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17Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of the carotid system: a review of the current literatureJournal of Ultrasound201754
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19Contrast enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) in peripheral lung lesions: A study of 60 casesJournal of Ultrasound200853
20Nail unit ultrasound: a complete guide of the nail diseasesJournal of Ultrasound201751
21Ultrasound of the digital flexor system: Normal and pathological findingsJournal of Ultrasound200750
22Sonography of the quadriceps muscle: Examination technique, normal anatomy, and traumatic lesionsJournal of Ultrasound201050
23Focal splenic lesions: US findingsJournal of Ultrasound201350
24Automated classification of focal breast lesions according to S-detect: validation and role as a clinical and teaching toolJournal of Ultrasound201849
25Carpal tunnel: Normal anatomy, anatomical variants and ultrasound techniqueJournal of Ultrasound201148
26Ultrasonography as a guide during vascular access procedures and in the diagnosis of complicationsJournal of Ultrasound201348
27Volumetric blood flow measurement using Doppler ultrasound: concerns about the techniqueJournal of Ultrasound201548
28A review of ultrasound imaging in scrotal emergenciesJournal of Ultrasound201347
29Role of ultrasonography in the management of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism: retrospective comparison with technetium-99m sestamibi scintigraphyJournal of Ultrasound201446
30Role of ultrasound in posteromedial tarsal tunnel syndrome: 81 casesJournal of Ultrasound201445
31Point-of-care ultrasound in cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a concise reviewJournal of Ultrasound201744
32Utility of a gel stand-off pad in the detection of Doppler signal on focal nodular lesions of the skinJournal of Ultrasound202044
33Ultrasound in newborns and children suffering from non-traumatic acute abdominal pain: imaging with clinical and surgical correlationJournal of Ultrasound201543
34Focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS) by emergency medicine residents in patients with suspected cardiovascular diseasesJournal of Ultrasound201743
35Varicocele: Ultrasonographic assessment in daily clinical practiceJournal of Ultrasound201142
36Exercise induced changes in echo intensity within the muscle: a brief reviewJournal of Ultrasound202041
37The role of ultrasonography in the study of medical nephropathyJournal of Ultrasound200740
38The tibialis posterior tendonJournal of Ultrasound201240
39Stenosing tenosynovitisJournal of Ultrasound201240
40Branchial cleft cystJournal of Ultrasound201340
41Prospective evaluation of acoustic radiation force impulse technology in the differentiation of thyroid nodules: accuracy and interobserver variability assessmentJournal of Ultrasound201440
42Contrast-enhanced ultrasound with SonoVue in the evaluation of postoperative complications in pediatric liver transplant recipientsJournal of Ultrasound200739
43Sonographic anatomy of the neck: The suprahyoid regionJournal of Ultrasound201139
44Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) versus computed tomography angiography (CTA) in detection of endoleaks in post-EVAR patients. Are delayed type II endoleaks being missed? A systematic review and meta-analysisJournal of Ultrasound201539
45Intra- and interobserver reliability of transorbital sonographic assessment of the optic nerve sheath diameter and optic nerve diameter in healthy adultsJournal of Ultrasound201639
46Doppler ultrasound in kidney diseases: a key parameter in clinical long-term follow-upJournal of Ultrasound201639
47Superficial temporal artery pseudoaneurysm: what is the role of ultrasound?Journal of Ultrasound201638
48Ultrasound of the elbow: Examination techniques and US appearance of the normal and pathologic jointJournal of Ultrasound200737
49Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) telemedicine project in rural Nicaragua and its impact on patient managementJournal of Ultrasound201537
50Feasibility of common carotid artery point of care ultrasound in cardiac output measurements compared to invasive methodsJournal of Ultrasound201537