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1Mittag-Leffler stability of fractional-order Hopfield neural networksNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2015233
2Output tracking control of delayed switched systems via state-dependent switching and dynamic output feedbackNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2019195
3Improved criteria for sampled-data synchronization of chaotic Lur’e systems using two new approachesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2017152
4Reachability analysis of linear systems using support functionsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2010150
5Dynamics analysis and numerical simulations of a stochastic non-autonomous predator–prey system with impulsive effectsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2017149
6Existence results for nonlinear impulsive hybrid boundary value problems involving fractional differential equationsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2009146
7Stability, -gain and control synthesis for positive switched systems with time-varying delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2013138
8Dwell-time stability and stabilization conditions for linear positive impulsive and switched systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2017134
9Computing reachable sets of hybrid systems using a combination of zonotopes and polytopesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2010129
10Equivalence between the Lyapunov–Krasovskii functionals approach for discrete delay systems and that of the stability conditions for switched systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2008124
11Mode-dependent nonrational output feedback control for continuous-time semi-Markovian jump systems with time-varying delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2015124
12Basic results on hybrid differential equationsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2010123
13Stability of interconnected impulsive systems with and without time delays, using Lyapunov methodsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2012123
14Stability and stabilization of positive switched systems with mode-dependent average dwell timeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2013122
15Discontinuity-induced limit cycles in a general planar piecewise linear system of saddle–focus typeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2019121
16Fault-tolerant leader-following consensus for multi-agent systems subject to semi-Markov switching topologies: An event-triggered control schemeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2019119
17Finite-time stabilization of nonlinear impulsive dynamical systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2008115
18Existence of solutions for impulsive integral boundary value problems of fractional orderNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2010112
19Stochastic stability and stabilization of positive systems with Markovian jump parametersNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2014110
20Input-to-state stability of impulsive systems and their networksNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2017110
21Stability and stabilization of switched linear discrete-time systems with interval time-varying delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2011108
22A theory for flow switchability in discontinuous dynamical systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2008100
23Delay-dependent observer-based finite-time control for switched systems with time-varying delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2012100
24Pinning impulsive synchronization of complex dynamical networks with various time-varying delay sizesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems2017100
25H control for networked systems">A Markov jump model approach to reliable event-triggered retarded dynamic output feedback H control for networked systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201797
26Adaptive fuzzy backstepping control design for a class of pure-feedback switched nonlinear systemsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201596
27Dynamic graphsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems200894
28Reliable dissipative control for Markov jump systems using an event-triggered sampling information schemeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201793
29Exponential stability of nonlinear state-dependent delayed impulsive systems with applicationsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems202193
30A survey of results and perspectives on stabilization of switched nonlinear systems with unstable modesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201491
31Delay-dependent control for singular Markovian jump systems with time delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201390
32Numerical solution of fuzzy differential equations under generalized differentiabilityNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems200987
33A sliding mode approach to robust stabilisation of Markovian jump linear time-delay systems with generally incomplete transition ratesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201585
34Exponential synchronization of Markovian jumping chaotic neural networks with sampled-data and saturating actuatorsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201785
35Exponential stability for stochastic jumping BAM neural networks with time-varying and distributed delaysNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201184
36Finite-time filtering for switched linear systems with a mode-dependent average dwell timeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201584
37A Filippov system describing media effects on the spread of infectious diseasesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201483
38Delay-dependent robust control for uncertain switched systems with time-delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems200881
39Dynamics of a stochastic regime-switching predator–prey model with harvesting and distributed delaysNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201880
40Adaptive finite-time output-feedback control design for switched pure-feedback nonlinear systems with average dwell timeNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems202079
41Nonlinear observer for autonomous switching systems with jumpsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems200776
42Robust stabilization for uncertain switched impulsive control systems with state delay: An LMI approachNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems200876
43H synchronization for complex dynamical networks with coupling delays using distributed impulsive control">H synchronization for complex dynamical networks with coupling delays using distributed impulsive controlNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201576
44Robust output tracking control for switched systems under asynchronous switchingNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201375
45A recursive identification algorithm for switched linear/affine modelsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201174
46New criteria for exponential stability of switched time-varying systems with delays and nonlinear disturbancesNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201774
47Stabilization of stochastic complex-valued coupled delayed systems with Markovian switching via periodically intermittent controlNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201874
48L2-gain analysis and control of Markovian jump switched neural networks with additive time-varying delays">Finite-time boundedness,L2-gain analysis and control of Markovian jump switched neural networks with additive time-varying delaysNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201772
49The existence and uniqueness of mild solutions for impulsive fractional equations with nonlocal conditions and infinite delayNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201071
50On Caputo–Hadamard type fractional impulsive hybrid systems with nonlinear fractional integral conditionsNonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems201671