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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Arnold School of Public Health73158795
2Department of Clinical and Health Psychology128420344
3Department of Kinesiology and Community Health42686346
4Department of Psychiatry2252643360
5Department of Epidemiology3245204155
5Department of Psychiatry1245617258
7Department of Clinical Epidemiology123028491
8Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics121327769
9School of Public Health2194626315
10Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences11833613
11Feinberg School of Medicine31431.1K920
12School of Pharmacy and Health Professions24115215
13College of Nursing and Health Innovation5113923
14Department of Kinesiology21108057
15Food Science and Human Nutrition Department21026978
16School of Kinesiology81001151
17Department of Health and Kinesiology19811
18Department of Psychology197238136
19Department of Psychology195329221
20Military Nutrition Division1883111
21Department of Pediatrics486382570
22Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences1682222
23Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine3782351
24Department of Kinesiology175193119
25Department of Public Health Sciences171189172
25Faculty of Medicine1711.4K858
27Department of Kinesiology2705972
28Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education1699049
29Department of Psychology167519433
30Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition2656289
31Department of Nutrition Science26145
32Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics1605451
33Department of Family Medicine155165105
34Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1522727
35Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences1503126
36School of Nursing44878170
36Sustainability Education14811
38Department of Medicine345434733
39Department of Medicine144663674
39Department of Psychiatry144469502
39Department of Medicine144816704
39Department of Psychiatry144550549
39Department of Psychiatry14412
44Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1431313
44Department of Applied Health Sciences14311
46Department of Psychology14013
47Department of Psychology2339167
48Department of Internal Medicine138259195
49School of Public Health136305290
50Department of Health and Kinesiology1355263
50Department of Psychology135374390
52College of Medicine134502495
52Department of Pediatrics3341630
54Department of Epidemiology133530563
54School of Public Health133423461
56Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology132132140
56Department of Otolaryngology2321317
56Department of Psychology1321811
56Department of Medicine232492700
60Division of Cardiology3291754
60Department of Nutrition12931
60Department of Family Medicine and Public Health129134150
63Department of Kinesiology328532
64Department of Educational Psychology1272022
64College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources927293
66Department of Medicine126368484
67Department of Kinesiology12542
68Department of Biomedical Engineering124376489
69School of Medicine222282639
69Department of Psychology15227217
69School of Public Health122134161
69Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics1225381
73Department of Pediatrics221213387
74Department of Epidemiology120374521
75Department of Surgery118244362
75Graduate School of Public Health2186631.1K
77Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation117164256
77Cardiology Division117613
77School of Education117123166
80School of Public Health116249310
80Kinesiology Department116932
82Department of Epidemiology215323679
83Department of Kinesiology114103169
83Department of Surgery11481113
85College of Medicine1131.3K1.6K
85Department of Psychology113349491
85Faculty of Allied Health Sciences11391153
85Department of Dermatology1135175
85Counseling Psychology Program11312
90Department of Kinesiology and Health Education112173258
90Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology1123896
90School of Medicine112472712
90Rollins School of Public Health1129861.3K
94School of Social Work1113445
94Department of Biosciences and Nutrition111281478
94School of Nutrition and Health Promotion11173138
97School of Nursing210218525
97Department of Psychiatry11054117
97Clinical Nutrition Department11013
100Perelman School of Medicine192.2K2.5K
100Department of Ophthalmology19126214
100Department of Medicine296611.4K
100Department of Medicine191.2K1.6K
104School of Medicine189701.5K
104Department of Internal Medicine18244481
104Department of Pediatrics2857199
104Department of Medicine283194
104Division of Cardiology281662
109Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education271653
109Department of Pediatrics17144301
111Keck School of Medicine261.4K2.6K
111Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy2685279
111School of Public Health3620201
111School of Medicine and Dentistry261.0K2.1K
111Department of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology163070
116School of Medical Sciences15505950
116Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing152164
116Department of Medicine15197416
116Division of Cardiology15927
120College of Pharmacy24755
120Center for Health Sciences142471
122Department of Family Medicine131665
122Department of Public Health Sciences1366176
122College of Nursing13120241
122College of Public Health13332711
122Department of Surgery13124285
122College of Nursing1354139
122Department of Foods and Nutrition1395236
122Department of Nutrition13140322
122Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology134695
131Department of Medicine128281.5K
131School of Public Health12405842
131Department of Surgery1276193
131Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology1287197
131School of Nursing and Social Services12631
131School of Medicine12418987
131Department of Cardiology1227
131Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1294258
131Department of Medical Education12215
131Department of Emergency Medicine12932
131Department of Psychiatry1225
131Department of Family Medicine1247
131Department of Anesthesiology12931
131Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation12211
131Department of Radiology123471
131Genesis Quad Cities Family Medicine Residency Program1211
147College of Nursing1146123
147Department of Medicine117621.4K
147Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology112252
147School of Medicine and Public Health111.7K2.6K
147Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition1148132
147Department of Health Education and Promotion1162143
147Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion1157132
147Department of Medicine11480891
147Department of Family Medicine112472
147School of Pharmacy111049
147Department of Nutrition1173191
147Department of Family Medicine and Public Health1125
147Department of Urology1171161
160Department of Epidemiology1027120
160Graduate School of Education and Psychology102796
160School of Medicine and Health Sciences10307859
160School of Health Sciences1030119
160School of Pharmacy1046146
160Department of Pharmacy Practice1033106
160Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1065184
160Harvard Medical School10110347
160Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences10148392