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1A review of renewable energy sources, sustainability issues and climate change mitigationCogent Engineering20161,596
2A review of multi-objective optimization: Methods and its applicationsCogent Engineering2018444
3Polymer matrix-natural fiber composites: An overviewCogent Engineering2018265
4Are MCDM methods useful? A critical review of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Analytic Network Process (ANP)Cogent Engineering2019128
5A comprehensive study for robot navigation techniquesCogent Engineering2019127
6PV-wind hybrid system: A review with case studyCogent Engineering2016125
7Use of nano-silica in cement based materials—A reviewCogent Engineering2015124
8Self-healing composites: A reviewCogent Engineering2015116
9A review on automated pavement distress detection methodsCogent Engineering2017116
10DTALite: A queue-based mesoscopic traffic simulator for fast model evaluation and calibrationCogent Engineering2014113
11The relationship between carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption, and GDP: A recent evidence from PakistanCogent Engineering2016102
12Recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottle wastes in bituminous asphaltic concreteCogent Engineering201688
13Causes of delay in residential construction projects in CambodiaCogent Engineering201782
14The use of natural zeolite to remove heavy metals Cu (II), Pb (II) and Cd (II), from industrial wastewaterCogent Engineering202081
15A review of Ghana’s energy sector national energy statistics and policy frameworkCogent Engineering201675
16Optimal model for path loss predictions using feed-forward neural networksCogent Engineering201873
17A review of Ghana’s water resource management and the future prospectCogent Engineering201671
18Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc-discharge and chemical vapor deposition method with analysis of its morphology, dispersion and functionalization characteristicsCogent Engineering201566
19Design considerations and operational performance of anaerobic digester: A reviewCogent Engineering201664
20Heavy metal contamination of groundwater due to fly ash disposal of coal-fired thermal power plant, Parichha, Jhansi, IndiaCogent Engineering201661
21Steps towards green manufacturing through EDM process: A reviewCogent Engineering201661
22The design for wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with GPS X modellingCogent Engineering202061
23Content-based image retrieval: A review of recent trendsCogent Engineering202160
24MIL and SIL and PIL tests for MPPT algorithmCogent Engineering201757
25Customized 3D printed ankle-foot orthosis with adaptable carbon fibre composite spring jointCogent Engineering201656
26Water quality index development for groundwater quality assessment of Greater Noida sub-basin, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaCogent Engineering201656
27Utilisation of iron ore tailings as aggregates in concreteCogent Engineering201555
28A comparative study of the Bees Algorithm as a tool for function optimisationCogent Engineering201555
29Moth flame optimization to solve optimal power flow with non-parametric statistical evaluation validationCogent Engineering201754
30Grey wolf optimizer based regulator design for automatic generation control of interconnected power systemCogent Engineering201653
31Application of waste tyre-based activated carbon for the removal of heavy metals in wastewaterCogent Engineering201751
32Traffic flow prediction models – A review of deep learning techniquesCogent Engineering202250
33Productivity improvement of a manufacturing facility using systematic layout planningCogent Engineering201649
34User experience framework that combines aspects, dimensions, and measurement methodsCogent Engineering201749
35Forecasting monthly groundwater level fluctuations in coastal aquifers using hybrid Wavelet packet–Support vector regressionCogent Engineering201548
36Analysis of groundwater quality using water quality index: A case study of greater Noida (Region), Uttar Pradesh (U.P), IndiaCogent Engineering201648
37Corrosion polarization behavior and microstructural analysis of AA1070 aluminium silicon carbide matrix composites in acid chloride concentrationsCogent Engineering201747
38An NSGA-III algorithm for solving multi-objective economic/environmental dispatch problemCogent Engineering201646
39Design and analysis of solar PV-fuel cell and wind energy based microgrid system for power quality improvementCogent Engineering201746
40Peristaltic transport of two-layered blood flow using Herschel–Bulkley ModelCogent Engineering201845
41Optimal power flow with enhancement of voltage stability and reduction of power loss using ant-lion optimizerCogent Engineering201644
42Strength and microstructure of eco-concrete produced using waste glass as partial and complete replacement for sandCogent Engineering201844
43Isotherms describing physical adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using various agricultural wastes as adsorbentsCogent Engineering201643
44Feasibility of biomass heating system in Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus CampusCogent Engineering201643
45An approach for automatic lesion detection in mammogramsCogent Engineering201842
46Column adsorption study for the removal of chromium and manganese ions from electroplating wastewater using cashew nutshell adsorbentCogent Engineering202042
47Industry 4.0: Clustering of concepts and characteristicsCogent Engineering202241
48Improved PSO based automatic generation control of multi-source nonlinear power systems interconnected by AC/DC linksCogent Engineering201840
49How to convince players in construction market? Strategies for effective implementation of circular economy in construction sectorCogent Engineering201940
50Evaluation of the performance of eco-friendly lightweight interlocking concrete paving units incorporating sawdust wastes and lateriteCogent Engineering201639