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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Psychology15372113
2Center for Ethics Education921811
3Department of Psychology11509660
4Department of Psychology81381274
5School of Management51305458
6Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences1116599
7School of Psychology110412251
8Department of Psychology195124
9Department of Psychology280106123
10Department of Psychology5791735
11Center for Bioethics1764031
11Department of Psychology176197143
11Department of Psychology1767738
14School of Psychology and Social Science374413
14Department of Business Management27434
16Department of Psychology171228163
17Institute for Studies of Religion27064
18Department of Psychology567400737
19Department of Business Management15796
20College of Education and Human Development254925
21Department of Psychology2521127
22Department of Psychology149163151
23Center for Bioethics1453432
24Department of Management and Marketing1431318
25Department of Psychology342143310
26Department of Psychiatry241643872
27School of Public Health240115142
28Department of Psychology539116
29Center for Health Care Ethics23867
30School of Nursing137710
31Faculty of Health Sciences136806608
31Faculty of Health Sciences13668
33Department of Psychology135307364
33Department of Psychology1351514
35Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences234276459
35Department of Psychology234305475
35Department of Psychology234199323
38School of Psychology132135128
38Faculty of Business and Accountancy13210894
38Department of Business Administration13242
41Faculty of Education and Social Work23045105
41College of Business1301117
41FAST School of Management23039
44Lahore Business School1294431
44Department of Foreign Languages129116
44Department of Leadership and Management129810
44Department of Business Administration1293831
48Tuck School of Business1264372
48Department of Business Administration2261637
48Department of Psychology12621
48Department of Psychology42627126
48Department of Business Administration2261436
53Department of Psychology125258292
53Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine22541121
53Department of Psychology32591243
56Department of Psychology1242334
56Department of Psychology124411
56Department of Psychology124203234
56Department of Psychology2242597
56Graduate School of Education1245965
56Department of Psychology1241627
62Department of Management and Marketing123816
62School of Management123237231
62College of Economics and Political Science1236161
65Stritch School of Medicine122230274
66Faculty of Education121310320
67Department of Psychology11995149
67Department of Neurology1195084
67Department of Psychology119220320
70Graduate School of Education21855183
70Graziadio School of Business and Management1181633
70Department of Pediatrics1182037
70Department of Ethics Education11835
74Department of Psychology117200338
74Department of Psychology11766124
74Department of Psychology1174969
74School of Psychology117366467
74Department of Business Administration1174285
74Faculty of Management117100107
74Department of Psychology117613
74Department of Psychiatry117176296
74Faculty of Business and Finance1174056
83Department of Psychology21670205
83Department of Psychology216226458
83Department of Psychology216211
86School of Health in Social Sciences115826
86Department of Emergency Medicine115149202
86Department of Psychology215139330
86Faculty of Management115114130
86Faculty of Social Sciences11533
86Graduate School of Education and Human Development1153649
86Department of Psychology11534
93Institute of Business and Management1144790
93School of Social Work1144661
93Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities1142625
93Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences11411896
93Department of Political Science21426
93Department of Psychology and Neuroscience11486141
93School of Business and Law1144388
93Department of Psychology1142531
93Department of Psychology2142184
93Department of Business Administration11414
93School of Public Health1145267
104Department of Psychology1132944
104Department of Religion Studies11335
104Department of Psychology213758
107School of Nursing112266382
107Department of Psychology212221513
107Department of Sociology11262118
107Department of Psychology21263190
107Department of Management and Entrepreneurship112810
112Department of Psychology11185141
112Department of Psychology111119214
112School of Arts and Humanities311545
112Department of Psychology111112197
112Department of Psychology11169143
112School of Psychology1111734
112School of Psychology111129159
112Department of Counseling and Health Psychology11112
112School of Psychology111328
112Department of Business Administration1113358
112Department of Psychology1112468
112Department of Psychology111521
124Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education11015
124Department of Psychology11060101
124Unit of Applied Psychology110510
124School of Social Work1102946
124School of Business11085138
124Department of Psychology1104281
124Department of Psychology110104169
124School of Business Administration210341
124Department of Management Studies11074110
124School of Psychology110147273
134Department of Psychology19360576
134Graduate School of Education and Psychology192760
134College of Business194486
134Educational Psychology Program29421
134Department of Psychology and Sociology2925
134Department of Psychology19247383
134Institute of Ethics19917
134Department of Philosophy193058
134Business School1962101
134Department of Psychology191853
134College of Education1936
134School of Management19625
134Department of Psychology19814
147Department of General Psychology18279458
147Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization1874155
147Department of Psychology18248422
147Department of Psychology1856118
147School of Business Administration185699
147Interdisciplinary Social Psychology PhD Program1824
153Mailman School of Public Health179321.5K
153Department of Psychology271448
153Department of Humanities and Social Sciences1792173
153Department of Physical Education and Sport Science271281
153School of Management174581
