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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Graduate School of Engineering1354814113
2Department of Mechanical Engineering133173582
3Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering1131583133
4School of Mechanical and Production Engineering102494883
5Department of Mechanical Engineering32412811
6Department of Civil Engineering13227526
7Department of Mechanical Engineering1208565
8Department of Mechanical Engineering5199106142
9Department of Engineering11165188415
10Department of Mechanical Engineering11429313
11School of Mechanical Engineering2139360224
12Department of Psychology1134374225
13Department of Mechanical Engineering91203282
14School of Electrical and Computer Engineering2112336249
15Department of Mechanical Engineering7106186462
16Department of Mechanical Engineering3100126167
17Department of Mechanical Engineering593141266
18Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering7901351
18School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering3905752
20Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning2864228
21Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering3783847
22Mechanical Engineering Department3762060
23Architecture and Sustainable Design47121
24Department of Psychology270141163
25Department of Mechanical Engineering26815577
26Department of Computer Science3663881
26Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering3663376
26Department of Mechanical Engineering36666112
29Department of Mechanical Engineering76558200
30Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science16466
30School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation264191134
32Department of Management Engineering3634493
33Graduate School of Engineering1621.1K629
34School of Mechanical Engineering1061158367
35Department of Computer Science559422
35Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering6592165
37Department of Civil Engineering558523
38Department of Mechanical Engineering157169
39Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering55672216
39Department of Artificial Intelligence3561330
39School of Mechanical Engineering45680150
42Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science555165364
43School of Electrical and Computer Engineering154356271
43Faculty of Engineering1544712
45Department of Electronics and Information Systems3533155
46Department of Computer Science45242115
47Department of Civil Engineering349230304
48Department of Computer Science and Engineering2485876
49Department of Computer Science1448058
49Department of Building Economics1442914
51Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering143167168
51Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management2432536
51Department of Mechanical Engineering1433432
54School of Cognitive Science342219
55Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering241229376
56Department of Architecture4401545
57School of Mechanical Engineering239261237
58School of Computer Science137254287
59Faculty of Mechanical Engineering235141137
60Department of Mechanical Engineering134169180
60Department of Industrial Engineering334412
62Department of Civil Engineering133190185
62Department of Mechanical Engineering3332887
62Department of Engineering833533
65Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering63215137
65Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture232115135
65Institute of Mechanics and Applied Computer Science132148
68Department of Mechanical Engineering431230512
69Mechanical Engineering Department129103108
70Department of Mechanical Engineering228117205
70Department of Architecture3281563
70Department of Architecture12857
70Artificial Intelligence Center2281741
70Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management2283439
75Department of Computer Science and Engineering1267492
75Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems126513
75Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering126162182
78School of Architecture and Built Environment1255054
79Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering22452116
79Department of Civil Engineering4241346
79Department of Mechanical Engineering224383473
79Department of Mechanical Engineering124495463
83School of Management123118170
83Department of Mathematics and Computer Science2232017
83Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics42360171
83Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering123208220
83Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering123234245
83Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering52329163
89Faculty of Mechanical Engineering222188241
89Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering1223034
89Department of Business Administration1224666
92Department of Computer Science32199369
92Department of Computer Engineering1211823
92Department of Computer Science32135154
95Department of Computer Science420545
95Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering220130267
95Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering220152271
95Department of Mechanical Engineering120220232
99College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering119249226
99Department of Mechanical Engineering419278724
99Department of Mechanical Engineering219275454
99Department of Mechanical Engineering119214236
99Department of Computer Science1194939
99Department of Mechanical Engineering1195978
99Department of Mechanical Engineering219513
99Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research219920
107School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science11899127
107Department of Civil Engineering118147190
107Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering118138146
110Department of Medicine217422826
110Department of Psychology117519666
110Department of Mechanical Engineering11786118
110Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering217131201
110Faculty of Mechanical Engineering21763137
115Department of Computer Science1164679
115Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering11614
115Department of Mechanical Engineering116236311
115Centre for Industrial Management1161928
115Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology Management1161319
120Department of Computer Science115222312
120School of Construction Management and Engineering1154591
120Department of Business Administration11544
123Department of Computer Science2141265
123Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering21433131
123Department of Power Mechanical Engineering314128246
123Center for Cognitive Science1141425
123Department of Chemical Engineering1141014
123School of Architecture11437
123Department of Electrical Engineering1143842
123School of Architecture and Urban Planning1144960
123Department of Architecture1141422
123Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1141841
123Department of Computer Science21441108
123School of Psychology11494157
123Department of Civil Engineering21411
136Department of Electrical Engineering1134755
136Department of Computer Science21353147
136Department of Civil Engineering2132989
136Department of Mechanical Engineering213210401
136Department of Computer Science and Engineering21332101
141Department of Civil Engineering11214
141Department of Mechanical Engineering212237496
141Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering112918
141Department of Management and Engineering212113301
141Department of Mechanical Engineering1124176
141Department of Computer Science112140222
141Department of Computer Science1122955
141Department of Mechanical Engineering1124653
