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Top Articles

1A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital CareJournal of Patient Safety20131,020
2Exploring Relationships Between Hospital Patient Safety Culture and Adverse EventsJournal of Patient Safety2010296
3Implementing and Validating a Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety ProgramJournal of Patient Safety2005236
4Falls Among Adult Patients Hospitalized in the United StatesJournal of Patient Safety2013197
5The Relationship Between Patient Safety Culture and Patient OutcomesJournal of Patient Safety2015186
6The Second Victim Experience and Support Tool: Validation of an Organizational Resource for Assessing Second Victim Effects and the Quality of Support ResourcesJournal of Patient Safety2017159
7Assessing Patient Safety CultureJournal of Patient Safety2006142
8Underreporting of Patient Safety Incidents Reduces Health Care's Ability to Quantify and Accurately Measure Harm ReductionJournal of Patient Safety2010139
9Development and Evaluation of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Global Trigger ToolJournal of Patient Safety2008133
10The Hospital DischargeJournal of Patient Safety2007128
11AHRQ's Hospital Survey on Patient Safety CultureJournal of Patient Safety2009127
12Emotional Influences in Patient SafetyJournal of Patient Safety2010104
13Incidence of Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors in Intensive Care UnitsJournal of Patient Safety200999
14Evaluation of Nurse Interaction With Bar Code Medication Administration Technology in the Work EnvironmentJournal of Patient Safety200797
15Nurse-Physician Communication in the Long-Term Care SettingJournal of Patient Safety200996
16A Multicenter Trial of Aviation-Style Training for Surgical TeamsJournal of Patient Safety201094
17Improved Safety Culture and Teamwork Climate Are Associated With Decreases in Patient Harm and Hospital Mortality Across a Hospital SystemJournal of Patient Safety202091
18Is Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Reliable?Journal of Patient Safety200987
19The Effects of the Second Victim Phenomenon on Work-Related Outcomes: Connecting Self-Reported Caregiver Distress to Turnover Intentions and AbsenteeismJournal of Patient Safety202187
20The Impact of Integrative Medicine on Pain Management in a Tertiary Care HospitalJournal of Patient Safety201084
21What Stands in the Way of Technology-Mediated Patient Safety Improvements? A Study of Facilitators and Barriers to Physicians’ Use of Electronic Health RecordsJournal of Patient Safety201182
22Failure to Rescue Deteriorating Patients: A Systematic Review of Root Causes and Improvement StrategiesJournal of Patient Safety202282
23Psychological and Psychosomatic Symptoms of Second Victims of Adverse Events: a Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJournal of Patient Safety202080
24A Systematic Review of Systemic Cobaltism After Wear or Corrosion of Chrome-Cobalt Hip ImplantsJournal of Patient Safety201979
25Trends in Computed Tomography Utilization RatesJournal of Patient Safety201478
26Emotion and Coping in the Aftermath of Medical ErrorJournal of Patient Safety201577
27Older Patients' Understanding of Emergency Department Discharge Information and Its Relationship With Adverse OutcomesJournal of Patient Safety201176
28Predicting Potential Postdischarge Adverse Drug Events and 30-Day Unplanned Hospital Readmissions From Medication Regimen ComplexityJournal of Patient Safety201476
29Interventional Procedures Outside of the Operating Room: Results From the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes RegistryJournal of Patient Safety201868
30A National Study of Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals in SwedenJournal of Patient Safety201967
31Exploring Relationships Between Patient Safety Culture and Patients’ Assessments of Hospital CareJournal of Patient Safety201266
32The Human Factors of Home Health CareJournal of Patient Safety200964
33Risk Factors for Restriction in Activity Associated With Fear of Falling Among Seniors Within the CommunityJournal of Patient Safety201063
34Electronic Health Record–Related Events in Medical Malpractice ClaimsJournal of Patient Safety201961
35Information Transfer at Hospital Discharge: A Systematic ReviewJournal of Patient Safety202061
36Interhospital Facility Transfers in the United States: A Nationwide Outcomes StudyJournal of Patient Safety201760
37The Impact of Adverse Events on Clinicians: What's in a Name?Journal of Patient Safety202060
38Failure Mode and Effects AnalysisJournal of Patient Safety201058
39Development of the Just Culture Assessment ToolJournal of Patient Safety201355
40Bar Code Technology and Medication Administration ErrorJournal of Patient Safety201054
41Assessing the Perceived Level of Institutional Support for the Second Victim After a Patient Safety EventJournal of Patient Safety201552
42Five Topics Health Care Simulation Can Address to Improve Patient Safety: Results From a Consensus ProcessJournal of Patient Safety201952
43An Examination of Opportunities for the Active Patient in Improving Patient SafetyJournal of Patient Safety201251
44Understanding the Barriers to Physician Error Reporting and DisclosureJournal of Patient Safety201451
45Disclosing Adverse Events to Patients: International Norms and TrendsJournal of Patient Safety201751
46Supporting Clinicians After Adverse Events: Development of a Clinician Peer Support ProgramJournal of Patient Safety201851
47Tackling Ambulatory Safety Risks Through Patient Engagement: What 10,000 Patients and Families Say About Safety-Related Knowledge, Behaviors, and Attitudes After Reading Visit NotesJournal of Patient Safety202151
48What Happens to the Medication Regimens of Older Adults During and After an Acute Hospitalization?Journal of Patient Safety201349
49Sociocultural Factors Influencing Incident Reporting Among Physicians and Nurses: Understanding Frames Underlying Self- and Peer-Reporting PracticesJournal of Patient Safety201749
50The Negative Impact of Nurse-Physician Disruptive Behavior on Patient SafetyJournal of Patient Safety200948