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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Mathematics3127233
2Department of Mechanical Engineering11067427
3Department of Pharmacy139713
4Faculty of Engineering249425266
5Department of Mathematics3875135
6Department of Computer and Information Science7783375
7Department of Mechanical Engineering464170280
8Department of Mechanical Engineering96126107
9Department of Engineering85812
10Department of Industrial Engineering and Management145712
11Department of Electrical Engineering256340272
12Department of Mechanical Engineering105425124
13Department of Mechanical Engineering Science4532450
13Department of Mechanical Engineering15352
15Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering245324363
15Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering245283318
17Faculty of Health Sciences3431924
17Department of Physics54398185
19Electronics and Computer Engineering1423121
19Department of Physics and Materials Science1422613
21Department of Mechanical Engineering113959338
21Department of Electrical Engineering33969
23School of Computer and Information Sciences436925
24Photonics Research Centre4333341
25Faculty of Electrical Engineering32979152
26Department of Mechanical Engineering826559
26Department of Mechanical Engineering126400400
26Department of Physics and Astronomy32657129
29School of Dentistry125154199
29Department of Electronic Engineering225636
31Department of Engineering32449
32Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management6231043
33Department of Physics32125
34School of Engineering and Design32055218
34Department of Electronics12079
36Department of Mechanical Engineering217154233
37Department of Electronics3162643
37Department of Mechanical Engineering1216696
39School of Engineering61540307
39Department of Civil Engineering715883
39Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technology715420
42Mechanical Engineering Department21490164
42School of Technology and Management314211
42Department of Civil Engineering31429
45Department of Industrial Engineering and Management51329118
45Faculty of Engineering813144794
45Department of Mechanical Engineering91396499
48Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering1123469
49Economics and Industrial Engineering71129257
49Centre for Fundamental and Continuing Education101115
49Department of Computer Science1112222
49Department of Mechanical Engineering811378
53Department of Bioengineering310153541
53Department of Physics2104683
53Department of Mechanical Engineering31016103
56Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics59748
56Department of Civil Engineering3971269
56School of Civil Engineering11917230
59Faculty of Mechanical Engineering38420
59Department of Chemistry48327739
59Department of Mechanical Engineering68570
62Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering17745748
62Department of Physics37187442
62Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology17411
62Faculty of Mechanical Engineering371041
62Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment4714180
67School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering663431.0K
67Department of Civil Engineering963104
67Department of Mechanical Engineering46217
70School of Electronics and Information Technology15227322
70Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics75109337
70Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture25218
70Department of Mechanical Engineering352297
70Department of Mechanical Engineering25292610
70Department of Computer Science and Engineering15611
76School of Medicine149701.7K
76Department of Anesthesiology142888
76Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering54116
79Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering539167
79Department of Mathematics and Computer Science13248484
79Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering33174582
79Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering13161295
79Department of Mechanical Engineering3332235
79School of Mechanical Engineering13172343
79Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics3323122
79Department of Physics3359188
79Discipline of Mechanical Engineering1360136
79Department of Mechanical Engineering5377516
89Department of Materials Science and Engineering12365624
89Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology12378680
89Department of Physics and Astronomy42149497
89School of Medicine12259579
89Department of Information Engineering32155674
89Department of Biophysical Chemistry521176
89Institute of Physics52183628
89Institute of Process Engineering12589880
89Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering12102224
89Department of Radiology2226170
89School of Medicine22268999
89Department of Medicine12121282
89Department of Mechanical Engineering42227866
89Department of Physics12125212
89Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering12160283
89Chemical Engineering Department121154
89Department of Studies in Computer Science122862
89Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics221850
89Department of Information Systems42523
89Department of Mechanical Engineering4227
89School of Biotechnology and Health Sciences12946
89Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management621498
89Department of Computer Science and Engineering121023
89Faculty of Medicine12313
113Department of Pharmacology11237477
113Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology41116471
113Department of Mechanical Engineering116221.1K
113School of Mechanical Engineering2154250
113School of Mechanical Engineering11174389
113Institute of Mathematics and Physics211777
113Department of Mechanical Engineering41100467
113Department of Chemistry6161537
113Department of Architecture5113119
113Department of Mechanical Engineering712121.2K
113Department of Mechanical Engineering11236505
113Department of Biophysical Chemistry11922
113Department of Mechanical Engineering4127141
113Department of Applied Optics and Photonics211345
113Department of Complex Systems Science212279
113Faculty of Textile Engineering2126106
113Space Science Centre (ANGKASA)311269
113Faculty of Engineering Technology4158491
113Department of Civil Engineering11194350
113Department of Aerospace Engineering1155108
113Department of Political and Social Sciences11331
113Department of Mathematics5186401
113College of Engineering311662
113School of Electronics and Information Engineering718152
113Department of Computer Science1116
113Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering21210
113Department of Computer Science and Engineering1118
113Department of Computer Science1169
113Department of Computer Science and Engineering41118
113Department of Mechanical Engineering211275
113Department of Computer Science and Engineering1122
113Department of Computer Science and Engineering11322
113Department of Chemical Engineering11715
113Department of Physics111945
147Department of Chemical Engineering50196685
147School of Aerospace Engineering40104455
147Department of Mathematics10121224
147Department of Human and Social Sciences1048169
147Institute of Mechanics and Thermodynamics40213
147Faculty of Mechanical Engineering20141497
147Institute of Biomedical Engineering1035109
147Department of Computer and Software Engineering1022105
147Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering4034272
147Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering3018
147Faculty of Physics5062390
147Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science2046162
147Department of Mechanical Engineering3056276
147Department of Energy4059349
147Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering10189417
147Department of Architecture and Built Environment4028144
147Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering10240495
147Department of Mathematics30103349
147Department of Mathematics and Statistics30114468
147School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering2083254
147School of Computer Science and Engineering20152415
147School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering107721.2K
147School of Materials Science and Engineering40229734
147Department of Orthopedic Surgery30357
147Faculty of Engineering30148741
147Department of Computer Science and Automation2039193
147Department of Architecture103286
147Department of Mechanical Engineering4093406
147Electrical and Biomedical Engineering20314
147Faculty of Mechanical Engineering20126455
147Graduate School of Information Science10181392
147Department of Chemical Engineering1097192
147Department of Computer Science40648
147Faculty of Mechanical Engineering10162386
147Department of Electrical Engineering30857
147Department of Electrical Engineering2015124
147Faculty of Civil Engineering6022120
147Mechanical Engineering Department3039
147Computer Science and Engineering50117
147School of Electrical Engineering and Automation3062236
147Department of Zoology1036111
147Faculty of Civil Engineering and Built Environment201268
147Faculty of Business103296
147School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics103685
147Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering30594
147Department of Biomedical Engineering30133
147School of Civil Engineering408133
147Materials and Manufacturing Engineering30132
147Department of Computer Science and Engineering20627
147Department of Mathematics5086510
147Department of Mathematics50474
147Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry10317
147Department of Mechanical Engineering50266
147School of Health Sciences5027433
147College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering2067223
147Department of Civil Engineering2035