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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Geography115921828
2Department of Geography64365138
3Department of Teacher Education3395212
3Department of Geography73956557
5Department of Geography43244234
6Department of Geography52906066
6Education and Social Research Institute529053
8Department of Geography62762844
9Department of Sociology3239195
10Department of Anthropology72332128
11Department of Geography12219833
12School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences221017989
13Department of Geography52032225
14Moray House School of Education819715
15School of Geography31492528
16Department of Geography and Topographic Science11262916
17Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis11233826
18Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation31198087
18Department of Geography21191010
20Department of Geography21182421
21Department of Geography911326119
21Department of Geography and Geomatics111387
23Department of Social and Economic Geography21082019
24Department of Geography and Environment11024024
24School of Geography4102133195
26School of Law197121
27Department of Geography495112177
28Department of Sociology38622
29Department of Geography2858084
30Faculty of Education5835099
31School of Sport and Education3751122
31School of Medicine and Public Health275261224
33School of Social Sciences373615
34Department of Geography371426
35Department of Geography2685262
36Department of Geography56552119
36Department of Geography and International Centre for Regional Regeneration and Development Studies26518
38Department of Geography and Geology1648682
38Faculty of Applied Health Sciences1648337
40School of Nursing4623462
40School of Education1624520
40Department of Geography2621633
43Department of Geography1613226
44School of Business and Social Sciences16022
45Department of Geography1572414
46Department of Geography15333
47Department of Psychology2521112
48School of Education2513126
48Department of Geography1516063
50College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine150164160
50Public Health Sciences1503848
52Department of Sociology2483578
52Department of Planning and Geography14842
54Institute of Geography1471416
54School of Geography and Sustainable Communities2471512
56Faculty of Health Sciences145806507
56School of Nursing and Midwifery1458051
58Faculty of Education344147177
58Department of Linguistics and English Language1443426
60Division of Sociology14313
61Department of Geography241191301
61Department of Development Studies241526
63Department of Geography and Urban Studies1403135
64Department of Psychology139159168
65Department of Psychology138179176
65Faculty of Social Sciences1384422
67Department of Sociology1374171
67Department of Social Policy and Social Work13777
69Department of Psychology and Sociology1364436
69Department of Social Psychology and Methodology1361814
69Department of Geography1364958
72Department of Geography33545115
73School of Educational Sciences and Psychology2341528
74Faculty of Education13310988
75Department of Anthropology332221
76Faculty of Education and Culture2301512
77School of Human and Environmental Studies229818
78Department of Geography228144254
78Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences228465806
78Faculty of Life and Social Sciences12884160
81School of Social and Political Science127157151
82International Development Studies126811
82School of Psychology126143169
82School of Law12623
82Department of Sociology1263148
86Department of Geography125151184
86Department of Geography32593280
86School of Public Health125229251
86Department of Sociology1251919
90School of Education and Professional Development1242925
91Department of Geography22282166
91Department of Psychiatry122470542
91School of Sociology and Social Policy22234139
91Division of Clinical Epidemiology12288163
91School of Public Health and Health Systems122218257
91Division of Clinical Epidemiology1222852
97Institute of Geography1214765
97School of Law1212826
99Department of Clinical Neuroscience120767937
99Department of Clinical Neuroscience120424
99Faculty of Health Sciences120517650
99Department of Food and Nutrition1202239
99School of Human Services and Social Work1203854
99School of Business and Tourism1203645
99Department of Anthropology1204956
106Department of Sociology11976114
106School of Health Sciences and Social Care11960150
106School of Geography and Environmental Studies1195698
106Department of Languages and Cultures1191718
110Department of Geography118202297
110School of Nursing118266334
110Department of Sociology11813
113School of Geography and the Environment217194397
113Department of Geography217153341
113School of Education21756124
113School of Geography and Planning1176889
113Faculty of Architecture and Design11762
118School of Education2161536
118School of Geography and Environmental Sciences1162237
120Department of Geography11577116
120Department of Anthropology2152155
120Faculty of Education1154971
123Institute of Environmental Studies114519
123Graduate School of Education1145990
123School of Geography1146485
126Department of Political Science11335
126School of Education1134347
128Faculty of Philosophy2124292
128Dentistry and Health Sciences112288495
128Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience11299175
128Department of Geography and Geology11254103
128Institute of Geography and Earth Science11238
128Department of Architecture and Built Environment1121935
128School of Vocational Teacher Education11213
128Newcastle Business School112124197
136School of Geography and Geosciences11168144
136School of Languages and Social Sciences1112961
136Department of Psychology111383567
136Department of Geography11194166
136Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology211325
136School of Social Sciences1113891
136Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies1111324
143School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education1104064
144Birmingham Business School19184307
144Department of Psychology19248419
144Department of Social Anthropology192145
144School of Geography and Environmental Science1989181
144School of Architecture195389
144School of Law and Social Sciences19820
144Department of Sociology19513
151Department of Ethnology181112
151Department of Sociology1846
151School of Public Health18484750
151Department of Sociology and Social Policy183757
151Department of Education Sciences18317
151Faculty of Education182047
151Faculty of Education and Psychology181021
151Department of Architecture1825
151Division of Public Health Sciences18135228
160Graduate School of Education1780204
160Faculty of Education17111185
160School of Education2794229
160School of Sociology and Social Policy1754108
160Department of Political Science272279
160Department of Anthropology173480
160Department of Sociology1769128
160Geography Programme17719
160Department of Anthropology1799176
160Institute of Childhood and Education1736
170Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning2642134
170Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences16413
170Department of Anthropology1675146
170Faculty of Education164177
170Department of Theory and History of Education1635
170Faculty of Education and Society163046
170School of Social Sciences16214378
170Department of Anthropology163687
170School of Education36856
170Department of Geography and Economic History163387
170School of Business163587
170School of Education164486
182Department of Sociology153797
182Department of Training and Education Sciences151941
182Faculty of Education and Arts15422
182Faculty of Education152457
182School of Arts and Social Sciences151038
182Department of Geography1565144
182Department of Anthropology15925
189Department of Geography141425
189School of Ethnology and Sociology14820
189Department for Social Work and Social Policy1413
189Faculty of Education142666
189Department of Geography and Environmental Studies142160
189Department of Geography1491194
189Faculty of Social Sciences1452189
189Energy and Environment Institute142562
189Department of Sociology and Social Work141035
189Department of Sociology141056
189Department of Business Administration141028
200Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology23114
200School of Public Health and Social Work13178402
200Department of Applied Social Sciences13129308
200Faculty of Education131654
204School of Geographical and Earth Science12316
204Faculty of Education12117338
204School of Geography and Development1268162
204Department of Pediatrics12345667
204School of Education1249144
209Department of Education Studies11847
209School of Education111085
209School of Social Work1179190
209Department of Sociology and Work Science1142130
209Department of Sociology and Social Work1139104
209School of Education1154113
209Department of Social Work1116
209Department of History and Geography1117
209Department of Social Work11723
209Department of Human Sciences for Education11420
209School of Arts and Social Sciences11420
220College of Medicine and Public Health10360878
220College of Business1012
220Department of Geography and Environmental Management10157339
220School of History102044
220Department of Geography1043121