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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Agronomy91,3384115
2Department of Agronomy81,0727132
3Canterbury Agriculture and Science Centre196311
4Carbon Management and Sequestration Center7828610
5Department of Agronomy and Land Management177942
6Department of Horticulture26104514
7College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources2577102
7Department of Agronomy and Soil Science2577216
9Department of Chemistry15319212
10Department of Agronomy45042214
11Department of Agronomy and Soil Science2464164
12Division of Agronomy4455132
13Department of Agronomy336911255
14College of Forestry1353112
15Department of Horticulture13387623
16Institute of Pure and Applied Biology1337506
17Soil and Environmental Microbiology133022
17Soil and Environmental Microbiology133032
19Department of Agronomy12944410
20Department of Geography126517762
21Faculty of Agriculture and Environment12469222
22Department of Agricultural Engineering123151
22Department of Agronomy1231124
24Department of Agronomy12033218
25Department of Agronomy117471
26Division of Genetics11676019
27Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering2158123
27Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences115813449
29Department of Agronomy21574634
30Department of Chemistry114220194
31Department of Agronomy213555
32Department of Agricultural Chemistry21329650
33Department of Plant Pathology21299491
33Laboratory of Soil Science and Geology11293424
33Faculty of Civil Engineering112922556
36Ministry of Agriculture212812369
36College of Agronomy and Biotechnology212813176
38Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics31257789
39Social Sciences Division1122135
40Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology1119378225
41Department of Geography and Human Environment11153612
41College of Agriculture1115122
43Department of Agronomy11133113
44Department of Agricultural Engineering110963
44Department of Agricultural Engineering110951
46School of Veterinary Medicine1108673392
47Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine110313283
48School of Agriculture and Food Sciences3102165146
49College of Agriculture11003113
50Department of Forest Ecology and Management19911782
50Department of Ecosystem Science and Management1995321
52School of Civil Engineering196198118
52Department of Genetics and Biochemistry19610650
54School of Agriculture and Forestry1874824
55School of Agriculture186199102
56Department of Genetics1829692
57College of Agronomy1765237
58School of Agriculture1744522
59Department of Geography172241183
59Department of Agroecology272147131
61School of Plant Biology171196167
62Faculty of Bioscience Engineering264396455
63Division of Land Resources Management1621514
64School of Engineering16010378
65Department of Electronic Engineering1583523
66Institute for Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry1561613
67Department of Agronomy and Soil Science15368
67Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology1535232
67Department of Agronomy1531611
70Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science1491819
71Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture1478259
71Faculty of Agriculture147255173
71Department of Experimental Statistics1476946
74Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering1426257
74Faculty of Life Sciences142454519
74School of Life Sciences142397308
77Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences14088
78Ministry of Education239213233
79School of Agriculture13814580
79Faculty of Agriculture138223143
81Ministry of Agriculture136251251
82Appalachian Farming Systems Research Center1351215
83Earth Systems Science Division13476
83Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics1342423
83Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics1343241
86School of Life Sciences131272354
87Department of Agronomy and Range Science1301931
88Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology229194272
88School of Earth Sciences and Engineering129233216
90Department of Agronomy1271828
91Department of Anthropology12695127
91Department of Anthropology12636
93Department of Agronomy12577
94Department of Chemistry124204237
95Directorate of Medical Sciences12369
95Department of Biology1231520
97College of Agriculture and Bioresources12188116
98School of Veterinary Medicine and Science120230289
99Department of Biology and Biotechnology11988151
99Faculty of Biology and Chemistry1192439
99Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry119108179
99School of Life Sciences119333415
103Department of Integrative Biology118269338
103Ministry of Agriculture118385468
105Institute of Engineering1175256
105Department of Civil Engineering1171820
105Department of Plant Pathology1176188
108Department of Geology1153559
109School of Agriculture1131419
110School of Forestry and Wood Products1114174
111Department of Geology11083125
111Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture110159237
113Ministry of Education19155242
113Department of Biology19186331
113College of Forestry195599
113College of Agriculture19270398
113College of Forestry192242
118College of Agricultural and Life Sciences18136267
118Department of Horticulture18139210
118Department of Agronomy and Soils18921
121School of Agriculture and Environment17106176
121Institute of Genetics171525
123Department of Mathematics1482148
123Department of Chemistry145191
125Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering12199415
126Department of Agronomy11128240
126College of Agriculture111229
126Department of Biology11412767