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1The Chemistry of Submerged SoilsAdvances in Agronomy19722,137
2A Review of Biochar and Its Use and Function in SoilAdvances in Agronomy20101,490
3Nutrient Cycling and Soil Fertility in the Grazed Pasture EcosystemAdvances in Agronomy1993963
4Visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Soil ScienceAdvances in Agronomy2010953
5A Critical Evaluation of Traits for Improving Crop Yields in Water-Limited EnvironmentsAdvances in Agronomy1990945
6Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop PlantsAdvances in Agronomy2005890
7The Contribution of Breeding to Yield Advances in maize (Zea mays L.)Advances in Agronomy2005829
8Mineral–Organic Associations: Formation, Properties, and Relevance in Soil EnvironmentsAdvances in Agronomy2015801
9Efficiency of Fertilizer Nitrogen in Cereal Production: Retrospects and ProspectsAdvances in Agronomy2005794
10Responses of Agricultural Crops to Free-Air CO2 EnrichmentAdvances in Agronomy2002779
11Labile Organic Matter Fractions as Central Components of the Quality of Agricultural Soils: An OverviewAdvances in Agronomy2005710
12Polyploidy and the evolutionary history of cottonAdvances in Agronomy2003694
13Accumulation of Cadmium in Crop Plants and Its Consequences to Human HealthAdvances in Agronomy1993661
14Radiation Use EfficiencyAdvances in Agronomy1999634
15The Biological Yield and Harvest Index of Cereals as Agronomic and Plant Breeding CriteriaAdvances in Agronomy1976579
16The supramolecular structure of humic substances: A novel understanding of humus chemistry and implications in soil scienceAdvances in Agronomy2002573
17How the Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Azospirillum Promotes Plant Growth—A Critical AssessmentAdvances in Agronomy2010571
18Application of Geostatistics to Spatial Studies of Soil PropertiesAdvances in Agronomy1986569
19The Physiological Basis of Variation in YieldAdvances in Agronomy1952568
20The Dilution Effect in Plant Nutrition StudiesAdvances in Agronomy1981559
21Competition Among Crop and Pasture PlantsAdvances in Agronomy1963534
22Silica In Soils, Plants, and AnimalsAdvances in Agronomy1967534
23Micronutrients in Crop ProductionAdvances in Agronomy2002532
24Mobile Subsurface Colloids and Their Role in Contaminant TransportAdvances in Agronomy1999531
25Arsenic in the Soil Environment: A ReviewAdvances in Agronomy1998519
26Biomass Productivity of MixturesAdvances in Agronomy1974504
27Weed Management in Direct‐Seeded RiceAdvances in Agronomy2007497
28Direct Seeding of RiceAdvances in Agronomy2011497
29Anion Adsorption by Soils and Soil MaterialsAdvances in Agronomy1979495
30Cereal–Legume Intercropping SystemsAdvances in Agronomy1987486
31Pre‐Sowing Seed Treatment—A Shotgun Approach to Improve Germination, Plant Growth, and Crop Yield Under Saline and Non‐Saline ConditionsAdvances in Agronomy2005486
32Crop Residues and Management Practices: Effects on Soil Quality, Soil Nitrogen Dynamics, Crop Yield, and Nitrogen RecoveryAdvances in Agronomy1999479
33Antibiotic Use in Agriculture and Its Impact on the Terrestrial EnvironmentAdvances in Agronomy2005473
34Clay-Organic Complexes and InteractionsAdvances in Agronomy1970470
35Use of Tracers For Soil And Fertilizer Nitrogen ResearchAdvances in Agronomy1976469
36Growth Promotion of Plants Inoculated with Phosphate-Solubilizing FungiAdvances in Agronomy1999469
37Soil Health and SustainabilityAdvances in Agronomy1996468
38Microbial Ecology of Methanogens and MethanotrophsAdvances in Agronomy2007463
39Catch crops and green manures as biological tools in nitrogen management in temperate zonesAdvances in Agronomy2003458
40Crop Water DeficitsAdvances in Agronomy1976457
41Ridge-Furrow Mulching Systems—An Innovative Technique for Boosting Crop Productivity in Semiarid Rain-Fed EnvironmentsAdvances in Agronomy2013453
42Biochar Application to SoilAdvances in Agronomy2011450
43Control of Soil-Borne Plant Pests Using Glucosinolate-Containing PlantsAdvances in Agronomy1997448
44Advances in controlled-release fertilizersAdvances in Agronomy2001445
45Addressing micronutrient malnutrition through enhancing the nutritional quality of staple foods: Principles, perspectives and knowledge gapsAdvances in Agronomy2001443
46Rice and WaterAdvances in Agronomy2007442
47Soil Organic PhosphorusAdvances in Agronomy1977441
48Silicon Management and Sustainable Rice ProductionAdvances in Agronomy1996438
49The Depth Distribution of Soil Organic Carbon in Relation to Land Use and Management and the Potential of Carbon Sequestration in Subsoil HorizonsAdvances in Agronomy2005436
50Reproductive Development in Grain Crops during DroughtAdvances in Agronomy1999425