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1Identifying defect-tolerant semiconductors with high minority-carrier lifetimes: beyond hybrid lead halide perovskitesMRS Communications2015662
2First principles study of two-dimensional early transition metal carbidesMRS Communications2012429
3Review and perspective on ferroelectric HfO2-based thin films for memory applicationsMRS Communications2018360
4Guidelines in predicting phase formation of high-entropy alloysMRS Communications2014275
5Mechanical properties of APbX3 (A = Cs or CH3NH3; X= I or Br) perovskite single crystalsMRS Communications2015270
6Vibrant times for mechanical metamaterialsMRS Communications2015234
7Isotope engineering of silicon and diamond for quantum computing and sensing applicationsMRS Communications2014212
8Gelatin-based hydrogels for biomedical applicationsMRS Communications2017184
9Machine learning for composite materialsMRS Communications2019183
10Hairy nanoparticle assemblies as one-component functional polymer nanocomposites: opportunities and challengesMRS Communications2013169
11Deep materials informatics: Applications of deep learning in materials scienceMRS Communications2019137
12Electrostatic gating of hybrid halide perovskite field-effect transistors: balanced ambipolar transport at room-temperatureMRS Communications2015135
13The expanding world of hybrid perovskites: materials properties and emerging applicationsMRS Communications2015132
14Symbolic regression in materials scienceMRS Communications2019119
15A data ecosystem to support machine learning in materials scienceMRS Communications2019112
16Materials science in the artificial intelligence age: high-throughput library generation, machine learning, and a pathway from correlations to the underpinning physicsMRS Communications2019109
17Synthesis, lattice structure, and band gap of ZnSnN2MRS Communications2013108
18A perspective on electrical energy storageMRS Communications201492
19Carbyne: from the elusive allotrope to stable carbon atom wiresMRS Communications201892
20Active-learning and materials design: the example of high glass transition temperature polymersMRS Communications201985
21Are lead-free piezoelectrics more environmentally friendly?MRS Communications201784
22Engineering semiconducting polymers for efficient charge transportMRS Communications201578
23Opportunities in vanadium-based strongly correlated electron systemsMRS Communications201777
24Membranes with selective wettability for the separation of oil-water mixturesMRS Communications201575
25Additive manufacturing for COVID-19: Devices, materials, prospects, and challengesMRS Communications202074
26On the identification of Sb2Se3 using Raman scatteringMRS Communications201873
27An augmented numerical inverse method for determining the composition-dependent interdiffusivities in alloy systems by using a single diffusion coupleMRS Communications201672
28On the progress of 3D-printed hydrogels for tissue engineeringMRS Communications202171
29Low-loss silicon wire waveguides for optical integrated circuitsMRS Communications201670
30Natural melanin pigments and their interfaces with metal ions and oxides: emerging concepts and technologiesMRS Communications201770
31Lighting for the 21st century with laser diodes based on non-basal plane orientations of GaNMRS Communications201568
32Magnesium-sulfur battery: its beginning and recent progressMRS Communications201768
33Electrocatalytic activity of high-entropy alloys toward oxygen evolution reactionMRS Communications201866
34Molecular design, synthesis, and characterization of conjugated polymers for interfacing electronic biomedical devices with living tissueMRS Communications201564
35Machine learning prediction of elastic properties and glass-forming ability of bulk metallic glassesMRS Communications201963
36Photonic flash sintering of silver nanoparticle inks: a fast and convenient method for the preparation of highly conductive structures on foilMRS Communications201262
37The effect of magnesium substitution on the hardness of synthetic and biogenic calciteMRS Communications201262
38Coupling and competition between ferroelectricity, magnetism, strain, and oxygen vacancies in AMnO3 perovskitesMRS Communications201662
39Understanding the relationship between Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 material properties and device performanceMRS Communications201459
40Nanostructured cerium oxide: preparation, characterization, and application in energy and environmental catalysisMRS Communications201659
41Rapid synthesis of high-performance thermoelectric materials directly from natural mineral tetrahedriteMRS Communications201356
42Depolymerizable polymers: preparation, applications, and future outlookMRS Communications201556
43Green synthesis and antibacterial activity of hydroxyapatite nanorods for orthopedic applicationsMRS Communications201755
44Catalytic polymeric nanoreactors: more than a solid supported catalystMRS Communications201254
45Using convolutional neural networks to predict composite properties beyond the elastic limitMRS Communications201954
46Microcompression of brittle and anisotropic crystals: recent advances and current challenges in studying plasticity in hard materialsMRS Communications201753
47Tissue engineering toward organ-specific regeneration and disease modelingMRS Communications201752
48Three-dimensional-printed molds and materials for injection molding and rapid tooling applicationsMRS Communications201952
49Experiment Specification, Capture and Laboratory Automation Technology (ESCALATE): a software pipeline for automated chemical experimentation and data managementMRS Communications201951
50Long-term stability of mechanically exfoliated MoS2 flakesMRS Communications201750