Pathology119133150
61Department of Radiology1183243
62Department of Radiology31712
63Department of Medicine1161.2K1.4K
63Division of Gastroenterology11668121
63Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine11671125
63Department of Medicine116818989
63Department of Radiology116246333
63Department of Internal Medicine1162452
63Department of Radiology1164976
63Department of Endocrinology11634
63Department of Interventional Radiology11611
63Department of Medicine116312456
63Division of Gastroenterology1161027
63Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging116191253
75Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology11532
75School of Public Health1154354
75Department of Radiology21547
75Department of Diagnostic Radiology1151827
79Department of Pediatrics11487130
79Department of Internal Medicine114163294
79Department of Pathology1141118
79School of Medicine1146885
83Department of Surgery1132721
83Department of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery11345104
83Faculty of Medicine213134266
83Department of Cardiology213140247
83Department of Pediatrics213930
83Department of Surgery113411
83Department of Surgery1132427
90Institute of Radiology1122440
90School of Medicine112393499
90Department of Anatomy1121623
90Department of Psychology112138233
90Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering112204268
90School of Medicine1121254
90Department of Medicine and Surgery112359452
90Department of Medicine1121228
90Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation112413
99School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine111124237
99Department of Veterinary Medicine11193134
99Department of Health Sciences111275402
99Department of Neuroscience111110188
99Department of Anesthesiology11144
99Department of Emergency Medicine21116
99Department of Radiology21112
99Chair of Endocrinology111312
107Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering11091173
107Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine110423623
107Faculty of Medicine2102278
107Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology11083163
107Medical Faculty1106499
107Department of Ophthalmology1101113
107Department of Radiology1103443
107Department of Radiology11012
115Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging1996160
115Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine191332
115Medical Research Institute19174256
115Department of Radiology193469
115Faculty of Medicine19284327
120Department of Urology181422
120College of Human Medicine18440763
120Faculty of Health Sciences189481.4K
120Department of Urology18175268
120Department of Radiology18534704
120Department of Urology182335
120College of Medicine28268600
120Department of Radiology1813
120Department of Radiology181634
129Department of Internal Medicine1780193
129Department of Internal Medicine1732102
129Department of Pediatrics37147569
129School of Medicine17585850
129Department of Urology37410
129Department of Electrical Engineering37632
129Department of Radiology27101246
129Saitama Medical Center17238300
129Department of Pediatrics37992
138Keck School of Medicine161.9K2.6K
138Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine36260912
138Department of Physics and Astronomy16127210
138Department of Food Science1651117
138Surgery and Dentistry16129265
138Faculty of Medicine264751.0K
138Department of Radiology1612
138Department of Orthopedics16613
138Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation162142
138Department of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis2611
138Department of Medicine16272476
149School of Veterinary Medicine254721.1K
149Department of Medicine (DIMED)15125265
149Department of Experimental Medicine15392733
149Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine15159345
149Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences15195392
149Department of Public Health and Nursing15153290
149Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology153752
149Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences15129247
149Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes1554116
149Department of Pediatrics15585936
149Department of Internal Medicine151427
149Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology15821
149Dermatology Department1511
162Department of Neurology1450107
162Department of Oncology14260453
162Faculty of Health Sciences243281.1K
162College of Medicine14167258
162Department of Emergency Medicine141124
162Department of Pediatrics1465128
162Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology1478188
162Department of Anesthesiology141027
162Department of Education and Research141022
162Department of Radiology14314
162Faculty of Medical Sciences146681.1K
162Department of Medical Physics144691
162School of Medicine14268476
162Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology141427
162Faculty of Medicine14181330
162Department of Radiology14411
162Department of Surgery1479
162School of Medical Sciences14478883
162Department of Emergency Medicine141223
162Rheumatology Department14715
182Surgery and Dentistry1362198
182Department of Radiology234521.2K
182Department of Clinical Medicine13257593
182Faculty of Medicine and Psychology13162406
182Department of Bioengineering13379752
182Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences13201410
182Department of Radiology133057
182Faculty of Medicine333651.5K
182School of Medicine and Public Health231.2K2.4K
182Department of Pediatrics23193638
182Department of Radiology131128
182Department of General Surgery1373146
182Department of Radiology1364151
182Department of Radiology1342100
182Department of Radiology1324
182Department of Public Health Sciences1393302
182Department of Radiology13734
199College of Medicine12370725
199Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology12623
199Harvard Medical School126941.3K
199Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology122769
199School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences12153331
199Department of Translational Research and New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery12193454
199Faculty of Medicine12333622
199Clinic of Rheumatology1269
199Department of Urology1250133
199Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine12274553
199Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1284176
199Faculty of Medicine12258516
199Faculty of Medicine22268993
199Department of Radiology12926
199College of Engineering1269196
199Department of Dermatology1223
199Department of Radiology1257125
199Department of Physics1237
217Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences11243649
217Department of Cardiology1181188
217Faculty of Medicine115751.2K
217Department of Medicine11111299
217Faculty of Medicine21238846
217Department of Pediatrics11229462
217Department of Surgery11142308
217Department of Neurology11192430
217Department of Emergency Medicine112675
217Department of Systems Medicine11203518
217Department of Radiology111767
217Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering112699
217Department of Medicine11185444
217Department of Surgery and Transplantation1129
217Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine1189206
217Department of Clinical Genetics11179382
217Department of Radiology1151121
217Department of Pediatrics at Reina1111
217Department of Neurology11257569
217Faculty of Medicine115131.1K
217Department of Surgery1141129
217Department of Pediatrics1197241
217Department of Emergency Medicine111646
217Department of Medicine11830
217School of Medicine112780
242Department of Dermatology104079
242Institute of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Science101128
242Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology101551
242Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology101843
242Department of Ophthalmology10730
242Division of Dermatology102757
242Department of Anesthesiology1045107
242Department of Internal Medicine10178432
242Department of Nuclear Medicine101121
242Department of Physical Education101973
242Department of Internal Medicine10192442
242Department of Internal Medicine10160352
242Department of Urology103784
242Division of Dermatology10612
242Department of Anesthesiology101657
242Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology10625
242Department of Internal Medicine10636
242Department of Radiology1030124
242Department of Dermatology103983
242Dermatology Department1026
242Pathology Department2017
242Department of Radiology101534
242Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology10413
242Department of Radiology101350