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1Electrolyte selection for supercapacitive devices: a critical reviewNanoscale Advances2019702
2Current progress achieved in novel materials for supercapacitor electrodes: mini reviewNanoscale Advances2019591
3Metal oxide-based supercapacitors: progress and prospectivesNanoscale Advances2019403
4Review of electromagnetic interference shielding materials fabricated by iron ingredientsNanoscale Advances2019317
5Rh-doped MoSe2 as a toxic gas scavenger: a first-principles studyNanoscale Advances2019261
6Ball milling: a green technology for the preparation and functionalisation of nanocellulose derivativesNanoscale Advances2019224
7Design of a dual-band terahertz metamaterial absorber using two identical square patches for sensing applicationNanoscale Advances2020221
8Zinc oxide ultraviolet photodetectors: rapid progress from conventional to self-powered photodetectorsNanoscale Advances2019215
9Nanoplastics formed during the mechanical breakdown of daily-use polystyrene productsNanoscale Advances2019183
10ZnO nanostructured materials and their potential applications: progress, challenges and perspectivesNanoscale Advances2022181
11The role of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as a capping and structure-directing agent in the formation of Pt nanocubesNanoscale Advances2019175
12Progress in polymers and polymer composites used as efficient materials for EMI shieldingNanoscale Advances2021174
13Role of gold nanoparticles in advanced biomedical applicationsNanoscale Advances2020172
14Progress in supercapacitors: roles of two dimensional nanotubular materialsNanoscale Advances2020164
15Raman spectroscopy to unravel the magnetic properties of iron oxide nanocrystals for bio-related applicationsNanoscale Advances2019160
16Porous reduced graphene oxide (rGO)/WO3 nanocomposites for the enhanced detection of NH3 at room temperatureNanoscale Advances2019136
17The function of metal–organic frameworks in the application of MOF-based compositesNanoscale Advances2020136
18Hydrophobic ion pairing: encapsulating small molecules, peptides, and proteins into nanocarriersNanoscale Advances2019135
19Will organic–inorganic hybrid halide lead perovskites be eliminated from optoelectronic applications?Nanoscale Advances2019130
20Advances in nanomaterial application in enzyme-based electrochemical biosensors: a reviewNanoscale Advances2019126
21Micro- and nanoplastics – current state of knowledge with the focus on oral uptake and toxicityNanoscale Advances2020125
22Functionalized carbon nanotubes: synthesis, properties and applications in water purification, drug delivery, and material and biomedical sciencesNanoscale Advances2021118
232D MXene-containing polymer electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium metal batteriesNanoscale Advances2019117
24Enhanced charge separation in g-C3N4–BiOI heterostructures for visible light driven photoelectrochemical water splittingNanoscale Advances2019115
25Machine learning-driven new material discoveryNanoscale Advances2020111
26Research progress on solutions to the sneak path issue in memristor crossbar arraysNanoscale Advances2020110
27Two-dimensional metal–organic frameworks and their derivatives for electrochemical energy storage and electrocatalysisNanoscale Advances2020109
28Development of biological metal–organic frameworks designed for biomedical applications: from bio-sensing/bio-imaging to disease treatmentNanoscale Advances2020107
29Nanoscale covalent organic frameworks as theranostic platforms for oncotherapy: synthesis, functionalization, and applicationsNanoscale Advances2020100
30Superbat: battery-like supercapacitor utilized by graphene foam and zinc oxide (ZnO) electrodes induced by structural defectsNanoscale Advances201997
31Phase change thin films for non-volatile memory applicationsNanoscale Advances201997
32Overview of transition metal-based composite materials for supercapacitor electrodesNanoscale Advances202096
33Liquid metal nanocompositesNanoscale Advances202088
34Deep learning: a new tool for photonic nanostructure designNanoscale Advances202087
35A NiCo-MOF nanosheet array based electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reactionNanoscale Advances202087
36In-plane anisotropic electronics based on low-symmetry 2D materials: progress and prospectsNanoscale Advances202084
37Porous tal palm carbon nanosheets: preparation, characterization and application for the simultaneous determination of dopamine and uric acidNanoscale Advances201983
38Intracellular ratiometric temperature sensing using fluorescent carbon dotsNanoscale Advances201982
39A review on bismuth oxyhalide based materials for photocatalysisNanoscale Advances202182
40The rapid diagnosis and effective inhibition of coronavirus using spike antibody attached gold nanoparticlesNanoscale Advances202182
41Tin+1Cn MXenes with fully saturated and thermally stable Cl terminationsNanoscale Advances201981
42Photo/electrocatalysis and photosensitization using metal nanoclusters for green energy and medical applicationsNanoscale Advances202079
43Soft-template-assisted synthesis: a promising approach for the fabrication of transition metal oxidesNanoscale Advances202079
44Carboxymethyl cellulose coated magnetic nanoparticles transport across a human lung microvascular endothelial cell model of the blood–brain barrierNanoscale Advances201978
45Facile construction of a novel NiFe2O4@P-doped g-C3N4 nanocomposite with enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activityNanoscale Advances201977
46Multi-band terahertz superabsorbers based on perforated square-patch metamaterialsNanoscale Advances202176
47Gold nanomaterials for optical biosensing and bioimagingNanoscale Advances202176
48Mesocrystals for photocatalysis: a comprehensive review on synthesis engineering and functional modificationsNanoscale Advances201975
49First-principles study of Na insertion at TiO2 anatase surfaces: new hints for Na-ion battery designNanoscale Advances202075
50Agricultural nanodiagnostics for plant diseases: recent advances and challengesNanoscale Advances202074