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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1School of Public Health1017617
2Faculty of Psychology31713539
3Faculty of Education and Social Work31502626
4Department of Pediatrics565105275
5School of Social Sciences36370116
6Department of Public Health Sciences558108314
7Department of Education and Social Sciences15411
7Department of Management Sciences1542417
9Department of Psychology452330
10Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences15013383
11Department of Psychiatry1492520
12School of Medicine34874275
12School of Medicine248459612
14School of Medicine34491222
14School of Public Health244234375
14Department of Nursing Science5441327
17Department of Human Nutrition4421338
18Faculty of Education24135
19Faculty of Education340147190
20School of Psychology239266395
21Moray House School of Education2382766
21Faculty of Education and Health Sciences2383351
21Faculty of Education23812
24Department of Health Education2371128
25School of Education2345966
25Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition134197187
27Department of Psychology132177223
27Department of Educational Psychology1321326
29School of Psychology33149130
29Medical School33160236
29Department of Clinical Psychology1311221
32Department of Psychology130158170
33Public Health Nutrition12958
34College of Medicine327260460
35School of Education1251520
35College of Medicine12510792
35Department of Epidemiology12512
38College of Humanities and Social Sciences1241016
38School of Health Sciences1245248
40School of Pharmacy123118157
41Department of Psychiatry12260122
41Faculty of Education and Social Work12210390
41Rollins School of Public Health1229861.1K
41School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences422102358
45Health and Ethics120722
45Department of Health Promotion and Education2201830
45Faculty of Social Sciences12073140
45Department of Psychology120178240
45Faculty of Health Sciences120187242
50Department of Epidemiology119467635
50School of Education and Lifelong Learning31914
50Centre for Health Economics119188246
53School of Health and Medical Sciences21875280
54Department of Psychology117332468
54Department of Epidemiology117224375
54Department of Food and Nutrition217944
57Department of Teacher Education11669108
57School of Psychology116177285
57Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology116819
57Department of Food Science and Technology11699136
57School of Health and Social Sciences1164159
57Griffith Business School116243335
57Department of Nursing1164251
64Department of Nursing and Midwifery1153339
64Department of Methodology and Statistics21552209
64Department of Nursing2152968
64School of Public Health21580183
68School of Public Health1149161.3K
68Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition214127276
68School of Public Health214314649
68School of Medical Sciences1145664
68Department of Psychology114383526
68Department of Sociology11476138
68Department of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics1147687
68School of Public Health114134263
76Faculty of Health Sciences113301459
76Faculty of Business and Accountancy113108166
76Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business1133737
76Department of Psychology11313
76Department of Psychology1131844
81School of Public Health112105176
81School of Public Health1129571.3K
81Department of Nursing and Health Sciences112410
81School of Public Health112233375
81School of Health Sciences1123460
81Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology1123960
87Department of Psychology31159318
87School of Health Policy and Management11158100
87Danish School of Education3111369
87School of Medicine111272503
87School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education3111060
87The Nethersole School of Nursing111117183
93Faculty of Health and Life Sciences31033239
93Department of Health Sciences1101239
93Department of Nutrition110411
93Department of Physical Education1103273
93Atkinson Graduate School of Management1102962
93Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences1104263
93Department of Philosophy1101213
93Department of Nutrition11073139
101School of Nursing and Midwifery195092
101School of Psychology1976165
103Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology1880203
103School of Public Health18102163
103Department of Management1892190
103Department of Health Sciences18366567
103Cardiff Business School18266414
103School of Psychology183278
103School of Economics and Management182546
103Centre for Child Development and Education18412
111Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition173476
111School of Education174685
111Faculty of Education17117258
111School of Law175294
111Department of Clinical Medicine17212355
111School of Public Health and Community Medicine17288535
111School of Medicine17155382
118School of Public Health36174647
118Department of Applied Sciences of Education16735
118School of Public Health16115
118Department of Health Sciences1651136
118Faculty of Education1643
123College of Medicine151.6K1.9K
123Department of Psychology15234451
123Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry1580224
123Division of Epidemiology and Public Health15134272
123School of Education2579209
123Faculty of Health Sciences15517936
123Bond Business School152266
123Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness15525
123Department of Health Sciences15102221
123School of Educational Sciences and Psychology1545113
123Faculty of Education151631
123Department of Nutrition151329
123Department of Health and Nutrition1514
123Department of Nursing15417
123Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology1525
123Health Psychology Program1514
139Faculty of Medicine146821.2K
139College of Health Sciences1462161
139School of Public Health24191754
139Faculty of Education1449129
139Department of Health and Social Sciences143097
144School of Medicine and Dentistry131.5K2.3K
144School of Education1368178
144School of Education1397194
144School of Public Health and Health Systems13218484
144School of Education and Professional Studies1396196
144School of Food and Agriculture1354135
144Department of Psychology13262502
144Faculty of Health and Social Sciences132895
144Department of Business Administration23633
144Health Services Management Research Center132563
154Department of Epidemiology and Public Health12364694
154Department of Public Health and Epidemiology1285211
154College of Life Sciences122099
154School of Health Sciences1244143
154School of Social and Community Medicine12367741
154School of Applied Sciences1214
154Department of Psychology12126247
154Department of Personality and Social Psychology1217
154School of Health and Social Sciences1225125
154Business School1229108
154Department of Public Health1226
154Department of Medical Education12410
154Faculty of Education2211
167College of Nursing and Health Sciences11155361
167Department of Sociology113286
167School of Education11118246
167Faculty of Medicine and Health216041.7K
167College of Medicine and Dentistry11143390
167College of Public Health1157195
167Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce11941
167Department of Sociology111422
167School of Nursing and Midwifery11128260
167Department of Health Sciences1171160
167School of Medicine11295749
167School of Human Services and Social Work1138129
167Department of Pharmacy1185201
167Department of Health Education and Promotion31111
167Faculty of Management and Economics111467
167Department of Sociology11515
167Department of Development Studies111349
184Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition1073207
184School of Medical and Health Sciences10176462
184School of Education1048130
184Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition102865
184College of Education10837
184Faculty of Medicine10214549
184Faculty of Health Sciences103297
184School of Public Health10339
184Faculty of Medicine101026
184School of Public Health109401.8K
184Department of Health Management and Economics1081182
184School of Medicine and Public Health10431944
184Prasanna School of Public Health1036114