153Department of Management27834
153Faculty of Education17121192
153Department of Social Work171121
153Department of Computer Science172968
153School of Psychology173254
153Department of Special Education and Counselling1755118
153Department of Psychology171026
165Faculty of Economics16136250
165Department of Psychology and Neuroscience26140431
165Department of Psychology16366596
165Department of Psychology26124369
165Department of Special Education1626
165Department of Psychology16179349
165Miller College of Business162246
165Department of Psychology16312
165Department of Psychology16140264
165School of Human Services and Social Work1638102
165Department of Management161638
165School of Psychology and Public Health16250449
165Department of Psychology161133
165School of Psychology and Public Health1633
165Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture1632
165College of Business161033
181Department of Psychology3541225
181School of Economics and Management1578156
181Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences15109281
181Department of Psychology1580182
181Department of Clinical Neuroscience157671.3K
181Department of Psychology15329566
181Department of Management and Marketing15113
181Department of Psychology1545
181School of Business1539
181Department of Psychology151122
181Department of Business Administration1557120
181Department of Management Sciences15413
181Department of Philosophy151220
181California School of Professional Psychology1555142
181School of Psychology and Speech Pathology15137304
181Department of Information Systems and Operations Management15512
181Department of Economics and Finance151338
181Department of Psychology151460
181Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences15346665
181Department of Medicine15151346
181Department of Psychology1516
181Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences15342650
181Department of Psychology and Neuroscience15518
181Department of Psychology1527
205Department of Economics and Business Administration142870
205Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences141643
205School of Management14205327
205Department of Information Science141418
205School of Education and Psychology14610
205Department of Psychology14196374
205School of Business Administration14115198
205School of Library and Information Management141838
205Department of Philosophy141224
205College of Business141246
205Department of Bioethics143177
205Department of Public Health Sciences14121288
217School of Engineering Education132980
217School of Public Health131.3K2.1K
217Surrey Business School1387235
217Department of Psychology13192337
217Department of Family Medicine13815
217Faculty of Law and Business13221
217Department of Management1376157
217Department of Educational Psychology131361
217Department of Psychology133078
217Beacom School of Business13319
217Department of Psychology13215384
217Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences13820
217Department of Psychology1365160
217Department of Psychology13153305
217School of Education132042
217Department of Business Organization1327
217Department of Psychology13325584
217Department of Psychology132796
217School of Human and Health Sciences13117264
217School of Professional Psychology132271
217Department of Psychology13824
217Department of Economics and Finance13727
217Graduate School of Counseling Psychology1312
217Department of Philosophy and Sociology1322
241Department of Psychology12314590
241Department of Psychology1273183
241Department of Psychology1263152
241Department of Psychology12172366
241Department of Educational Psychology1263162
241Department of Psychology12163355
241Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work12193382
241Department of Pediatrics121.0K1.8K
241Department of Psychology12455837
241Department of Counseling Psychology121650
241Institute of Psychology12335640
241Faculty of Medicine12256638
241Department of Pediatrics1243124
241Department of Psychology12149288
241Department of Psychology12288533
241Department of Management122667
241Department of Psychology12114245
241Department of Psychology1264167
241Department of Management12210
241Department of Pediatrics1245143
241Department of Marketing and Management Sciences121736
241Derner School of Psychology121144
241School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine1287307
241Department of Business Management121258
241Department of Cognitive Science1269162
241Department of Pediatrics12343720
241Department of Psychology12513
241Department of Psychology12127245
269School of Humanities and Social Sciences11949
269Center for Cognitive Neuroscience1191185
269Fuqua School of Business11163334
269Department of Psychology21946
269Department of Psychiatry1127107
269School of Social Work112895
269Department of Psychology112784
269Department of Management112973
269Department of Psychology112567
269Institute of Marketing and Communication Management11619
269School of Psychology11377671
269College of Medicine115481.1K
269Department of Psychiatry1112
269School of Medicine111843
269Department of Psychology11181377
269Department of Psychiatry and Psychology11277528
269Biomedical Ethics Research Program111854
269Department of Psychology2124174
269School of Cognitive Science111149
269Department of Psychology11850
269Department of Medicine11222574
269Department of Psychiatry111370
269College of Business1119
269Department of International Business11728
269Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences11420
294Department of Psychiatry104691.0K
294Department of Food and Resource Economics10145352
294School of Religion1024
294School of Social Work10131309
294School of Management1071222
294Faculty of Medicine10333722
294Faculty of Medicine10373863
294Department of Public Health and Epidemiology101149
294Griffith Business School10243556
294Department of Psychology1049151
294Department of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education10820
294School of Medicine and Dentistry1058170
294Department of Psychology1044150
294Clinical Epidemiology Program10231511
294Faculty of Medicine1022115
294School of Social Work103698
294Department of Psychiatry10284573