141Department of Mechanical Engineering112825
141Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering112210321
151Department of Industrial Engineering and Management11197126
151Department of Engineering Education1111836
151Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering111106152
151Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering11196129
151Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering111177218
151Computer Science and Mathematics Division111148242
151Department of Civil Engineering11153103
151Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering1114084
159Department of Business Administration1104081
159Department of Computer Science and Engineering110178311
159Department of Mechanical Engineering210147322
159Department of Industrial and Materials Science110111147
159School of Mechanical Engineering1101425
159School of Aerospace Engineering110188257
159Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology210104289
159Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics21083206
159Department of Mechanical Engineering21013
168School of Computer Science19181323
168School of Kinesiology1996198
168Department of Engineering29213
168Ministry of Education19177264
168Department of Computer Science192777
168Department of Computer Science and Engineering1966144
168Department of Computer Science1959108
168Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1972143
176Department of Computer Science181742
176Department of Mechanical Engineering28186341
176Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering18617
176Department of Production Engineering18133188
176Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering1838
181Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science17149293
181School of Business1779152
181College of Information and Electrical Engineering17155237
181Department of Mechanical Engineering17134239
181Department of Civil and Structural Engineering171545
181Department of Mechanical Engineering17715
181School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering178131.0K
181School of Media and Performing Arts17625
181Department of Engineering Mechanics17272380
181Faculty of Mechanical Engineering171116
181Faculty of Mechatronics175592
181Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering173454
181Department of Mechanical Engineering172042
181Department of Computer Science and Engineering171030
195Department of Management Science and Engineering1696220
195Faculty of Architecture161115
195Department of Computer Science16108223
195Institute of Psychology1668145
195Department of Electronic Engineering16157216
195Department of Computer Science16111215
195Department of Mechanical Engineering161125
195Department of Computer Science1659128
195Department of Mechanical Engineering165066
204Faculty of Computer and Information Science15132288
204Faculty of Mechanical Engineering15232390
204Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering1579113
204Department of Civil Engineering153381
204Department of Mechanical Engineering1572146
204Department of Civil Engineering1538102
204Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering15166326
204School of Engineering15378670
204Department of Mechanical Engineering1590172
204School of Engineering25238665
204Department of Mathematics and Computer Science15814
204Department of Chemical Engineering15178322
204School of Marine Science and Engineering15102227
204Department of Civil Engineering152742
204School of Mechanical Engineering15203292
204Department of Civil Engineering154693
220School of Architecture14112187
220Department of Computer Science14180266
220Industrial and Aerospace Engineering1498176
220School of Engineering and Computing Sciences14121284
220Department of Mechanical Engineering14179287
220Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering14206351
220School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering147711.1K
220School of Mechanical Engineering14186396
220Computer Engineering Department141034
220Faculty of Engineering14214372
220Cumming School of Medicine149051.4K
220Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science241445
220Department of Architecture142130
220Department of Civil Engineering142965
220Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering142079
235School of Engineering138921.3K
235Department of Civil Engineering13101200
235Department of Human Ecology1340110
235Department of Civil Engineering133982
235Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science13120286
235Department of Artificial Intelligence132547
235Graduate School of Engineering13372537
235Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics13186344
235Department of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering133989
235Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics232564
235Department of Mechanical Engineering131441
235Center for Automation and Robotics1315
235Department of Mechanical Engineering133077
235Department of Computer Science132256
235Department of Mechanical Engineering132856
250Department of Mathematics1248
250School of Engineering12496940
250Department of Computer Science12268566
250Department of Management and Production Engineering1260189
250Department of Industrial Engineering12818
250Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences1256118
250Department of Industrial Management122669
250School of Engineering1288212
250Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari1234121
250School of Engineering and the Built Environment1248154
250Faculty of Applied Sciences121658
250Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering1284198
250Department of Mechanical Engineering12321515
263College of Engineering117271.2K
263Department of Mechanical Engineering11444738
263Department of Civil Engineering1199187
263Computer Science Department11154342
263Department of Computer Science31125721
263Department of Computer Science and Engineering11103257
263Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering11281545
263Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2194352
263Department of Industrial Engineering and Management11113309
263College of Basic Education11834
263Department of Traffic and Transportation Engineering1115
263Department of Mechanical Engineering1178130
263Department of Computer Science1156139
263Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering2149208
263Faculty of Management11100219
263Department of Industrial Engineering114299
263Department of Automotive Engineering112159
263Department of Mechanical Engineering11184369
263Department of Production Engineering1157117
263Department of Mechanical Engineering11106204
263Advanced Computer Architecture1111
284Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2046174
284Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science10437879
284Department of Computer Science10121279
284Department of Mechanical Engineering10214417
284Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering10119261
284Department of Computer Science10262511
284Department of BioMechanical Engineering1053153
284Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering10181359
284Department of Civil Engineering10219386
284Department of Industrial Engineering10520
284School of Engineering and Informatics1049201
284Faculty of Mechanical Engineering1097248
284Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences10121297
284Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering1055146
284Department of Biology102985
284Department of Mechanical Engineering1056143
284Department of Mathematics1098225
284Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures10823